QSC is Granted an Audience with European Parliament

Brussels, Belgium (Oct 2011) – QSC K12 active loudspeakers and PowerLight™ 3 amplifiers provided the powerful audio behind an official concert on the promenade in front of the European Parliament building here recently. The public event celebrated Parliament’s naming of two new landmarks, the “Simone Veil Agora,” to honor former EP president Simone Veil and the “Solidarność 1980 Esplanade,” to acknowledge the important Solidarność union movement in Europe’s recent history.

Belgian audio visual company GSF Event were the project managers for the concert, and were selected by the event organizer after their very successful delivery of a smaller show on the same site earlier in the year. According to GSF co-founder Sammy Freh, GSF managed the sound and lighting for this large scale show, with Stageco working with them to provide the staging infrastructure.

“We knew we needed a lot of power to drive the PA and provide enough coverage for this audience of around 3,000 people assembled between the ASP building and Place du Luxembourg,” says Freh. “For us, QSC was the logical choice.” GSF selected 13 of QSC’s PowerLight 3 flagship 8000 W PL380 amplifiers to drive the PA system and monitors, which also included four QSC K12 12", 2-Way 1000 W active loudspeakers, acting as front fills.

Sammy Freh himself has a long history with the QSC brand, buying his first QSC amplifier, a USA 850, 20 years ago. “QSC is the brand I’ve used ever since,” he says. Over the years, GSF has subsequently stocked each new generation of QSC amplifiers — including MX series, PL2, PLX2 and now PL3. The company also has a number of K12 loudspeakers in their hire inventory, which Sammy describes as an excellent multi-purpose loudspeaker.

Above all, GSF chooses QSC time after time for the company’s great support and the reliability of the products. “ When we provide sound reinforcement for speeches in the European Parliament we need to be 100% certain of our products; with live broadcast on different European TV stations there is no place for failure,” adds Freh. “Throughout the entire 20 years we have received wonderful support from AED, the QSC (Benelux) distributors. We love the QSC brand because they offer the most reliable products that we have ever seen.”

Certainly on August 30th GSF delivered a high class technical system which provided top quality sound and lighting throughout the entire square for the day’s events. In fact, their work was so impressive that the GSF team was personally invited by EP president Jerzy Buzek to a reception at the ‘Cabinet du Président’ on the 11th floor of the European Parliament, where they were officially congratulated for their work.