A Superior Sound Investment

“QSC worked with us in a lot of ways, with a lot of great support and attention, to make sure that it stayed advantageous for us to keep all of our equipment common.”

Brandon Operchuck, University of Southern California — Los Angeles, California
Director of Performance Venues at USC

The Integrated Systems Approach

As a worldwide manufacturing leader of installed audio, video, and control solutions, QSC believes that complete, tightly integrated systems are inherently more efficient at every stage of the life cycle than systems assembled from a grab bag of discrete parts. That’s why QSC designs and builds processing, amplification, and loudspeaker products with the total system in mind. Creating complete integrated systems allows us to think through every detail of how each component works together, and to benefit from the resulting efficiencies in the form of products that are easier to design, install, configure, operate, and maintain than anything else on the market.

The result of these efficiencies is a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership for your 
entire audio system and a faster and far greater return on your investment.

Everything needed to ensure smooth inter-operation between the various parts of a system has already been well thought-out and built into Q-SYS™ and related QSC components. Once you’ve defined your needs, simply select the system size and configuration that matches your requirements. Because QSC designs and tests system components together, the way they are used in the real world, we’ve taken the guesswork out of building a system that fully meets your needs.

Q-SYS can piggy-back onto a facility’s existing Gigabit network infrastructure, and with QSC’s unique centralized processing topology, many connections between functional blocks are handled by a single processor. This greatly minimizes wiring and labor costs, while simultaneously eliminating multiple points of failure. It all adds up to fast, smooth deployment, reducing the facility downtime and allowing you to start recouping your investment quickly.

The Q-SYS Designer software interface is incredibly simple for systems staff to learn and to use, allowing fast system configuration and modification. And Q-SYS is designed  throughout to facilitate the flow of status information and control signals both internally and to human-facing interfaces. With centralized operation and status monitoring of multiple zones from on-site or off, Q-SYS enables a more cost-effective allocation of staffing resources for system supervision, diagnostics and maintenance, and helps ensure that problems are caught and addressed before they cause costly downtime.


Q-SYS is backed with industry-leading 24/7 technical support to help keep your mission-critical systems up and running, minimizing downtime and loss of revenue. The system is also designed for remote diagnostics, enabling QSC service and support personnel to help you from afar.

Single-vendor responsibility

Buying a complete Q-SYS-based solution from QSC eliminates the common headaches of dealing with multiple vendors. With components that are designed from the ground up to work together as a single unit, there's no question about who takes responsibility for the overall system.