GXD8 Reviews

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from Big Island, Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer

Awesome and powerful

Bought this amp to run my 2 E18 subs and it gives it a good punch and deep low end. its set on -20db and im impressed. I use this amp and subs for big shows, especially for festivals. Thumbs up QSC


from Irvine, CA
Audio Experience:
Corporate A/V Technician


From set up to show time, this Amp is above the standard. Once connected in under 10 minutes and powering live sound the next the productions you have planned will be sounding wonderful! You can not go wrong with this amp.

James Elliott

from West Haven, CT
Audio Experience:
DJ/Radio Personality/Club & Mobile DJ with over 35 years experience.

Amazing GXD8

I got to a gig and forgot a set of XLR’s to connect one of my 2 GXD8’s. In turn, I chained my 2 passive tops, and connected my sub to one GXD8. I personally think the amp is underrated, as it pushed an amazing sound, and I was as requested to “Turn it down please.” Who’d ever think that the performance of one amp would adequately supply sufficient sound to a system designed for two?

Kevin Smith

from Grand Blanc, MI
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

QSC GXD8 I'm Sold On QSC Forever

The QSC GXD8 amp is fantastic. Nice clean bass. No ragged edge or over driven distortion. Just nice clean thump! I read all the instructions (I know, weird for a guy) and my sound re-enforcement friend & I set it up. Nice to have gain right up front on the screen for a DJ faced to adjust between recording era’s (1950’s vs todays bass). Great power and banana plug hook up in the binding posts. No loose connections! I love it!!

Robert Balderas

from United States
Audio Experience:
Dj Since 1992

High Quality QSC Amps for Years

Just got A GXD8 This year for a small rack . DSP Tunings is a big plus for a small rig & lightweight to boot. You won't be sorry with this amp. Used QSC Amps 30 years ago in a Club. I was highy impressed in 1988 .I've been a Self employed Dj since 1992 . all i use is QSC amps. I still have A working Series one 1400 amp from 30 years ago.

Alex Z.

from Athens
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineering

Excellent Amp

I own 2 GXD8 and use them to amp my Nexo PS10. They sound lovely, it's a very good match. Also the menu is very easy to use. Excellent choice. Plus is the 6 year warranty


from La Crosse, WI
Audio Experience:

great product

I've owned two of these for 6 months and they have been great. Replaced two mid-80s QSC MX2000a amps with these. Rack weight is less than half, built in DSP with real time adjustment is great. Would highly recommend


from Lafayette, LA
Audio Experience:
Sound engineer/ systems tech


I have 4 GXD8 Amplifiers for sound reenforcement on monitors. Everyone has worked flawlessly since purchased. The onboard DSP reduces the need for outboard eq and crossover equipment. Sound is clear and pristine.