Buy Authorized

Image text: Authorized dealer, QSC, full manufacturer warranty

Look for the "Authorized Dealers" logo

QSC urges you to buy your products only from authorized dealers. The benefits are many. When you buy authorized:

  • You are buying authentic QSC product
  • Your purchase is covered by the QSC warranty
  • Your purchase is eligible for an extended warranty (if available)
  • Your dealer is committed to providing top-tier support, should any issues arise related to your purchase
  • You are eligible for other benefits as offered from time to time


When you choose to buy from a non-authorized dealer:

  • You are at risk of purchasing counterfeit goods
  • Your serial number may have been tampered with or removed making the product ineligible for registration and/or warranty service
  • You do so at the risk of engaging in a fraudulent transaction (in which case no remedies will be provided by QSC)


Please note as well that QSC and its dealer/distribution partners are under no obligation to provide warranty and/or repair service on goods purchased in a country or region outside of your own (also known as “gray market goods”).

The risks associated with buying from anyone other than an authorized QSC dealer in your country or region far outweigh any “deal” you may receive at the point of sale. DON’T TAKE CHANCES. BUY AUTHORIZED.