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PA / Sound Reinforcement

The purpose of a sound reinforcement system is to deliver your music to the audience with clarity and power. Whether you’re performing solo in an intimate setting or bringing it to a larger audience, we’ve got the gear you need to do it right.

The venue may be modest in size but your requirements for sound quality are high. QSC offers sound reinforcement products that will deliver studio-quality sound, compact size at an affordable price.

Volume levels are lower due to size of venue. Audio system is providing sound reinforcement for vocals and augmenting acoustic instruments. Drums, percussion, horns are not typically running through sound system.

Recommended Products: 

           Powered Loudspeakers: K Series, KW Series
           Mixers: TouchMix Series
           Power Amplifiers: View Amplifier Selector

Your live drums and onstage amps are able to cover the crowd but you need to project vocals and some solo instruments.

Due to larger room and the potential necessity of playing at volume levels for dancing, most but not all instruments are running through the main sound system.  Kick drum may be miked, but bass amplifier and electric guitar amplifiers may not need to run through the sound system.

Recommended Products: 

            Powered Loudspeakers: K Series, KW Series
            Powered Line Array Loudspeakers: KLA Series
            Stage Monitors: K10, K12, KW122
            Mixers: TouchMix Series
            Power Amplifiers: View Amplifier Selector

You’re working in larger venues, performing at higher volume and you want to deliver a concert sound experience with plenty of kicking low-end.

Because of the need to consistently cover a larger room or area, all instruments, drums, guitars, keyboards, are miked and running through the PA system.

* Recommended Products:

             Powered Loudspeakers: K Series, KW Series
             Powered Line Array Loudspeakers: KLA Series
             Passive Line Array Loudspeakers: WideLine 8 Series, WideLine 10 Series
             Stage Monitors: K10, K12, KW122, CSM Series
             Mixers: TouchMix Series
             Power Amplifiers: View Amplifier Selector

Stage Monitors

Important qualities of a stage monitor are clarity, power, and reliability. In order to have an inspired performance it’s essential to hear yourself and the other musicians clearly at a comfortable volume without feedback. QSC has designed a number of loudspeakers that are optimal for stage monitor use.


* Recommended Products:


Musical Instrument Amplification

Many of today’s electric and digital instruments need power, headroom and uncolored clarity to reproduce the instrument without distortion, harshness or muddiness. That’s where QSC K Family powered loudspeakers come in.  Perfectly clear and able to handle peak transients of the most demanding dynamic full-range instruments.

  • Keyboards and Synthesizers
  • Acoustic Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, etc.
  • Electric and Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars
  • Electronic Drums
  • Guitar amplifier modeling processors

* Recommended Products:

Power Amplifiers

Amplifier selection depends on the speakers you’re using. If you’re looking for an amp to power the speakers you already own, use our Amp Selector Tool. QSC offers three types of amplifiers:

        1.  Conventional (legendary QSC audio quality and reliability):

             •  GX Series, RMXa Series, PLX2 Series

        2.  Dual channel with DSP:

             •  GXD Series

        3.  Multi-channel with DSP:

             •  PLD Series