KW Series Loudspeakers Hit the Nail on the Head

VT’s Rusty Nail Nightclub Upgrades Sound with QSC

Stowe, VT (April 2011) – The Rusty Nail, one of the largest ski-country nightclubs in the Northeast, has undergone a complete sound and lighting system upgrade by Daddy’s Sound Solutions system designer John DeGange, featuring an assortment of QSC K and KW Series Active Loudspeakers.

Since purchasing this destination restaurant and club where skiers enjoy live music and catch the DJ’s after a day on the slopes, owner Stan Swierzewski improved the venue with a new kitchen, and added a green room and VIP room. With these enhancements done, Swierzewski turned to Manchester, NH Daddy’s Sound Solutions to upgrade the venue’s decades-old sound and lighting systems.

“With the introduction of the KW Series, it was perfect timing for this install,” says DeGange. “The KW’s larger subs and 3-way cabinets were an excellent choice to fill the dance floor.”

With a multi-level setup, the Rusty Nail has a sunken dance floor, raised bar area, balcony area for gaming -- all with excellent sight lines to the stage. The room needed to have quieter areas for patrons dining in the restaurant, while being able to fill the dance floor and surrounding areas with sound.

“We utilized 2 of the KW181’s with 1 KW153 on either side of the stage, and then augmented the back side of the dance floor and main bar with a pair of K10’s on QSC yokes, delayed to match arrival times from the stage,” explains DeGange. An additional pair of K10s are used as stage monitors. The entire system is designed so that the bands can bring just their mixer, microphones and stage gear, and plug into a system that will fill the room and have the punch needed to cover everything from rock to dance music.

“When we got the full system set up in the venue and touched it off, it brought smiles to the faces of the owner and staff. Hearing a system with this much punch and clarity showed them what a great system should sound like,” adds DeGange.

“My biggest worry when installing a system in a venue like this is that the gear is used by different acts every week, many with limited experience in operating a sound system ” says DeGange. “Here we are at the three month mark after the install and we’ve have had none of the late-night “how-to” calls we typically get with other systems. With the K and KW Series in our installs we trust the line to deliver – and it always does“.