TouchMix®-30 Pro Reviews

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Jeff Martindale

from Illinois, USA
Audio Experience:
45 years drummer, guitar, keyboards/midi, semi-pro.

Phenomenal Mixer,Easy to learn, great for home studio

This thing is great for my purposes. It's pretty easy to learn to navigate and I had a Persons 16.4.2 Classic that crashed and was unsupported by Presonus. It took me like a year to really get that thing down, I got this QSC mixer down within 1 month. Works with iPad app easily & consistently. When shopping for a new mixer I considered the Allen Heath SQ, which has great reviews for sound quality, but is $4,000.00. I don't need a 40 ch mixer like that or the Midas or Bheringer X series. This unit has some 1/4" jack inputs at least , which I needed. Although to use external processors there isn't a Insert 1/4" on each channel, but you can work around that with the 14 aux sends if needed. The WIZARDs are killer, input clipping,FX,Feedback destroyer,RTA, 6 band EQ for each AUX send makes live monitor mixes totally dialed in. I wasn't "blown away" by the internal FX quality, I use some plug ins on the computer. It would be great if they had more presets on board, or a "community site" for people to share presets. (EQ settings/comp etc for various source inputs) I love the compact/sleek size and minimal buttons, but the versatility is superb. The QSC videos on learning stuff available is huge, but I only need to learn a few things and found my answers quickly. If you have experience with a digital mixer you will get around this unit quickly. It might take some time for those who are analog users. Works great with "Studio One Pro 6.2" use the Presonus 32 ch preset.

Sunil Kadam

from INDIA
Audio Experience:
TouchMix30 Pro is complicated not so friendly to use. Having everthing in 1 box, is not quick to use or access at a certain point.

TouchMix30 Pro is complicated not so friendly to use.

TouchMix30 Pro is complicated not so friendly to use. Having everthing in 1 box, is not quick to use or access at a certain point.

Hung Truong

from Portlnad Or USA
Audio Experience:
I have been work 12 years as sound man

TouchMix 30 PRO

I have this about 3 years now for live band. mixer is great and easy to use. I would give it 5 stars, but I have to give it 4 stars because it does not have snake furture, like State Box.

Jamie Amir

from Ocala, FL
Audio Experience:
I’ve been a guitar player for 30 years and have dabbled with home recording for at least 25 of those years.

Can’t get enough of my Touchmix 30 Pro

So I’ve owned this thing for 3 years and somehow only just figured out that I can use it as a DAW interface. Not sure how I missed that. But I already LOVED my Touchmix before. I was recording on a usb drive and was perfectly satisfied with my results. It was just annoying copying the tracks into logic. But it was working just fine for my purposes. God only knows how on earth I glossed over possibly the most useful feature. I would have even given it 5 stars before. My identical twin who is the other guitarist in our band, Dentallica, decided to buy his own a couple of weeks ago. My band is using Line 6 Helix for both guitars and bass, and Roland TD-50KV drums. Everything sounds fantastic through this thing and it is so easy to use. Perfect for a hobbyist musician like myself. Our setup is so compact but we have a huge sound. My Touchmix is the backbone of that.

Tim Becker

from Sherwood Park Alberta
Audio Experience:
30 years pro audio

Touchmix 30 Pro

This is a FORMIDABLE piece of equipment that is not formidable to operate. I use this for my single and the 6 pc band I play keys in. It is beautifully designed. The software is brilliant. With 14 auxes and wireless networking every member of the band gets to mix their monitor with their iPad or Android Tab. I use pitch transposing for comedic effect on occasion, and this unit makes short work of it. It has literally replaced an entire rack of gear. Graphic eqs, parametric, reverb/delays/etc. I can tune a room in seconds. Brilliant feedback killing. Rerouting inputs a breeze. We don't have a soundman. I do double duty on keys, and I am not taxed. This is both as deep and as simple a unit as you want it to be. Every function can also be operated by footswitch. Love this thing. Walking into the room with a tablet to fine tune things impresses clients too.


from Lecce, Italy
Audio Experience:
Fantastic! Incredible! Great!

Absolutely fantastic

I have known QSC mixer three years ago, when I bought Touchmix16. I was surprised by this little, incredible and affordable machine, I used it very hardly whith my 8 people band with great results. Now that I need more channels I bought the TM30, expecting to find the same quality, more channels and some more functions. But I was wrong, the sound quality of TM30 is absolutely amazing, much better than TM16, if it is possible. I’m really surprised, this mixer is fantastic, incredible, great for live, great for studio. Now I own both TM16 and TM30! Thanks QSC, great work!

Robb Archie

from RENO, Nevada
Audio Experience:
50 years

Going Digital

Still performing after all these years. Still have my voice. All 3 1/2 octaves. I have been singing since I was 6 years old. Played on stage with “Platters”, “Buckinghams”, “Jose Feliciano”, “Atlanta Rythym Section”, and so many more. Now I do 4 concerts a year. The members of my band played in the “Drifters”, “Lionel Ritchie’s Band”, “Little Anthony and the Inperials”, Well, you get the picture. All great musicians. Two weeks ago I finally used my new Touchmix Pro 30. Wow! How cool it was. If we would have had this mixer 20 years ago! Anyway, I highly recommend this mixer to anyone looking for a new and totally professional mixing experience.

Greg Tucker

from North Texas
Audio Experience:
Happy and Amazed with the TM30 and staff for updates and QSC product fors years

Touch Mix 30

I have been mixing for bands for the past 25 years with antilog mixers different brands size and types. And I have also ran QSC power amps for years. The TM16 come out so, buy one and loved it but not big enough so when TM30 came out, I buy one and love it. with the right sshd you can record perfect (live) shows and are able to go back and hear what you did and what the band did. the quality inside out is great. I use it as a foh mixer and a monitor mixer and record 24 tracks all at the same time with NO problems. I use a airport express router to connect to my ipad. For the money size and performance this is the prefect mixer for me. It will do tons more thing that I do not use but someone else will.

Pat Bush

from Wilmington, Delaware
Audio Experience:
Professional musician and sound engineer. 30+ years in the field. FOH, Conventional Monitor and Wireless IEM systems.

TouchMix Pro

I've been a sound engineer for two decades. For the longest time, I just wouldn't go digital -- until the TMix Pro. Now, I wonder why I waited so long. It is a great mixer - nice pre's, small footprint, outstanding sound, and a workflow that is very easy to learn and use. I have designed several In Ear monitoring set-ups with the Touchmix at its heart. It's a set-it and forget it. And the 14 Auxes make it ideal for stereo IEM applications. Excellent sound for FOH and very nice onboard mixing. Could not ask for a nicer, more portable unit in an easy to use product. I recommend the desk to everyone I know and everywhere I go! Thanks for a GREAT product QSC!

Ted Reedy

from Longmont ,CO
Audio Experience:
Excellent. We have especially used the iphone connection to run our in ear monitors for live gigs and sound techs on the ipads can adjust sound from anywhere in the house!

Best Digital Mixer!

I've had the TouchMix-30 Pro for almost 2 years now and it has been the best mixer I have ever used. It's capabilities for live mixing, recording compatability with DAW, FX, RTA, and digital capability with the iphone, ipad, etc. have been my bands favorite in running our own mix with in ear monitors. We are truly happy with this product and I would recommend it to any group that is looking to up their game in the digital capabilities of the future!

Jeff Brashears

from Atlanta, GA
Audio Experience:
Several years mixing and performing

Old school convert

It took me a good while to make the jump from analog. But it really is so much better. My favorite function is the ability to save my mixes for the several clubs and rallies we play.

Jim Kieley

from United States
Audio Experience:
I worked as a professional musician and sound engineer for roughly a decade. I later matriculated to working as head of technology at a few colleges where we used a variety of AV equipment in classrooms and conference halls. I hired and supervised AV crews as well as other IT folks. Now semi-retired I'm back to working with audio and technology equipment primarily on a pleasure basis.

Touchmix-30 historical perspective

My history with audio engineering dates back some 40+ years and its quite interesting to evaluate the Touchmix-30 in the context of all the other equipment I’ve seen during different periods. It’s somewhat overwhelming to think about how equipment and setup time it once took to accomplish a fraction of what the Touchmix-30 can do out of the box with minimal effort. The size, weight, and cost of older generation equipment were each many times that of the Touchmix-30. I’m not familiar with every piece of competing modern equipment that is available today, however it would be difficult to imagine anything matching the versatility in terms of features and the overall quality of the Touchmix-30 at a similar price. Perhaps the biggest challenge I’ve faced in using the system has been deciding which of several possible ways to approach a given unique task of moderate and higher complexity. The on-line tutorials are helpful, but I’ve found the best way to get the most out of the system is through hands-on trial and error learning followed by listening and tweaking. This takes a chunk of well focused time. Other sources cover what can be done with the available mobile device app interfaces so I’ll just add they work as advertised. I’ve been using the Touchmix-30 to process both analog and digital input to QSC K12.2 speakers and 3rd-party studio monitors. Originally, I set the K12.2 speakers in default mode and then used presets in the Touchmix-30 to tune these to particular applications. More recently, I added a KS112 subwoofer to the overall system. The Touchmix-30 has no preset for the KS112 so I removed the presets for the K12.2’s and reconfigured settings for all QSC speakers on the speakers directly. I haven’t used the Touchmix-30 much yet as a DAW interface, but this is on the “to do” list. All in all the Touchmix-30 has been more than I hoped for and I’d recommend it highly.

Diego Garcia

from United States
Audio Experience:
Crisp, clear and no feed back!

Raising the Bar

Incorporating the TouchMix-30 Pro has taken our live show to a whole new level. The simplicity of use has vastly improved the quality of our sound and efficiency of our set up. Awesome product. Our whole system is now QSC!


Audio Experience:


I use this mixer for two of my bands and it is amazing

Nick Sudbury

from Cincinnati
Audio Experience:
I am an assistant manager at Guitar Center Florence, and also run sound for a couple local bars as well as my own band. Been doing live sound for about 15 of my 39 years, and I use QSC for all of the live sound applications for my own projects.

Best digital board in the game

This mixer is by far my favorite digital board on the market. I understand there is a very affordable competitor that I will leave unnamed that is extremely popular, and I have used that board extensively as well, but it is worth the money to get the QSC. The amount of inputs and sends on this is more than I'd every need, but always good to have. This is the only board I've used in the portable context that actually has two XLR monitor outs, as well as the two XLR main outs. As silly as it may seem, it's always annoyed me that so many mixers use 1/4" outs for the monitors. Even though I use a snake for the ins, I prefer running long lengths of XLR for my mains and monitors. QSC really knocked it out of the park with this one, and I found it's easier to use than it's competitors when I teach people how to use it! Get one of these and prepare to be blown away!!!

Jesus Prieto

from Los Angeles CA
Audio Experience:
I don't think you guys need any props, your products speak for themselves. I own this and the TM 16…thoroughly happy with the purchase, experience, and results. Music, vocals, you name it…these mixers do it all with ease and elegance! Love them. QSC customer for life!

Studio Results at your finger tips

This is by far the best mixer I have ever "Touched". You can connect everything but the kitchen sink and still have room for more. The sound it produces (specially when paired with the K series speakers ) is unparalleled!


from Lake Forest Ca.
Audio Experience:
Studio and live sound engineer

Great mixer !!!

I've been a analog guy for ever.Time to go digital. The touchmix 30 was the easiest transition from analog to digital. I love this mixer. The sound quality is amazing.

Ian Holmes

from Albany, NY
Audio Experience:
Novice level.

Great all in one package

I had very little sound engineering experience and this mixer has saved me so much time and has allowed me to play the music instead of having to worry so much about dialing in the "right" sound. Once it's dialed in, you just save and it's there forever whenever you need it!


from United States
Audio Experience:
The more I use The TouchMix 30, the more impressed I am with how good it sounds and what it can do. Thanks QSC!!

Great purchase for the Band!!

Got this for the band and I don't think you could make mixing much easier for a novice user. Some of my bandmates have minimal experience with mixers and they are picking it up real quick. We set up some great mixes depending where we are, super impressed with the ease of use and the sound quality. I guess now I need to bag my Mackies and get some QSC speakers to go with it for the presets!


from Monrovia
Audio Experience:
Studio owner and producer.

Great product !! But just one downside.

This is a great mixer it does just about everything you need except on little issue. If you want to record your session to a DAW work station farther than 3 feet away your out of luck, because the board does not have either an Ethernet port or USB power port to transport data over long distances. I tried everything to solve this issue (powered 2.0 USB cables, Ethernet 2.0 powered extenders, ect.) to no avail. I believe Presonus' Studiolive III series solves this issue. Other than that it's a homerun of a digital mixer.


from Atlanta
Audio Experience:
Performing musician for nearly 40 years. Sound engineer for more than half that.

Favorite mixer EVER!!!

I (and all my friends) love this mixer. The presets are the best, it's intuitive and has never let me down. I've also turned a lot of people on to it - several who have purchased their own.


from WI
Audio Experience:
Experienced but not professional

Quality you would expect

No surprises here, you get what you pay for and more. professional result, easy to navigate through, excellent sound quality and you don't need to be a sound engineer to operate. I have owned other brands and would have to navigate between layers and layers to get the sound you were looking for.


from WI
Audio Experience:
Experienced but not professional

Quality you would expect

No surprises here, you get what you pay for and more. professional result, easy to navigate through, excellent sound quality and you don't need to be a sound engineer to operate. I have owned other brands and would have to navigate between layers and layers to get the sound you were looking for.


from quebec canada
Audio Experience:
With QSC 2 years, with others 40 years.

qsctouchmix30 pro

very surprised by the toughts put in this design. Pretty complet "Touches" every part ou the music creation process. Glad I waited to make my decision on a good mixer

Ben Bush

from Northeast Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Graduate of The Recording Workshop class of '98. 20 years sound experience. Owner of Studio 670.

TouchMix-30 Upgrade

After using a TouchMix 16 for a few years, I had a say in convincing a local venue to switch from a Midas 32 to a TouchMix-30. It was a great change and the entire venue is now QSC. Being the sound guy with the most experience with the TouchMix series, it gave me a great opportunity to stand out and showcase the great features of the TM30.

JD Rod

from Las Vegas, NV
Audio Experience:
Playing and running sound (simultaneously) in bands and home studio for most of the last 40 years.

More Time Playing & Less Time Engineering

Right off the bat let me say that I love this board. I've been playing/recording music as a hobby and semi-professionally for most of the last 40 years. At this point in my life, I'd rather spend time playing than trying to find the right analog effect for everything. The 30 Pro has everything I need and more to do that. Like anything, it takes a little time and patience to learn digital, but I was fortunate in that I was in a band (and running sound) previously that had a TouchMix-16. Incidently, I once spilled a beer on the TouchMix-16 at a gig. It kacked out then, but after a little cleanup the next day, it worked fine and continued to do so. I can't think of anything negative about the 30 Pro. I record with it, play live with it and love it.

Both Ears Live Sound

from Anchorage, Alaska
Audio Experience:
Theatre sound designer, composer, FOH mixer, field recordist

Brilliant for Theaters on a Budget

I mix a lot of musicals and multi-act music festivals. There is so much about this little board that mimics what big performance boards can do, and yet the price point fits within the small non-profit budget. I can save and advance through 80+ saved scenes for a musical, mix within each scene and advance to the next. Such a lifesaver during Sweeney Todd with the orchestra mix and the cast changing nearly constantly. Another benefit is having 2 (or more) iPads connected and staged so that I can view and mix all the inputs and outputs at once. I definitely recommend this board. It feels like it was designed by someone with an understanding of Analog. Thank you for that!

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound guy

TouchMix 30 - A dream come true!

I've had my TouchMix-30 about four months now. All I can say is WOW! I play in several groups, the largest being a 7-piece party band. We play three or four weekends out of the month. We've had dozens of compliments on our sound since we started using this mixer. With the built-in presets for pretty much any application you can imagine, setting up for any type of group is a breeze. I love the ability to save scenes since I play with so many groups. I also love the ability to control the mixer through my iPad. Because each individual is able to control their own aux mix on their phones, I have no more complaints about "I can't hear myself." It makes my life as the bass player AND sound engineer that much easier. We've been able to record several of our gigs with the Record function which is super convenient. All the onboard effects are high quality, just what you'd expect from QSC. I'm always discovering new things about this mixer, and I absolutely love it! This one's a winner!

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound guy

TouchMix 30 - A dream come true!

I've had my TouchMix-30 about four months now. All I can say is WOW! I play in several groups, the largest being a 7-piece party band. We play three or four weekends out of the month. We've had dozens of compliments on our sounds since we started using this mixer. With the built-in presets for pretty much any application you can imagine, setting for any type of group is a breeze. I love the ability to save scenes since I play with so many groups. I also love the ability to control the mixer through my iPad. Because each individual is able to control their own aux mix on their phones, I have no more complaints about "I can't hear myself." It makes my life as the bass player AND sound engineer that much easier. We've been able to record several of our gigs with the Record function which is super convenient. All the onboard effects are high quality, just what you'd expect from QSC. I'm always discovering new things about this mixer, and I absolutely love it! This one's a winner!


from Southeast Shelby County Tennessee
Audio Experience:
Been learning the craft since 1982. Worked as F.O.H., Monitor, Stagehand, Stage Mgr. for many major recording artists and up and comers over the years .

Love my TouchMix 30

I have recently jumped into the digital mixer world. I did a lot of online research before making this purchase. I looked at all their training videos before purchasing this product. I could see by the videos , that they took a lot of time and effort creating this product. I am highly impressed at how easy it was for me to get on board and the ease of mixing. It is a little learning curve navigating the menus and setting the quick reference buttons made life easier. If you have been apprehensive to move from analog to digital, dont be afraid. This format is so easy even I was able to get a great sounding mix in less than 30 minutes my first time out. I love that I only have to ask the guys in the band to show up to a venue, I haven't stored into the mixer yet, early one time. Once I tune the room and go through all vocals and a lead on a song, punche the save button. The next time I show up we literally just bring the scene up and start playing. I will walk out front a couple times to make sure. It is all that and a new bag of chips. I have wondered what I have been doing the last 30 years. Thank you for your efforts in making this great product. It literally has made my life easier as the soundman /bass guy in the band.

Steven Carter

from United States
Audio Experience:
Band and Studio Musician. I create my own arrangement for most of the music I perform.

Touch Mix-30 Pro

Great Product. Easy to learn and use. Presets provide a great starting place to create custom setups which are easily retrieveable. I spend less time setting up for a performance but can get a consistent sound time after time. I highly recommend this unit for both road and studio.


from DFW. Texas
Audio Experience:
Musician (guitar, bass, vocals), very basic knowledge of mixers/PA

QSC Touchmix 30 - love it!

So easy to set up and use, and it sounds great! The presets are a great start for setting up EQ for specific purposes. I'm in a band with multiple vocals, guitars, horns, and rhythm section and I was up and going the first time in about 15 minutes. And I'm not even a sound guy. The touchpad works well and the layout is very intuitive. Well done, QSC!


from collegeville pa.
Audio Experience:
im a guitarist not a sound man


So far been really please with ease of use and the quality of sound. I'm not a sound man but I've been running it fine from the stage band been happy with sound as well

Jesse Powers

from 15 White Willow Ct, Owings Millss, MD 211178
Audio Experience:
I've mixing for quite a few years. I started mixing seriously while in the military and I learned a lot by watching the audio department at the US Army Field Band, Washington, DC. I now mix for several venues regularly in Maryland and have earned respect of numerous clients. It has been my passion along side of my musical background as a bass player. I love reinforcing sound and providing quality service for my clients and the audiences.

TouchMix-30 Pro

I have been astounded by the ease of use owning this product. It has simplified my entire operation and fortified the effectiveness I now exude when mixing small to large venues! What a wonderful product you've provided us with, QSC. Thank You and please, keep reaching for the stars!!!!!

Rick Meyers

from United States
Audio Experience:
Audio engineering, rentals and sales for over 30 years.

Best Value Ever!

The touchmix 30 pro is the PERFECT mixer for offsite events. It does everything and does it very well. Perfect balance of sound quality and dependability.

Sean S

from Temecula, CA
Audio Experience:
FOH and Monitor engineer for 30 years with regional production companies. Professor Audio Technology- Community College

Can't beat it!

This little board packs a wallop! Tons of great features and versatility. The Touch-Mix 30 seems to have a better WiFi range and less latency than the 16 channel version. Easy for less experienced techs to get in and deliver a good mix. The Wizard feature simplifies the setup with presets for the most popular event layouts. Very user friendly!

Jeff S.

from Orland Park, IL
Audio Experience:
Musician, live sound engineer, recording hobbyist.

TM-30 Pro is the best in class

I've been using my TM-30 for over a year now and can't say enough about it. All the features are extremely usable. Enough Auxs for stereo in-ears for a 5 piece band with plenty to spare. Great sound quality and simple to use via the app or right from the desk. Used with my QSC K-12.2's and K-Subs. it's a killer system. And on top of all that, multitrack recording at the push of a button! Don't hesitate, buy one today!


from Minnesota
Audio Experience:

TouchMix-30 Pro is right!!!!!

I am using the TM-30 Pro for live gigs and recording my band.......Tony Ortiz and the Guns Of Soul!!!!! it is so easy to use and so easy to make great things happen.....that I need to shout it out on the mountain top!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Casey

from Connecticut
Audio Experience:

TouchMix - 30 Pro

TouchMix was the best purchase for my 7 piece band. I used to use a Carvin powered board but had many issues. The TouchMix is easy to use and so much to it. My husband does the sound for the band, he has it on the IPad, (he also is the trumpet player for the band). So if someone needs more monitor he can just change right in front of him on the IPad. We love of the monitor mixes being able to separate everyone. I use my in the ear monitors with the system. I was thinking of getting a screen protector for the screen. I just love it! We haven't even begun to use it to its capabilities. I would like to use it for recording. Thanks QSC. This has made our life easier in the band.


from Wayland, NY
Audio Experience:
Technician and band sound tech.

Big Mixer - Small Footprint

I must say that I have had mixed opinions on the benefit of the digital consoles that I have... But this one is a cool package ! Lots of power hiding under the hood and quite easy to use. Sound quality is exceptional as well.

Stuart Somers

from Plymouth, United Kingdom
Audio Experience:

Amazing Desk

Hi Everyone, over the years I have had the pleasure of using many hi end desks, both Analogue & Digital. The Touchmix 30 is in a class of its own it truly is. Let me run down some of my likes on this desk. Firstly though a little old school issue, the obvious one no physical faders, which I got used to in seconds due to the fantastic large display and also using my Ipad. The fact you are able to grab more than one fader with ease is perfect. Now let's talk about the interface. This is without doubt the BEST and most logical interface GUI I have used. The fact all your Aux Channels are to the left and the simple goto Mixer Screens/Channels etc are just a touch away is awsome. The presets as well for all types of Instruments, Vocals etc are amazing out of the box and only very minor tweaks are needed if any in most cases so really well done. The feedback destroyer blew me away, I have over the years used hi end other branded gear for this which takes much longer to get results, this one though is so quick and professional it's like a dream come to true to all engineers or band users. I am using 5 iPads for the bands own monitor mixes using a Linksys router and it's flawless each member loves having there own protected control of there individual mix without messing up other member mixes or front of house. Audio recording live I have used a Samsung T5 and it's incredible the result I had with the Touchmix 30, I even exported all the tracks into Logic Pro X for final Plugins and Mixdowns the results blew me away again. Added to the fact this is a 32 channel Daw Audio Interface as well, and can I point out the live interface results are awsome. The effects processors also hit the nail on the head astounding quality even compared to lots I have used in the past including Lexicon & Yamaha etc. Saving scenes has worked flawlessly and made band setup a breeze. Room Tuning Wizzard again outstanding, I use with a Behringer ECM8000 which gives fantastic results, so a really affordable way to get a pro tuned room and deffo worth that very quick setup. The pre amps are really professional and clean. The EQ sections are very detailed and correct and the large Jog Wheel makes setting up EQ a breeze. USB 2 track recording is also great and MP3 Playback how cool for in beetween music etc. The overall sound of this desk is in the top league of anything out there and the features inside this are enough to please everyone from New Users to Advanced Sound Engineers, even the RTA system on every Input and Aux is top notch. Full front of house Tablet Control is also something that puts this in the top league of desks and unlike 2 companies I have used in the past there is no lag or Drop Out. So my honest opinion this is without doubt the BEST desk out there currently at this price range and even at much much higher price ranges, it's features are truly professional and very well thought out, the crystal clear sound produced is just excellent. If you want a desk that will put a huge smile on your face and offer everything in one very easy to transport design then this is the one to grab. Well done QSC.


from Germany
Audio Experience:
enthusiast. used to be a semi-pro musician with studio experience (not a live sound tech).

All you ever need!

This is close to perfect for any kind of small or medium gig. Dialing in the right setup is made really easy even for a non pro (which I am). I love the clear layout and the presets are very helpful and well developed tools. The only issue I have is with the network … it's a bit unstable, but this might as well be due to the router I use (I'll have to try another one next time). Anyway, it's great product. Rock on!

Valdinoci Denis

from via San Bernardino da siena,88 -26010-Pianengo (Cr), Italy
Audio Experience:
The product is very efficient, the only thing to improve is the efficiency and scope of the device wirless, would need something more powerful.

Great product

And for some years now I have been using this product and I have to say that it is really functional and compact, I am also very happy with the infinite functions contained within it. In my opinion usable for both small and big bands. Many quality stereo inputs and as many aux. For now I would not change it with other similar products. I should change my old speakers because they do not give the right value to the mixer.


from Gilbert, AZ
Audio Experience:

No Sound Nan Needed

I had never owned or operated any kind off mixing board at all whatsoever!! QSC made this unit very easy for anyone to operate and understand!!...i was completely blown away after acquiring the knowledge to operate this non-sophisticated unit thanks to the on board users manual. I will only ever own QSC products and i highly recommend you do the same if you want to sound as good as me HAHA!!

Ron Brooks

from United States
Audio Experience:
30 Plus years Pro Sound

STR Sound

Have Run Touchmix for several years now. I have worked with several platforms in the digital world, sound mixing is comparable in most platforms. The end results are awesome. I like the Touchmix for its ease of set up and the learning curve is simple and straight forward. Yes I would recommend QSC Products to me friends and have many times.


from Vernon BC Canada
Audio Experience:

Awesome mixer

Have had my TouchMix 30 for close to 2 years now, and continues to impress. I do sound for 2 separate bands regularly as well as playing in a 6 piece band with horns. The sound is clean and precise, and very easy to get a good final product. The scenes make it very easy for repeat performances. I also like the function of being able to set scenes in advance without additional equipment. Thank you QSC for a great product

dennis borro

from Coram NY
Audio Experience:
live Sound , Bass,Guitar and vocals

TouchMix 30 Pro

the best mixer i've ever owned and the most versatile. Mixing my live bands is a breeze. the fact that i can hand my iPad to my sound man and let him go out in front an mix is a great thing. Thank yo QSC for making this musicians life on stage much easier . Love all the monitor mixes i can have now everyone's happy hearing just what they need.


from United States
Audio Experience:
40+ years as a musician


I switched from an old analog mixer to the TouchMix-30 Pro, is just a total different world

Art Clinton

from Springfield Ma
Audio Experience:

TouchMix 30 Pro

This Mixer changes everything to one HUGE PLUS! The sound is incredible! If you want a professional sound QSC mixers are the way to go.

Fred C.

from Davenport, IA
Audio Experience:
Played in bands and have done sound for over five decades!

Would buy again!

I first had a touchmix16 and absolutely loved it. I decided to upgrade to the TouchMix30. My only regret is that I didn’t also keep the touchmix16. The freedom to listen to the sound from anywhere in a venue is amazing. When setting monitors it is extremely helpful to be able to adjust from the actual microphone. The scene memory means that when I set the master for one mic, the band is basically balanced and ready to play. Sound checks are usually done before the band starts. The TouchMix30 takes very little space compared to an analog board, makes a great 32 channel, live recording board, and with the proper software and an external hard drive, can be used to mix raw tracks recorded into a polished recording. The only down sides I have found is that with my old, 16 channel analog board I was guaranteed a place to sit; in front of the board. Now I don’t get to sit as much, and the band doesn’t always know where to look for me. I could never go back to the analog board.

Orlin Stoyanov

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician and sound engineer

The best possible live and recording mixer

This is simply the best mixer ever, as far as small compact setups are concerned. In addition to the features on the TouchMix 16, they have added a digital patch bay which I find very useful when different vocal effects are used during the show and without switching inputs. Just set up another channel with a different reverb or delay, and have it assigned to the same input. Then all you do is mute and un-mute the necessary channel for that particular song. I love the large display, the remote tablet and phone control, I can never go back to using analog mixers again. QSC is great about sending upgrades regularly and the customer service is very good! A great investment that will last for years!

Shayne Cordevant

from Tilden,IL
Audio Experience:
Playing 22 years in different touring bands and running sound for multiple festivals, venues and shows.

Excellence in 30lbs or less!

I first tried the TM-16 and was amazed at its capabilities then I had to have to TM-30 when it came out! The ease of connectivity as well as “smart” and “dumb” features makes this the Best Buy I’ve ever made when it comes to live sound! Paired with my QSC 153’s and subs, I truly feel sonically limitless. This is the standard others need to follow!

Marc Montefusco

from Summit, NJ
Audio Experience:
Long-time amateur musician.

Indistinguishable from magic...

I am not a sound professional. I am a lowly amateur musician who, probably because of a deep masochistic streak, volunteered to assemble and operate our band’s sound reinforcement system. I used an analog board for a year, but also used QSC speakers. (I also own a QSC MicroPro 200 - Mach 1. I like the brown.) I’m not sure why I began obsessing about the TouchMix30, but I did, and eventually bought one sight unseen. I also used to design interfaces for public information systems. My immediate reaction upon firing up the TouchMix 30 was that the system had been designed by experts in psychology as well as technology. This is one of the most powerful and intuitive devices of any kind that I have ever had the pleasure of using. Power and ease of use are often in inverse proportion in complex systems: not so here. Literally within minutes, I was getting better results with far less effort and guesswork than I had achieved in a year with my older (but perfectly capable) setup. This is the system that I would have designed, had I the brains and the vast audio experience brought to bear on this beautiful instrument. I can’t speak to the more technical aspects of the TouchMix 30. All I can say is that it makes our band sound remarkably better, and is incredibly easy to use. For the specifications, read the technical documents and the informed reviews. I’m content to think of it as magic.


from Atlanta
Audio Experience:

Amazing mixer

I made the switch to digital mixers 5-6 years ago. The one I was using was still too large for my needs. I was able to get a QSC touch makes pro Sirtis recently which has all of the outputs that I would need. I am very blunt away by this smaller mixer which packs a very large project. All of the features under the hood are so intuitive and easy to use. It’s also more compact and takes up less space when transporting. I like that is easy to follow and navigate through as well. I read some of the manual and I created a great mix in no time. The wizards are the huge plus too. I could never get the room eq right. Now it’s a snap. Highly recommended

Pershing Wells

from South Louisiana
Audio Experience:
Professional Producer/Guitarist/Arranger

Unbelievable Quality Packed into a Small Package

I did some substantial research before buying the TM30. I had it narrowed down to three digital mixers: The TM30, Qu-16, and X32. The X32 wasn't exactly in the running because I didn't want anything too big. But it had faders- like the Qu16. More on that later. I searched online for recordings (live or studio) with all three and strangely I couldn't easily find anything except for the TM30. QSC proudly has audio recordings on their website. That went a long way for me. I also visited and joined online forums for each to learn the good and not so good about each. All three get their share of love- and all have a couple of disgruntled users. The QSC line seemed to have an interesting group of users that I felt I fit in with. No big deal but I think it says something about the company. So in June I bought the TM30. I wanted to use it a few times before writing a review. All I can say is I'm thoroughly impressed! It's got a ton of I/O! The mic preamps sound great! The effects are great! And recordings from it sound great! I especially like the design of how it records. It records everything pre-fader (although I believe it can be changed to post fader/eq/effects). This allows you to do "virtual sound checks" either before a gig or (in my case) bringing the mixer to my studio, hooking it to my studio monitors and making eq adjustments, effect settings, compressor settings, and even gain settings (with the digital gain feature) THERE! I can then save this as a scene and recall it at the same venue! Nice! I understand most digital mixers have this feature but what most DON'T have is the ability to record 32bit wave files to the hard disk! This is brilliant because it virtually eliminates any digital clipping in the recording! (I used a Glyph Studio drive for recording and while it's not on QSC's list of "approved" hard drives, I recorded twelve tracks for three hours without a glitch). I also dig the two stereo aux sends that are dedicated to in-ears! It eliminates another piece of gear (headphone amp) and a couple of XLR cables! The auxes sound great and have plenty of volume for my Shure SE315's! I'm also able to give four other artists on stage a STEREO mix to their ears and STILL have four available mono auxes for other things! I like having a gain knob available to reach and do quick settings. And faders... The X32 and Qu16 were attractive for the flying faders. But after using the TM30's knob and large touchscreen, I can't say I'm missing anything (I've used many analog desks with faders). The IPad app is very responsive. I didn't think I'd get into it but I was wrong. I'm a happy camper. This is my second digital mixer. I'd summarize by saying If great sounding mic pres, great sounding recordings, lots of I/O, and ease of getting around are priorities in a digital mixer then this one should be highly considered! Thumbs up to QSC for hitting a home run with this mixer!

Jon C.

from Barrie ON
Audio Experience:
I am an audio engineer who owns a audio production company who has worked in live theatre, large festival and corporate events for the past 10 years. I have live engineered for many main stage country performers at The Boots and Hearts festivals for the past 4 years for SiriusXM radio and was an industry judge for the 2018 Juno awards.

Awesome mixer!

The QSC Touchmix-30 has been amazing to work with. I run many small gigs including outdoor backyard bands to political debates. For a 30 channel mixer the TM-30 is very portable, light weight but performs very well. I enjoy the presets, especially the vocal handheld speech one. Only minor eq tweeks to the room/voice required. Another super cool feature is the room tuning wizard and RTA. As long as you have time to let the system auto ring out the room you wont have any feedback issues. I deducted half a star only because I’m not a fan of the current state of the DCA’s and how they function but I understand from QSC support that they are looking at an update to it. I would totally recommend this board!

Nick K.

from Rochester, NH
Audio Experience:
See above

Touchmix 30 Pro

Thank you QSC for providing an excellent choice for a digital mixer. I have been involved in live music performance and sound since I was 15 years old. For 37 years I have not come across a better mixing console. (Analog and Digital) Obviously digital mixers were not around many years ago. In the last 10 years i have used many digital mixers but by far the Touchmix 30 has been the best. It is very user friendly, intuitive, reasonably priced, esthetically pleasing, and an all around awesome mixer. The sound quality is amazing especially when used with QSC speakers which I also own. Customer support has also been extremely helpful as well as the resources available on QSC’s website and YouTube. Thanks QSC for everything. Keep coming out with fantastic products and people will buy them. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Just try them out, have a listen and you’ll be hooked.

Jim Flowers

from Victoria, texas
Audio Experience:
Musician, engineer, producer, and song writer. I write with a Grammy winning song writer in Nashville that wrote “ its five o’clock somewhere “, for Alan Jackson and jimmy Buffett.

Wow..... what a mixer

First off, I’ll give this mixer five stars and recommend anyone looking for a mixer, make this one you first choice. This mixer sounds fantastic with all the bells and whistles of a much higher priced pro mixer for live or recording. So quiet and no distortion what so ever. This is the best piece of gear I have bought in a very long time... thanks guys for your hard work, dedication, and enginuity, making products for musicians and the music industry. I’ll buy more if your products in the near future, cuz you’re the best as far as I’m concerned.

KPSL 808

from Big Island, Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer, Musician

Awesome Mixer

This TM30 is the best mixer i ever worked with. Very easy to navigate through channels especially EQʻs and Effects. Has a big touch screen. I use 4 Kla12’s, 2 Kw181’s, 2 E18’s, 3 K.2’s and 4 K12’s when im doing a festival or outdoor event. Very clean sound. Also mixing on my ipad when iʻm playing with my band makes it easier. Good stuff!!! Will definetly get more TM mixers when i get more sound jobs!

Martin Hill

from Kahului, Maui, Hawaii...96732
Audio Experience:
I mix and run sound for my band as well as other professional events.

Outstanding Mixers

I own both a TOUCH MIX 16 and a TOUCH MIX 30. They are both excellent mixers and I'd highly recommend it for all professionals. I still have a lot to learn on the 30.


from Chilliwack
Audio Experience:
Musician for 25+ years. Live sound. Worship. Set up. Take Down. Troubleshoot....all of it.

Great Mixing Console

We bought this for our church. It is easy to set up and has everything we need, built right into the console. The ability to control and adjust settings and levels via iPhone and iPad are amazing... saves so much time. You are easily able to eliminate 'hot spots' in the room, because you can mix right from the trouble area. Different scenes and separate levels of access (security) make this console 'fool proof' for when you have multiple people running the console at different times. Functionality is smooth and fast.There are so many features for the price.... Awesome value and awesome performance. Because of this experience, I would buy anything QSC again in a heartbeat.