L Class Innovations


QSC RapidDeploy Rigging System

Intuitive and ergonomically-designed, single operator QSC RapidDeploy rigging system featuring short, medium and long-throw splay options, guarantees fast setup and tear-down of flown, ground-stacked or pole mounted systems, dramatically reducing onsite labor time.

  • Deployment and removal of the array is simple and fast, allowing optimization of the installation or event production time.
  • The fully integrated rigging mechanism maintains a clean and professional appearance without the need for protruding, easily lost hardware.
  • The innovative rigging design provides safety for the installation or production crew and the audience.

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(Automatic Wireless Array Recognition)

Onboard QSC AWARE intelligence communicates essential setup information, providing the user with a simple “one touch” array optimization using proprietary DSP algorithms. The technology uses active loudspeakers' internal accelerometers and infrared communication links to determine and share essential information

  • Allows the operator to easily apply correct Ar-Q Array Equalization filters via either a computer/tablet or any loudspeaker’s Rear User Interface (RUI), leading to a consistent and repeatable experience in any venue or fixed installation.
  • Setup information is communicated to QSC SysNav App, allowing advanced functionalities to be visualized and controlled, leading to significant time saving during setup, and quality audio results in any application.

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QSC SysNav App

(System Navigator)

QSC SysNav is an iPadOS® and Windows® application intended to be used with L Class compatible systems.

  • Allows the user to easily design, configure, control, monitor and apply signal processing to individual loudspeakers, full arrays or groupings of both.
  • Provides a rich, detailed and intuitive control and monitoring environment, from pre-deployment loudspeakers’ parameter setup to post-show review of equipment operation logs.
  • The AIM (Array Installation Modeling) prediction tool lets the user visualize array coverage by positioning virtual loudspeakers and arrays in a scaled, graphical model of a venue or installation space.
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QSC LEAF Waveguide

(Length-Equalized Acoustic Flares)

The innovative QSC LEAF Waveguide provides superior acoustic performance thanks to the optimization of the shapes of its sound paths and internal flares.

  • Defined, uniform coverage and exceptional throw allow for consistent high-frequency reproduction, even in larger venues or expansive areas, and for distant audience.
  • Improved coupling of multiple waveguides lead to coherent single array behavior, providing high quality audio experience for the entire audience.
  • The ability to crossover at lower frequencies than traditional waveguides enables amazing voice reproduction and articulation, while revealing subtle details in the upper-mid and high frequencies spectrum that often go unheard.

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Acoustic Linear Phase Design

QSC Acoustic Linear Phase (ALP) design employs a combination of FIR, IIR and all-pass filters, overcoming typical phase related shortcomings found in many loudspeakers.

  • Provides a uniform listening experience and the best sound reproduction possible for the entire audience, in any application.
  • Allows for improved system’s frequency response consistency within the coverage angle by ensuring that each loudspeaker achieves an acoustic output that maintains the phase relationship of the input signal.
  • Supported QSC loudspeakers and subwoofers display a consistent phase relationship, leading to seamless deployment and combination of such models, guaranteeing, at the same time, the highest possible sound quality.