L Class Product Accessories

Transport Totes

LA108 and LA112 Totes

Heavy-duty transport tote with Velcro flap made with weather resistant Nylon/Cordura® material for one LA108/LA112 loudspeaker.

Transport Cover

LS118 Transport Cover

Soft transport cover made with heavy-duty Nylon/Cordura® material, with grille guard, for the KS118 and LS118 subwoofers.

Array Frames

LA108 and LA112 Array Frames

Array frame allowing to suspend up to six (6) LA108/LA112 loudspeakers.

Stack Adapter Kits

LA108 and LA112 Stack Adapter Kits

Stack adapter kit to combine with LA108/LA112 Array Frame, allowing to stack an LA108 loudspeaker array over an LS118/KS118 subwoofer(s) and LA112 loudspeaker array over an LS118 subwoofer(s).

Jumper Kits

LA108/LA112 and LS118 Jumper Kits

LA-KIT-J and LA-KIT-J-NA & LS-KIT-J and LS-KIT-J-NA for L Class Product

LS118 Loudspeaker Poles

SP-26 Loudspeaker Pole and SP-36 Loudspeaker Pole

Speaker poles for the LS118 subwoofers.

LS118 Subwoofer Eyebolt Kit

M10 Eyebolt Kit-S

M10 steel eyebolt kit for suspending QSC LS118 Subwoofer.

Installation Kit

LA108 and LA112 Installation Kit

Installation kit containing 2x Shackle Adapters and 1x Pullback Eyebolt for LA108 and LA112 Loudspeakers