K10.2 Reviews

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Dennison DeNatalie

from Bay Shore, New York
Audio Experience:
7 years experience in the audio field, DJ/MC for 4 years.

Multipurpose, Durable, and reliable

I've been a QSC product fan for years, since the initial QSC K Series was released. When they came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when the E series came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when K.2 came out, I bought a bunch of them. After seeing how QSC has performed through the rigors of the road for me, I couldn't help but to stock all of the things I needed with QSC products. The warranty is also unmatched. The K10.2's are no exception to that rule, and I use them for everything. If there is a potential use case for them, they are my go to speakers to throw in the van. Versatile, they sound great, and are lightweight and powerful. What more could you ask for in a loudspeaker.

Marvin Otis Tatem

from Virginia Beach
Audio Experience:
Studio owner Composer Musician Live Sound and Dj!

Simply Amazing!!

Pro Quality Sound in a light a small package. Heavy duty materials with top shelf warranty! Can't go wrong with these speakers!


from NSW
Audio Experience:
Great sound and room coverage. Very clear and clean sounding. Enough bass to keep the dancefloor moving. People often comment on how good the sound is.

Fantastic product

Easy to use, not to heavy to lift and they look nice.

Lonnie Harrod

from Texas
Audio Experience:
almost 18 years as church music director. 2 years traveling with my family and sing at Churches and nursing homes around the country. i have also purchased, installed and set up auditorium systems for 2 different churches. I have trained many on how to use sound equipment.

outstanding speaker

I have been using the K10.2 for several months now. I choose these speakers because i needed something that was small and lightweight yet durable enough to handle the torture of a traveling music group. Before i bought these speakers I spoke to many musicians and d.j.'s about the quality of various brands of speakers and did my own research and came to the conclusion that QSC's K10.2 was indeed the best choice. Now that i have been using them for months i know they are the best and would highly recommend to anyone needing a portable lightweight speaker. It is my firm belief that the K10.2 is the best sounding and most durable 10" speaker on the market today. If I had any complaint about this speaker it would be that it takes several seconds for the power to come on after turning the switch on (this is only a minor inconvenience and not truly a real complaint).

Denis DeGrace

from PO Box 12055, Olympia, WA 98508
Audio Experience:
Our six piece band has been using the K10.2's for a year now and we're really impressed with their clarity. Our style is a mix of folk, rock and blues with a big emphasis on singing. These speakers cut through all the instruments and put the vocals up front where they belong. I went to about five stores to test all the major brands and I kept coming back to QSC because of their clarity, natural sound, and volume. And now, after a year of using them I'm just as impressed as I was when I first heard them. I found a lot of good stuff out there but the K10.2's truly have a realistic sound with plenty of power.

QSC K10.2 Review by Denis DeGrace

I've been a drummer for over 20 years and I've learned the important lesson of performing with equipment that not only sounds good but is something you can count on. Our six piece band has been using the K10.2's for a year now and we're really impressed with their clarity. Our style is a mix of folk, rock and blues with a big emphasis on singing. These speakers cut through all the instruments and put the vocals up front where they belong. They're rock solid; not one problem. I started my search like most people, on the internet. I read all the blogs for about a year and the one common thread was their comparison to QSC. It stood out as a benchmark for all speakers. No matter what speakers were in the discussion it almost always included QSC. Then the fun part, shopping. It took more time than I expected but I was determined to find what I considered the "Right" sound. I went to about five stores to test all the major brands and I kept coming back to QSC because of their clarity, natural sound, and volume. And now, after a year of using them I'm just as impressed as I was when I first heard them. I found a lot of good stuff out there so here is what made it easier for me to decide: 1. The K10.2's truly have a realistic sound with plenty of power. 2. I haven't found any incidents of defects on the blogs for any QSC speaker. 3. Six Year warranty. 4. I heard from some music stores that they use QSC exclusively for rentals because they're so dependable. 5. The K10.2 model is one year old but the K product line has been around for ten years. This convinced me that QSC is doing something right. 6. The K10.2 configuration settings blew me away. Switching to stage monitors is just two clicks.

Denny M.

from Cincinnati, OH
Audio Experience:
I'm 68 and have been playing drums and guitar isince I was 16. That being said, my hearing is still perfect, and I know when things don't sound so good, and when they do sound really good, as is the case with QSC.

Clear to Hear

After hearing my brother rave about his QSC's (he owns six older K10's & two Ksub's = 10k watts) for his band, I borrowed 4 K10's for a gig. They were fantastic, easy to carry and set up. The sound was great. So I decided to buy a new K10.2 from Sweetwater this past June, to reinforce my solo act. I received it just a day before I went on vacation, so had to try it quickly to make sure I was at least sort of familiar with it, as the gig was two days after we were to get back. Plugged it in and turned the mic on, and said "Testing, Testing". I literally said "holy crap", because the sound was so clear and loud that I was totally surprised and happy with the sound. I immediately thought I better practice singing, because everybody was going to hear it it, good or bad. The gig came off well, (outside at a golf course with 200 folks in attendance) with my AER-TE compact 60 complimented by the K10.2. What a sound! With many nice compliments. I'll be buying another one at some point in the not too distant future.

Ron Boston

from Providence Rhode Island
Audio Experience:
I have been an accomplished DJ and AV professional for over 20 years


I have been using K series since the original was released. However, the new tech and modifications to the new K10.2 are outstanding. These are the premiere "go to" speakers for most of our events. I used these both for my dj rigs and at my day job as AV Manager at St Marks School.. These just simply are amazing sounding speakers and offer the right aesthetics for any application...


from Durham, NC
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician

Fantastic PA speakers!

I'm using a pair of these as the mains in my rehearsal space. Mostly used for vocals with a full band (2 guitars, bass, drums) and occasionally running acoustic guitar. The sound is clear and LOUD. Gain before feedback is excellent also...microphone choice obviously plays heavily into this, but I fired up my system at full volume once without realizing one of my mics was pointing DIRECTLY at one of the speakers and it did not feedback. I've run recorded music through them and the bass response is impressive. I doubt I'll be adding a sub, though for EDM or a professional DJ it would be a different story. I would also reconsider a sub if we start using our own system for larger spaces with the entire band running through it, but that's rarely required around here. Overall, I love these speakers and can highly recommend them!


from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
I been working with sound since I was 16 when someone invited me to help out at church, we had racks and racks of gear and how everything worked and sounded called my attention. It’s been 16 years since and I still feel as the first day.

Excellent Sound

I own a pair of the older model k10’s for 4 years now. I’m constantly doing even events so I use them a lot, i also own other brand loudspeakers that I purchase over time to use when I have more than one event but nothing compares to my QSC’s. My k10’s are much clear and better definition, I get amazed when comparing how such a small speaker can make such a difference. I definitely recommend the K series and it’s new model,

David Ballinger

from Virginia Beach, VA
Audio Experience:
Telco Special Services Radio and Video loops 1970-2003 "Estudio Mobile" Owner, Engineer, Operator 1975- Present. We Love Pipe Organs

K10.2 Unexpected reality.

Sheer power aside, they sound a lot bigger than they are, the quiet moments are just as impressive. I have been mobile recording engineer since 1975, slowed down and now I supply environmental music (atmosphere) for meetings and dinners. I'm getting old and weight is an important factor as is versatility. I was just getting to know my K10.2s setting up for an 80 guest dinner, the staff was rolling out tables and chairs, usual banquet stuff. I put a CD on to test "Bach: prelude cello suite #1", after a minute I realized the setup clatter had stopped. Everyone was listening, someone came out of the kitchen, wanted to meet the cellist. Sorry but it is a good recording of Yo-Yo Ma played back very well. realty check it sounds great. Not loud, but acoustically accurate. Well Done QSC! A lot of stuff stays on the truck, these are in my living room in between gigs.


from Austin
Audio Experience:
Musician/engineer 25 years

Great sound/meh build

Great improvement on the K series, owner of K12s, KW153s and these see a lot more action. Great with the Ksub as a stand, perfect little mobile rock rig. Functions on the unit, EQ, cross over, presets for mics, use are very handy. Downsides: The jog wheel has already come apart on one, while in its tote bag. I was able to reattach the microchip to the board and then the wheel to the chip. If that had been lost, I would’ve been without the unit. It seems like the design is amiss somewhere.


from California
Audio Experience:
Just heaven!


i purchased this pair of K 10.2 speakers for our church to be used for off site worship. When we moved it inside our house of worship and used it temporarily ,i was just shocked to how great it sounded. We have a medium size church and i did not know how it would handle the space. To my pleasant surprise these speakers just totally rock the place with outstanding dynamics and timber and also clarity. We played guitars,keyboard,and bass guitar,plus 4 singers and it sounded so amazing. We are planning to purchase a pair of KW 153 to use for our mains, and KW 181 subwoofer, and use the K 10.2 for our floor monitors. I can't hardly wait when the the time comes.

PR1MO Torres

from So. Cal
Audio Experience:
Audio/Video Security Systems installer for High End Custom Built Homes in So. Cal. Professional Dj since 1983.

QSC K10.2'S

After renting 4 of the older K10's back in 2013, I knew then that I had to have them! We Dj'ed a car show at that time and had a band perform with us (the band also used the K10 speaker system) to my amazement these little speakers just blew me away I had two set up 1 on either side of the stage and the other two pretty well separated to give sound to the rear and far front of the stage. The sound was crisp and clean with just the right amount of bass and absolutely NO distortion! I knew these were the speakers for me. I had tried other brands and I have to say NONE of them could compare to the sound quality that I had from the K10's. And trust me I tried many many brands. It took me just 5 short years to save up for my K10.2's that I recently purchased in February of 2019. I have recommended and will always recommend QSC speakers to anyone who is looking for a GREAT sound. Like I always say if quality sound is what your after then you need to invest in some QSC speakers. It will be the BEST sound you can give to your clients.

Eric H

from Birmingham, AL
Audio Experience:
Played in bands and solo for 20+ years.

Best Powered Speaker On the Market

These things are amazing. Crazy good power. The most impressive thing to me is the low end they get out of a 10" speaker. They are super lightweight and extremely portable. I play mostly solo acoustic stuff and I don't even need a mixer, can just plug straight into the speaker because they have 2 separate channels. Don't even mess with any other companies if you are going with powered speakers

Marc Montefusco

from United States
Audio Experience:
Amateur musician, sound tech for band and local performance organization

Heart of the sound

I bought a pair of these speakers to use in my band after extensive research (and positive experiences with QSC and Quilter products). They have performed admirably in a variety of venues (outdoors, indoors, big, small, cavernous). The sound reproduction is outstanding, they are tough, and the built-in features are intuitive and useful. So why, you ask, did I only give them a 4.5? The reason that one of the amps failed in one of the speakers. The problem was correctly diagnosed by QSC tech support over the phone in minutes, but it took nearly a month to get the now-perfectly-functioning speaker back from the local QSC authorized repair shop. Other than that relatively minor inconvenience, I am proud to unleash my K10.2s no matter what the venue or audience.

Bow Tied Weddings

from United States
Audio Experience:
10+ years of advanced audio engineering and disc jockey experience.

Bow Tied Speakers

Bow Tied Weddings is professional Wedding DJ service based in Richmond Virginia, with offerings in Charleston and Raleigh as well. We use QSC speakers for every wedding we entertain and could not be happier. Two QSC K10.2s paired with the QSC KW181 works for weddings of all sized and with their 90* dispersion ratio, the K10.2s are perfect for dance floor adjacent setups. We would not trust any other brand for our business and highly recommend them to any DJ looking to take their business to the most professional level.

Marc D

from Quebec Canada
Audio Experience:
More than 20 years.


Wow !! Amazing, i'm a sound guy since more than 20 years, and with my K10.2, i've found a lot of headroom, beautiful mid frequencies (that's the problem with so many amplified kind of speakers).

Joseph L. Tangalin

from Kaua’i, Hi
Audio Experience:
Professional musician for 10yrs. Currently Full time Live Musician, 12 performances per week, over 500 gigs per year(I run my own sound for all of them). Associates in Audio Engineering.

Absolutely love it

These babies are so small and light yet have such a BIG sound. Couldn’t be happier with my investment. I use them as mains for small functions and also as monitors when needed. They do both jobs superbly. The clarity and warmth I get from these are phenomenal. I will be ordering more!

Saniel Cuison

from United States
Audio Experience:
Weather in front of house, stage monitor or in my home small studio, the sound is fantastic. I love the built-in sound settings.

Alive on Live

Musicians listening to our band were amazed on how this small speakers sounds in front of house. I am very satisfied and happy with this QSC product.

R. Colon (DJ R-Flow)

from Verona, NJ
Audio Experience:

Great speaker in a small package

Great speaker. Has several presets and input / output connections. Have been using for almost a year and have had no problems. Only regret is not getting the bigger k12.2, but I’m still happy with my purchase.

Carlos Reyes

from Tampa, FL
Audio Experience:
Audio Engineer, Musician

By far a rewarding speaker for the on the move musician

As a keyboardist in several bands the quality and the full range response from a Powered speaker has always been important me. When I first heard the demos for the K.2 series I was relieved that all that power and sound quality that is from QSC can come in a PA that is easy to luggage around. The onboard DSP functions are my favorite when I am either holding a small practice/jam at my house or if I need to switch to a floor monitor setting on stage. I will say that at times I have trouble competing against a drummer when it comes to overall volume sometimes but the punch that these give and the weight make up for it! this is a must for keyboardist and is competitively lighter that the most heavy keyboard PAs that I have seen.

Rob Bernstein

from Massachusetts, USA
Audio Experience:
Live sound engineer and musician

Big Bang In A Little Box

This is my first pair of QSC speakers, I've been a JBL-guy forever. I needed an additional pair of 10" powered speakers to use with my wedding rig (I have a sound company) and decided to try the K10.2's. I'm happy I did. They have a great footprint and a wide variety of inputs including 3.5mm for iPod/mobile players. Sometimes I need a small set of speakers for a wedding ceremony and this is a welcome option. Glad to see RCA jacks disappear. The DSP in the units seems to work well, but most of the time I just leave them on the "Monitor" setting. Great job on these, QSC.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Bass Player, hobbyist recording, own my bands PA and engineer sound for gigs.

My favorite piece of equipment

Great sound, clear highs, nice lows. Flexible, I use a pair over subs for a 4 piece club cover band, plenty of volume, when I DJ parties (with/without a sub). Love the 1/8 inch jack, no need for a mixer for background music applications. Even set the DSP to bass amp and took it to an Bass audition instead on my rig, lighter and sounded great. When not using it live, its a wedge in my rehearsal space.

Paul Guyon

from Traverse City, Michigan
Audio Experience:
40+ years as an on-stage audio engineer, a performer, drummer, singer.

Excellent Choice for my Classic Rock band!

I own a pair of K10s and when the K2s came out I had to have them! I now use my K10s to replace my tired old Mackie powered monitors and K2s for mains. Our sound has never better! Thanks QSC for more power.


from Cape Girardeau, MO
Audio Experience:
Mobile dj and videographer

Awesome speakers

Great speakers for the mobile dj. Very clear sound that is loud enough to fill any room or venue. Good coverage speaker and it is not heavy.

DJ Tony

from Hampton roads
Audio Experience:
Over 30 years as A DJ.

The best I've ever Owned

I am A DJ And I've been using this speaker as a monitor Well over a year Never heard it not sound good clipping Or even going out None of that just Straight clear sound In the bass coming out of these speakers is unbelievable

Cynthia Hardy

from Maryland
Audio Experience:
I’ve setup for several bands for 6-12 musiicians using my QSC products. Although some bands like to use their own equipment, I’ve convinced some to use my QSCs and they are amazed at the sound.


This compact speaker has the best sound for a dancer like me to really feel the music in its fullest form. QSC 10.2 not only sounds great but it’s lightweight and easy to use for the non-techie like me. I’m a promoter and I have my own equipment to provide top quality sound like a pro. These speakers look great too! I have 2 Ksubs, the 16 channel Touchmix, and 2 K10s. I’m a QSC fanatic for sure!

Frank O

from River Grove, IL
Audio Experience:
I have 8 years experience as a freelance mobile live sound reinforcement engineer


I have owned these for about 1 year now and My experience with these have been nothing but positive. They have powerful clean highs and they have a good low end too. Depending on size of venue I use as tops or as stage monitors for live pa sound reinforcement for all different kinds of bands. I run these things all day outdoor events hot weather, they don’t let up! with the built in presets or eq or studio mon setting they are awesome! Every single option available to you does not let me down. With the built in delay I love these for delay fills. They are easily portable and reliable. Excellent warranty and service from QSC, nothing negative to say about this product. I plan on buying only QSC speakers in the future. Very satisfied and would recommend to anyone looking to buy a professional quality speaker.


from Chicago
Audio Experience:
Small venue DJ

Big Sound, Compact size.

After auditioning many different speakers for DJ gigs, I kept coming back to QSC. I bought two K10.2’s and they haven’t disappointed. I use them with a none QSC sub, but when I can afford to I will be purchasing a QSC KW181. The only drawback is with the high cost of these speakers the carrying bags should be included.

Deejay Architect

from Western Massachusetts
Audio Experience:
Owner of Architect Entertainment, LLC which is a Professional Disc Jockey and Event Lighting Company serving the entire Northeast of the United States specializing in Weddings, Private Events, Corporate Functions and Nightlife.

Top of the Line

Bought a pair of these speakers for my small gigs and wedding ceremonies and they are just perfect. Light weight, but built tough. Can't go wrong with these if you are looking for a great compact speaker that still gives you 90 coverage across the board. Bravo QSC! You have reinvented the K10s for the better! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Daniel L

from Huntsville, AL
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician for 20+ years - guitar/bass/vocals.

Great for monitoring guitar modeling hardware!

I'm running my Kemper Profilng Amp throught the K10.2. It's an amazing platform for the Kemper! If you are looking for a solution for monitoring your guitar amp modeler, check out the K10.2.

Rémy B

from Canada
Audio Experience:
DJ et animateur de soirées

Polyvalence et portabilité

Haut-parleurs faciles à transporter. Idéal pour les DJ mobiles pour tout type d'événement, que ce soit une réception, une conférence ou un party, les QSC K10.2 sont le choix idéal. Poids relativement léger et des dimensions permettant le transport dans de petits véhicules, les 3 lignes (2 x XLR et 1 x 1/8) cela permet un déploiement et une mise en fonction extrêmement rapide.

David Fortier

from Woonsocket, RI
Audio Experience:
I just love music.

Thank You KSC

I am just a homeowner that loves his music clear and loud and my K10.2 delivered without disappointment. A DJ friend recommended this product to me. I was blown away. Night club sound in the comfort of my home, with the option to easily transport.

Alfredo Valoti

from Greenville, SC
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ, Sound Engineer

A Wonderful Guarantee

I have been wanting a pair of K10.2 since they came on the market. I am a mobile DJ, and I was looking for something powerful, portable, and reliable. These speakers are the best on the market, and I knew I would have never had to complain about it. I find the sound Rich and Punchy at any level. I like the quick settings that allow you to change the sound in the room pushing just a couple of buttons. This product is highly recommended. They are more expensive than competitors, but the quality you get for the price, is incomparable to any other brand. The K10.2 are the perfect medium.. more portable than the K12, but still a good Bass compared to K8

Stevie T.

from Houston
Audio Experience:
Musician, singer, sound engineer

QSC K10.2

After using the older K10s for a couple of years, I read about the newer 10.2, and saw some new features that interested me: The altered wedge shape, and the new DSP functions both lived up to my expectations, and then some. I now use these for mains with KW181 subs in small to mid, and large mid size rooms. They are nothing short of "outstanding". When I need another monitor, and use the larger mains, then the 10.2 is on the floor as an excellent monitor. Double duty just makes my investment look that much better. I have run these as mains where we have cranked them up to where the clip light comes on, and they still sound great reproducing all of the instruments and vocals of a four piece band playing rock & roll! Love'em!


from Los Angeles
Audio Experience:

Best little speakers!!!

We have a pair of these that act as our mains for most of the small and mid size shows we play, including outside concerts! They are loud and super clear! Mind you, we have a 7 member Latin band with lots of percussion and everybody sings through a mic. These babies can handle a lot and they don't even break a sweat.

Sam Mullins

from Iowa City, IA
Audio Experience:
Semi-pro musician with two degrees in electrical enginering.

Hits the sweet spot for size and performance

I use a pair of K10.2's as a PA for a duo setting that includes high-end keyboards, guitar, percussion and vocals. They deliver crisp clean power in a compact package. I really appreciate the variety of input options and the ability to accept a wide range of input levels. The DSP is useful for handling problematic rooms. I also occasionally use a single K10.2 as a keyboard amplifier; the built-in input mixing makes this a nice compact, high quality option for this purpose.


from Nottingham, MD
Audio Experience:
40+ yr. bass player... 10 yr PA ‘man’

Compact, powerful speakers

Have been thru quite a number of (modern) powered PA speakers (incl. JBL, Mackie, Yamaha)- and have found the QSC (.2’s) to be ‘crisper’ & ‘fuller’. The 10’s, on top of a Ksub, cover most of my coverage needs- but did pick up a pair of K12.2’s for larger venues.

Patricio B

from United States
Audio Experience:
live performances,personal use

The Best of the best!!!

Awesome and very clear sound , Before I bought the k10 serie, but when I have the chance to updated my system,every day I fill more happy with my k10.2 series, I really think is the best loudspeaker in the market today


from Austin TX
Audio Experience:


Had a pair of K10s for many years. After demoing the K10.2s at my local retailer, I had to get them. I have had the K10.2s for about 5 months now and am completely satisfied. Love the weight, size, power, the new presets, and the ability to save scenes. These are great little speakers. I have used these as keyboard monitors, PA for an acoustic duo, and DJed a couple of parties. One of the parties was outside in a pavilion at a local park. For that, I could have used a sub (or two); I just ordered a KS112 to rectify that. I also highly recommend the QSC totes for these speakers. They will keep your speakers from getting banged up.


from Austin, TX
Audio Experience:

Quit messing around and get these

I've been DJ'ing for 20 years and always bought Geminis/Harbingers because it got me through gig after gig. Sometimes, it was not enough. I finally decided to get with the program and got 2 of these. Clear sound ALL DAY EVERYDAY. These should last me until the day I dont DJ anymore and the resale on these are great too. I have a KW sub and can do up 200 people.

Very clean and clear sounding I dig them

from Calif
Audio Experience:

Great speakers

Very clean and clear sounding I dig them

Dean E.

from Haverhill, MA
Audio Experience:

These monitors are awesome!

I play guitar (and by default, do sound) in a general business/cover/bar band that plays weekends in bars, clubs, benefits, weddings, etc. This past summer we replaced our aging PA system (power amps and passive speakers... HEAVY!) with two QSC K12.2s for our mains, three K10.2s for monitors and two KS112 subwoofers. Wow! We couldn't be happier! Not only are these speakers much lighter, better looking and more portable, the sound is crystal clear. We'd been using the old system so long, that we got used to muddy mixes, lackluster vocals and subs (despite the mix) that weren't punchy enough. The first time we used this system, everyone (the band, our loyal fans, club owner) noticed the clarity change right way. We didn't change the mixer (preamps, etc.) at all, so we knew what the cause of the upgrades was. The K10.2s are the perfect size and shape for the monitors we need. They are CRYSTAL clear and focused. The frequencies seem just right for our band. The learning curve was nearly instantaneous, and set-up is a breeze. This loudspeakers have made a huge difference in our band's sound and I am sure it's going to result in new gigs (after people hear us through this). I'd give six stars if I could!


from Belle, WV
Audio Experience:
Drummer for 44 years and counting

Big, amazing sound for E-Drums and more

I started playing e-drums in the last several years in church for volume control. Not just any speaker sounds good with electronic drums. Even if the sound source is great and EQ'd well, your average PA speaker just doesn't cut it in terms of clarity and punch (got to have punch for the toms and kick, or it just sounds flat). I have used a couple brands, one cheaper and one pretty expensive (JBL). The QSC 10.2 was an investment, but it was SO worth it! Very clear on both highs and lows, and the kick drum and toms shake your chest now! I have an ATV aD5, and this speaker (yes, just one) leaves nothing to be desired. I had considered buying a subwoofer before I got this, but there is no need. I used an older model JBL Eon with a 15" speaker before and this QSC with 10" absolutely blows it away. And I thought the JBL sounded great, until I got this. Wow! What a difference this 10.2 makes in playing satisfaction! Buy one or two, or more. You will not be disappointed.

Ricky L Henderson

from United States
Audio Experience:
Vocalist, sound engineer since 1978


I recently purchased a pair of these to go with the new KS112 subs.. great sounding system that fits in the back seat of a pickup. I have owned K10's K12's KW153's KW181's and KLA12's and these little guys are of the same quality with added features. Great job QSC!

Leonardo Ceccani

from Italy
Audio Experience:
All OK. Great!

QSC K10.2

This speaker is the best speaker that I have used, I have a pair that I used for my performace. In my opinion the only feature that I would change is the weight. From 14.5 to 13 if it's be possible (but this is my opinion).

Mads Skrydstrup

from Denmark
Audio Experience:
We have acustic band playing outdoors

Best sound ever heard

These guys just work


from Rhode Island
Audio Experience:
Professional Musician

Great for PortablePA

I bought 2 of the K10.2 for vocals in a 4 piece band. They are light and quick to set up and the vocals really shine through the mix.


from Quebec
Audio Experience:

K10.2 Doesn't get much better than this.

Plug and play, the QSC K10.2 speakers are easy to use and the sound quality is just so crisp and clear. Easy to configure, you can set it as a mic or line, monitor or P.A. with option to pass the low end frequency to a sub by using the very clear LCD panel selection screen on the rear of the speaker. The sound alone puts its competition down. Great purchase, great product.

Dave Hartl

from Telford, PA
Audio Experience:

All I expected and more

I'm a keyboard player who also doubles on guitar, bass, Chapman Stick, and accordion. I needed a live audio system that could handle these different demands. For years I've used Roland keyboard amps and hated their harshness. I contacted a friend of mine who I knew had worked for QSC for years before starting his own audio company; he told me he still used QSC in his business, so I knew they had to be good since he would have known any inside-the-company negative details, but he heartily recommended them. I shelled out for two of these units since I have stereo programming in my synths, and I couldn't be more delighted. Powerful, clear, clean sound from a unit that's extremely light for its sound. I'm still exploring the presets and whatnot, but no matter what I try they sound great! The best audio purchase I've made in the last decade.

simon vgd

from Belgium
Audio Experience:
DJ / producer

Changes the way you hear sound

This compact speaker stands for high sound quality and a lot of power with its 2000W. Whether you're a dj, musician or just a music lover with this speaker you'll be able to hear all the aspects of the song even without a subwoofer. You can use it almost everywhere. Inside at smaller parties or in your own studio and outside at big events. QSC really did a great job with this K.2 series.

Bruno Padoveze

from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Audio Experience:

Great for my keyboard

(Sorry for my english) I'm using K10.2 as a stage monitor for my Kurzweil PC3x, and sometimes for my rehearses. The sound is very clear. I can hear most of the frequencies. We have a Pink Floyd cover and the K10.2 is doing great with the synth, eletric piano and organs sounds. The punch is not that good, but i was not expecting it and considering the size of it. I bought it 1 (one) year ago. I'm going to by another one soon for stereo stage monitor (unfortunately at that time, i didn't have enough money to buy 2).


from UK
Audio Experience:

K10.2 experience

I am a keyboard player of thirty years experience. For many years I have been looking forward to purchasing a QSC keyboard amp. When the K10.2 came along I thought this was perfect. Wrong! The quality of the amp is superb, however the user experience is not good. Considerably more support is need from QSC in using the amp in different circumstances I.e when dedicated to keyboards and not DJ. You rely too much on youtube, 99% of which is not relevant to my needs. In addition when I tried to get support in the UK I was totally Underwhelmed by the response. This has let me very frustrated with the product. Great quality but I can't easily get it to meet my Specific needs, this would put me off buying another QSC product. Sorry QSC but much more work needs to be done on the user experience in specific areas e.g QSC video on how to best utilise and set up the K.2 as a keyboard player and PROPER support in the UK. Thanks for the opportunity to give this feed back.

M. Perik

from The Netherlands
Audio Experience:
Sound engineer, DJ and drummer.

Compact, light and excellent quality

I own 6 of these speakers and use them stand alone and in combination with the KS212C. They sound very good and are light and compact to transport. I can transport a complete PA in the back of my car.

Rainer Geretshauser

from Brugge, belgium
Audio Experience:


Fantastic sound, multiple purpose, lightweight en easy to handle. Should have bought one years ago.

Andrea Rossi Paggetti

from Buggiano (PT) - Tuscany - Italy
Audio Experience:

K10.2 perfect speakers for bass and double bass

Finally I was able to solve the problems related to the bass amplification. As recommended by a careful website of a German trader and bassist, the K series performed well for bass amplification eliminating tonal complications and allowing the use of a PA speaker as an electric bass combo. Moreover, once at home, they are remarkable to use with the monitor setting for recording studio or even to see a movie together with the family. Do not forget the incredible spatiality to be enjoyed by the most discerning audiophiles who can enjoy their listening without having to spend astronomical sums for their needs. In short, an incredible product for 360 ° amplification.


from Gilbert Az
Audio Experience:

CD clarity sound

Not only are these speaker very powerful, but they also deliver high CD quality sound. Ive never heard anything quite like it before and doubt anyone else can make anything of this type of quality. Do yourself a huge favor, get yourself a pair and experience the sound for yourself !!


from Honolulu, Hawaii
Audio Experience:

Perfect for my venue

I was in the market for a new sound system at a food court venue and these speakers were exactly the price range and quality we were looking forward. Easy to setup, easy to manage!


from Los Angeles
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Great speaker!

Small speakers, big sound! I used to have to carry a sub in order to get a decent kick but now with these I don’t need one for smaller parties! Match them with some KW181s for bigger events when you really want to impress your crowd!

Richard T.

from Melbourne Fl
Audio Experience:
I have been doing corporate audio for 24 years. I have owned my own company for the last 12 years. I am not a true A1 but am a very good audio guy for corporate audio. We do a lot of hanger shows which is a very harsh environment. So while not being a true A1, I'm a pretty good audio guy.

you Made the k10's even better

I have owned 4 of the K10's for over 6 years. I have had awesome feedback from my clients about them. My clients love them. I made the mistake of buying another brand of speakers after buying my K10's. I thought I was saving a little bit of money. Bad idea. All of other brands speakers have broken within 3 years. While my K10's are still going strong. So I recently bought 4 more K10.2's. I will not buy another brand ever again.

Jeff Omeron

from Puget Sound WA USA
Audio Experience:
I’ve worked in recording studios and as a reporter on air. I play drums and have mixed many many FOH and monitor positions.

Great K10.2

My old powered speakers are tired. I have been lusting after the K series since doing a few gigs at a venue that has them. The sound guy who has the K series advises me to wait for the mark 2 speakers. I couldn’t be happier. I did have a warranty issue and was handled quickly. One of my K10.2 speakers was a floor model and subsequently would shut off. It would reboot and run fine all night but after 3 different times I filed a claim. I am happy as could be. I wound up buying a third one and plan to get a fourth soon. Now the sound is fantastic. We are a 3 piece rock band. I did get some 15” subs and this system combination is clean clear and pure kickass with plenty of headroom. Get the bags too, keep these suckers nice!

Mark A.

from Madison, WI
Audio Experience:
Small studio owner, non pro live audio engineer. Performing musician. ,

Qsc sound reinforcement is unmatched.

I setup and run a stage every year for an annual event. This year was the 13th. I’ve been using qsc powered speakers for this event for years. I provide sound for various performers. Anything from solo acoustic to 5 piece rock band. I’ve never had s complaint from either the artists or the host. The K2s are amazingly versatile and extremely easy to setup. You just cant make them fail or even sound bad. I’ve never had one fail due to volume or mishandeling. I will continue to use the K2s as long as I’m running sound. Simply the best speaker out there. Pricy? Yes. Worth every penny if you’re the sound guy, the artist or the listener.


from Waco Texas
Audio Experience:


At our school, our Football team has used these speakers in the weight room and out at practice. Although we have had other brands fail our QSC k 10 has work flawlessly even in hot temperatures. We like them so much we convince our band to use the qsc brand. We have also purchased a couple of k10s for our baseball field

A. Almeida

from Brasil
Audio Experience:

K10.2 - Sound Quality that speaks by itself

fantastic powered speaker! So small and so powerful, It has a such clean sound. Overcame my expectation!

David L Bottom

from United States
Audio Experience:
Performing artist


I ordered a pair of these to use as front line monitors for our band. They're terrific. Crisp, clear, loud, the best monitors I've ever used. In a pinch I used them for the front end, not quite as much low end as I would have wanted but they saved the day nonetheless. I couldn't be happier with the performance.

John Highkin

from San Diego, CA
Audio Experience:

A Whole System

A great product! We bought a complete P.A. in 2017 for our nonprofit circus. We wanted an array of reliable, great sounding speakers for the range of our performance needs - from large show for 600 to a small venue. We bought two K10.2s to use both as a monitor for our band and as stand-alone powered speakers for a small room. Really great product. We also bought QSC because of their reputation for great customer service and the fact that the company is close to San Diego.


from California
Audio Experience:
Guitar player

Awesome sound!!

Got 2 of the K10.2’s for my FRFR set up. I play 6 and 7 string guitars through my Axe FX III and out of these speakers. Sounds absolutely fantastic!!! Super clear and very loud (even for 10 in speakers)! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you QSC!!!!


from Texas city TX
Audio Experience:

Amazing speaker

I use the k10.2 for our tailgate team and a few party gigs. I get nothing but compliments about how crisp and clear the sound is of my music. People can't believe all that sound is coming from that small of a pair of speakers. Sometimes I get complaints from other tailgate teams because they can't hear their music over mine. Maybe they just need a pair of qsc k10.2's themselves.

Dennis Lee Adams

from Columbiaa, Md
Audio Experience:

Best sound in a compact case

I use a set of these speakers in my weekly DJ set, they are amazing sounding even without the subs.

Widmarke K Loo

from United States
Audio Experience:


I like them very much!! It has a nice deep tone for it's size with great mid's and high's with beautiful clarity! Not only does sound good it is made very well. Lite enough for my girl friend to carry while helping me from time to time. I would recommend these speakers to all who wants to have a good performance!!


from 15666
Audio Experience:
Audio engineer


Finished about 10 shows in a live band setting, I can say they sound really good. I found 2 is not enough for most gigs so I now have 4. With subs it’s now a killer system. I use default setting on the speakers to me that sounds best. The tote bags are another story, 2 of them are already falling apart one with a broken zipper and one with the stitches pulling apart. I handle all my equipment with great care So no excuse for this especially since they cost $80 each.


from Geelong
Audio Experience:


Love using these as a foldback monitor, great wedge angle and great built in eq for monitors. also great for being able to put up anywhere and the connections and eq settings are so versatile!

Thiago oliveira

from Brazil
Audio Experience:

Great speaker

Fantastic speaker. Good size, amazing sound quality and great building. Recommend it for sure.

Dan Griffith

from Phoenix AZ
Audio Experience:
Songwriter, Performer, Voting Member of the Grammys

Back To Quality

On occasion I need additional sound re-enforcemtn for larger audiences. I had purchased a pair of top named speakers for that task. After just 12 months they failed and at a bad time! I had used QSC amps and speakers 25 years ago and never had an issue, rock solid. So, I went back to QSC. I love the K10.2 I purchased!!! After the first few uses they are not for re-enformement but are replacing my main system. Great sound! Rugged! Reliable!


from United States
Audio Experience:
Live, studio, on stage, FoH.

Such Clarity

We have both the K10.2s and the KW112s. For simple quick set ups from the speaker, I prefer the layout on the KWs (miss the deep switch). For automation, quick setups and changes from the FoH, can't beat the integration into the TM Mixers. The newer K10s have seem to have an extra bit of power where needed to clear up the sound, more balanced in output. Where the older KW/K weren't quite as evenly distributed power-wise from woofer to horn. The new K10.2 are easy to pole, easy to carry, and quite resilient. Honestly, I don't miss the wood (and the weight). Plus, the sound is HUGE for such a small package. The onboard DSP makes this version just.that.much.better. Studio, mains, monitors,.... bass amp! Yeah, these are the stuff.

Big Al from Nor Cal

from Windsor, CA
Audio Experience:
Recreational / Side Money DJ for 7years


I’ve had a pair of K10.2’s for over a year now and used them roughly 10 times. I demoed/rented a few other well known brands (comparable speakers) and these by far have the “cleanest and loudest” sound. I’m amazed at the projection for the size and how far you can push them! Very reliable so far. I’m more of an analog guy so I wasn’t crazy about the digital adjustment interface but it has been great. Pretty good lows (for 10’s) as well if you’re without a subwoofer. I’ve gotten away with using one 15” sub but I recommend two of them for the full QSC experience. Highly recommended! I know QSC’s are a little more expensive than most but it’s worth it! You get what you pay for here...

Manfred Gryschek

from Deutschland
Audio Experience:
Live and Party

Full Power

Full Sound by low weight. Good Bag for Transport

Rachel Parsons

from United States
Audio Experience:

Amazing sound

I'm a Self taught solo musician. I play guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and sing. I love my new speakers! in the past, I've used EV, Fender and yamaha PA speakers. The QSC powered speakers are by far the very best that I've used. Crisp sound, not too heavy, can really deliver in a large room as well as out door concerts!


from Australia
Audio Experience:

Best Speakers K10.2

I have used lots of high-end brand speakers throughout my 15-year music career, I have to say these are the best so far, the sound quality is great. They are easy to move, not too heavy, I love them. I wanted speakers that are good for mobile use and events. These tick all the boxes, light, loud, clear and clean. I seriously love them. Forget the rest these really are the best.