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Virgil Loftin Jr

from 2804 Conyers Ga 30013
Audio Experience:
I'm a mobile DJ

nice Sub

I like this product. to have the ability to use one sub that sounds like two.... man ... not to mention 3600 watts.... I smile every time I use it . to see the reaction on people faces... the best sub I ever used


from Orange Park, fl
Audio Experience:
The best sub ever hands down!

The best I have ever heard so far and clean sound!

I have owned many subs due to me djing. This sub have meet all my expectations! The bass has a crisp clean sound with no bass sound from the back of the sub. Planning on purchasing another one soon. Thanks QSC for the great product ever!!!

Primo Torres

from So. Cal
Audio Experience:
High End Audio/ Video Installer for Custom Built Homes in So Cal. Professional DJ since 1983.


Recently purchased a set of K10.2's and wanted something to give my clients a little room shaking Bass, when needed. I wanted something that can shake the room, and do it with little to no distortion. I tried other brands to compliment my K10.2's but soon found that NONE of them matched the sound quality that QSC is known for. I did ask my other DJ friends for recommendations and they all said the same thing to me and that was if your already have the QSC K10.2's then it should be a no brainier you need a QSC sub! Well because of my having a prosthetic leg and lugging around some K15's or even K12's along with the 181's would prove to be a little difficult I opted for the only logical solution for me. The NEW KA212C!! I had heard it once when I purchased my K10.2's and was a little low on funds so I saved up for the KS212C. I can tell you anywhere I play, whether it be a wedding, car show, cruise night or just about any venue I can say that my clients and their guests are getting the BEST sound quality their ears can handle. I am always at almost every event getting compliments on the sound quality and even the older folks say the music was great and the sound was not too loud! If that is not a winning combination I don't know what is? Good music, great sound system and happy clients! Thank you QSC for making the BEST sound systems on the market.


from 20148
Audio Experience:
Very nice, clean

Smooth bass

No bass in the rear....bass comes out of the front ports as they should....directional. i also have the 181s. They have great bass but most of those lows bleed from the back....but, i love them all!

Jay Scott

from Virginia
Audio Experience:
25+ years experience as musician and audio engineer

Problem Solver

Clean, round and simple. That’s a quick nut shell comment. As part of a complete QSC system, this sub is tremendous. The cardioid configuration cleans the stage up while allowing for better bottom end presence to the house. QSC has obviously done the math on this unit as it’s simpler than problems with crossover selection or linking to other 212’s. I both play music, and provide live sound that involves a wide list of genres...and this sub just flat works.

eduardo perez

from Orange County CA
Audio Experience:
I know the basics of audio equipment

Qsc ks212c amazing sub

I pulled the trigger on this sub based on reviews all over the internet. I was looking for a sub that was loud clean sounding, elegant, and reliable. This subwoofer not only exceeded my expectations it kept sounding better and better as I turned the volume up. Keep in mind that i had other subs prior to this one. I played different types of genres and with all of them it sounded amazing. This subwoofer is crisp, tight and a pleasure to listen to.

KMGC Productions

from Oregon City, OR
Audio Experience:
Professional mobile Disc Jockey

Awesome Lows With Direction

I come from a passive system I have used for many years and it sounded pretty good. I purchased a pair of the K12.2's earlier in the year and after a small learning curve with a self-powered speaker, I was totally impressed with the sound the K12.2's put out. Crisp highs, lows that you could feel and mids that were right on to my ears. I wondered if a sub was really something I needed. IO decided to research and almost bought the KW181 but while debating, the KS212C came out. I was impressed with the specs but ratings were mixed, though very good overall from what I was reading. I decided to purchase it from a local dealer. After a very long wait for them to be able to get it in, I took it home and unboxed it. It had a few blemishes on the outer cabinet, but not worth sending back. I was a bit disappointed though, for the price I paid for it. The sound or rather the feelings to your body with this sub is truly amazing. You feel the lows like you are supposed to when out front of the speaker. Yes, the feeling of the heavy bass for this speaker is more of a directional bass as the specs state and it is very true. While you feel it tremendously out in front of it, behind the speaker, it lessens quite a bit which is very nice when I am dj'ing. The sound or feeling of the bass lessens as you get on the sides of the sub and when behind it, it lessens even more which is the cardioid aspect of this sub. Although I can still feel the bass, it is nothing like being in front of it, which is where it should be, towards the dancefloor. I know subs in general on non-directional, but this QSC KS212C has changed the game just enough to notice the difference but not change it. The quality of this sub is very high (OK, except for small blemishes mentioned earlier) and the back panel looks and works just like my K-12.2's. I'd love to get another one down the road though one will handle my events pretty good. I had one event recently outside and this sub performed very well with deep lows everyone could still feel but in a much wider, open sound field.

DJ Fire

from Houston, Tx
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ & Sound Guy

KS212C Review

I rarely give equipment 5 stars but this sub is one of the best on the market for midsize venues & events. If you are using any DJ gear set your mixer to 12 o'clock & let this monster do the rest. Its is very portable , I have find myself rotating between this sub & my KW-Sub a lot.


from Baton Rouge LA
Audio Experience:
I’m a guitar player/singer/musician playing solo and in bands.

Awesome Sub

I currently own one of these and strongly considering buying a second for larger shows. This sub is awesome. It’s big and bad but still small enough for me to load and unload by myself...I recommend help if you have to climb stairs. It’s great for bands and not too huge to lug around. Not as deep sounding as the 18in subs. I decided against the 18 because of this. 18in sounded more “clubby” and EDM but this is great for a band playing bars, restaurants, weddings, parties and even nice size outdoor events for a few hundred people. I’ve ised it on all of the above and I’m a fan.


from United States
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Don L

from Cleveland, Ohio
Audio Experience:
Bass Player, Vocalist, Sound Engineer

KS212C Sub is more than just a great sub!

I was skeptical at first about utilizing a 2-12 sub cabinet for my three piece Classic Rock band but needed to simplify and lighten the load on my sound rig. Knowing how great QSC products are I wasn't too worried and was definitely impressed with the output from a single KS212C Sub. The low end was more than enough for the kick drum and my bass, even at a medium sized outdoor venue. The bonus of this sub is something that I didn't realize we needed. The cardoid pattern allowed us to clearly hear ourselves on stage and improved our ability to hear the monitor mix. It was much easier to keep a reasonable stage volume and be able to hear our instruments and vocals. Thank you QSC!


from Scotland
Audio Experience:
Gigged all over the world, and played live music professionally for over 22 years using all sorts of audio systems from small venues to stadiums.

Great Compact Sub

Incredible power and clarity for such a small sub. We use 2 of these subs in small settings up to 350 people with a live band and totally love them. Previously to these, we were using the QSC Ksubs which we had for 6 years, and the new Cardioid Subs out do their predecessors in every way. The biggest benefit is obviously the increased power and quality of sound, but my favourite thing so far has been the on stage sound is so much clearer due to the cardioid design. In the shop I couldn't hear much of a difference but as soon as you have them working you really notice it. Incredible job by QSC. They also handle a live kick drum very nicely. Super fat and punchy. If I was asked to be super critical, the only thing negative I could come up with is the wheels are not that hard wearing. A couple of mine are all chipped up and rough already and I've only had them a few months. We are very careful with out equipment too so wouldn't want to see them take abuse. All in all, they are by far the best sounding small sub on the market to my ear. Go get some...