New Immersive Surround Loudspeaker

SR-1290 is the latest loudspeaker in the SR Series

QSC Audio Products is pleased to introduce the newest member of the SR Series surround loudspeaker family, the SR-1290. In response to new audio requirements created by immersive sound formats, the SR-1290 offers high power output, more flexible mounting options, and outstanding sonic performance in a stylish, cost-effective, compact loudspeaker enclosure.

“The growing interest in object-based audio and so-called ‘immersive sound’ formats presents some new challenges to both the theatre owner and the sound system designer,” says Barry Ferrell, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Business Unit Manager for QSC’s Cinema Group. “A properly configured system requires many more surround loudspeakers and amplifier channels, which can mean a significantly higher cost compared to a 5.1 or 7.1 system. The loudspeakers must be capable of producing higher output, with features allowing them to be mounted in non-standard locations, and to be aimed with more precision.  And more amplifier channels are needed to power all of these extra loudspeakers.  The new SR-1290 addresses all of these needs.  Since it is a coaxial design, the front baffle area is much smaller relative to a conventional ‘over-under’ horn and woofer configuration, resulting in a smaller enclosure, making mounting and aiming easier. Its high power rating and 4 ohm impedance means it draws more power from the amplifier and produces greater output compared to most 8 ohm loudspeakers in its class – which also means smaller amplifiers can be used to achieve maximum results, minimizing overall equipment costs.”

The SR-1290 Cinema Surround Loudspeaker features a high-power, long-throw 12" (305 mm) low-frequency transducer with a coaxially-mounted 1.75" (44 mm) titanium diaphragm compression driver. In addition to enabling a smaller enclosure design, coaxial alignment also creates a “point source” radiation characteristic, so all frequencies are perfectly aligned through the crossover region, resulting in better sound quality. Since the coaxial driver inherently produces a conical dispersion pattern, the enclosure can be rotated with no effect on the coverage pattern.

The SR-1290 is also designed for safe and secure overhead mounting.  The cabinet is constructed of 15-mm Baltic birch plywood with internal bracing for superior structural integrity.  A set of four mounting points centered on the cabinet’s rear panel allows the use of a multiple angle aiming bracket for ceiling mount applications where the loudspeaker needs to be aimed directly downward.  Pre-installed speaker-side hardware allows fast single-installer wall mounting, and brackets support down-angles of either 15° (standard) or 23° (optional). A traditional U-bracket (YM-400) is also available.  The compact black enclosure with black grille features the same styling as QSC’s other SR family surround loudspeakers, so you can easily combine different models (for example, SR-1290 in front-screen locations and SR-1030 on side and rear walls) and maintain a consistent aesthetic appearance.  The SR-1290 Surround loudspeaker will be available beginning in September, 2014.