Jonathan Cain Joins the QSC K Family

Songwriter/Keyboardist Rocks on with the KW Series

Costa Mesa, CA (January 24, 2013) — QSC Audio Products, LLC is pleased to welcome songwriter, keyboardist, longtime ‘Journey’ member Jonathan Cain into the K for Musicians family.

Cain first discovered the KW Series when looking for a PA system for his daughter. “I started with the K’s when my daughter Madison, who is a singer, needed a PA to do gigs around town. This was my first QSC experience, and I was amazed at the vocal presence, they are great vocal monitors,” says Cain. “My wife also likes to have dance parties, so I set them up at home and bought the big sub. Once again, I was amazed at the way that the K’s can really rock. I don’t think for the money, they can be beat. You would have to spend three, four times that amount of money to get something to come close.”

At Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville, Cains’ studio with fellow engineer, producer and musician David Kalmusky, the vibe is one of a recording studio with the the feel of a reheaarsal space where artists can record and  also sing and play live. And the QSC KW Series help to give them the sound that they need.

“We like the sound of QSC speakers because of their ability to reproduce vocals in such a great way. They're lightweight, perfect size for what we wanted for the studio. We have a subwoofer, as well, that we can use in tandem,” adds Cain. “In addition to the QSC speakers and monitors for the live PA in the cutting room, we're using the PLX2 reference amplifiers for monitors A and B, as well as in the chamber. It’s a lot of power, a lot of clean power, the kind that you want to listen to, in critical situations. In critical situations, QSC always comes through.”

Cain and ‘Journey’ recently wrapped up a tour throughout the U.S and Canada with ‘Loverboy’ and Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. He has received two of the most prestigous BMI songwriter awards for the Most Perfomed Song of the Year ( over two million or more radio plays) for  the songs, "Open Arms" and "Who's Crying Now", co-written with Steve Perry. The Journey song, "When You Love a Woman", which he co-wrote with Perry and Neal Schon, was nominated for a Grammy Award. Cain has written songs for a diverse group of artists including: Maria Carey, The Oak Ridge Boys, Heart, Peter Frampton, Michael Bolton, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Rogers, Greg Allman and Conway Twitty. He's also produced a number of his own solo albums - "Back To The Innocence" and "Anthology", 'Piano with a View", "Body Language", "For A Lifetime", "Namaste", "Animated Movie Love Songs", “Bare Bones” and “Where I Live”.