Amplifier Model Selector

Which Power Amplifier Model is best for my Loudspeakers?

To achieve the best audio performance from your live sound reinforcement loudspeakers, QSC recommends that you power them with a matching power amplifier that is rated at least twice the loudspeaker’s continuous power rating, or equal to the loudspeaker’s program power rating.

This selector tool will help you choose the right QSC power amplifier which will provide superior performance even with the most demanding audio program material.

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* Stereo operation with bridged mono mode requires two power amplifiers.

NOTE: the green bar(s) represent a range of +/- 1 dB from the amplifier’s EIA 1 kHz power rating. A loudspeaker falling on one end of the bar would receive respectively;
- Left of green bar = 1 dB more power than its program power rating.
- Right of green bar = 1 dB less power than its program power rating.
As a practical matter, a 1 dB change in acoustic output is imperceptible to most listeners.

DISCLAIMER: this selector tool should only be used as a guideline for selecting your power amplifier(s). When powering loudspeakers, always use cautious and safe practices to prevent damage. QSC is not responsible for any damage or adverse effects to your loudspeakers or subwoofers, or any other equipment. Loudspeakers and subwoofers’ data are taken from manufacturers’ published specifications and QSC cannot verify that these data represent the actual power handling of your loudspeakers or subwoofers.

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