Performance Venues Applications

The audio system of any performance venue is only as good as its components, which is why demanding sound designers insist upon the power, performance, clarity and utter reliability of QSC audio systems. Building upon our reputation for superior fidelity, QSC brings together the best of our world-famous live sound products into a package that is surprisingly cost-efficient and remarkably easy to manage, thanks to our innovative, IP-based architecture.

Performing Arts Venue

QSC IP-based audio systems route audio signals over existing IT networks, eliminating the need for redundant wiring and infrastructure for audio. This not only delivers cost savings, but also enables enhanced capabilities, such as IT-friendly Layer 3 discovery and full FoH/BoH paging. More importantly, our world-famous, networked power amplifiers comprise the heart of every QSC system, with more than enough power to drive any Front-of-House or Back-of-House loudspeaker combination. Bringing it all to life, our expansive line of performance-matched ceiling and surface loudspeakers deliver high-quality, distributed sound to the Back-of-House.

Indoor Concert Venue

QSC brings together our world-famous networked power amplifiers, innovative Concert Line Array loudspeakers, and industry-leading ceiling/surface mount loudspeakers to create an integrated system of unmatched clarity and brilliance. Delivering all the power needed (and more) to drive any FoH and BoH loudspeaker combination, QSC indoor concert solutions take performance to an entirely new level, including remarkable management capabilities and ease.

Outdoor Amphitheater

To fill the world’s most beautiful outdoor concert settings with the world’s most beautiful sound, QSC integrates into a wholly-optimized audio system our unique Concert Line Array loudspeakers powered by our world-famous networked power amplifiers and complemented by our extensive collection of ceiling/surface mount loudspeakers. The result is a system with unprecedented power to drive any FoH and BoH loudspeaker combination, while intelligently balancing sophistication and management simplicity.