QSC ILA Helps Coastal Community Church Go Mobile

Florida Church Plant Wheels out QSC’s Powerful Line Array Weekly

Coconut Creek, FL – Coastal Community Church, the mobile church which sets up here every Sunday morning to deliver a variety of services including worship, teaching and music, now rolls out a superior sound system each week with a unique mobile QSC ILA Line Array.

Coastal Community’s mobile situation required a unique solution, according to Tony Flammia of Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions, one that he only encounters about 5% of the time. While about 95% of these types of church plant situations tend to only require a full range speaker over a sub on each side of the room, Coastal Community needed a more sophisticated line array setup, as the high school auditorium where services are held is wide and shallow, with graduated stadium seating in the back as high as 20 feet off the ground.

For Flammia, the challenge was two-fold; he needed to implement a system that would sound great from every seat of this unusual room, while still being portable enough to be rolled out quickly and seamlessly every week by a group of church volunteers.

To resolve the mobility issue, Flammia came up with an unusual configuration which he says took them about an hour to put together.

“QSC offers a ground stacking bar for the ILAs, so we took the ILA out of the box, flipped it upside down and attached wheels to it.” says Flammia. “Every week, the volunteers just roll it off the trailer and immediately have a complete line array system set up.”

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