Serie GP

The GP Series are premium high performance rectangular single and dual 18-inch subwoofer systems designed for ground stacked use in the most demanding touring or installed concert applications. With an impressive combination of punch, low-frequency extension and musical accuracy, the GP Series subwoofers are ideal companions for the acclaimed QSC WideLine series, as well as other professional sound reinforcement systems.

For suspension in permanent installations, the GP Series subwoofers feature M10 threaded inserts. They also ground stack easily; their interlocking feet and top-panel recesses ensure stability and rigidity.

The 18-inch woofers incorporate a double layer spider and triple-roll surround for extended and controlled excursion at extreme power. The 4-inch voice coil is wound on a fiberglass former to prevent deformation at high operating temperatures and is extensively vented to reduce power compression. An aluminum demodulating ring helps reduce distortion.

The extremely musical yet powerful performance of the GP subwoofers is the result of carefully balancing the transducer selection, cabinet volume and port tuning. The resulting system offers plenty of “punch” while maintaining ample extension so the musically important and satisfying fundamentals are solidly and accurately reproduced.

The enclosures are constructed of premium quality birch plywood finished in an environmentally friendly water-based polymer finish that stands up to life on the road but is also field repairable. Extensive internal bracing eliminates acoustic losses due to panel resonance. The vent walls are constructed of the same plywood, which also contributes to cabinet rigidity. Woofers are protected by a heavy-duty 14 gauge powder coated steel grille. In the dual model, the drivers are housed in separate chambers to prevent failure of one causing damage to the other.

Despite the extremely large amount of air moving in the ports, through careful design and attention to detail the systems are free of port distortion “chuffing.” Ample cross-sectional area allows massive amounts of air to move freely with minimal turbulence, and the ports are arranged to ensure symmetrical loading of the woofers, reducing distortion and voice coil failure caused by rocking modes.

Like their “flyable” brothers in the WL Series, the GP Series subwoofers’ sonic performance and output capacity are second to none. But for those who need the exceptional sonic performance but not the expensive rigging and flying capability, the GP Series give the exact same sonic impact, but for a more economical price tag.

Downloadable™/ BASIS™ DSP files are available. They have been fine tuned for use with the GP218-sw to provide optimized performance right out of the box.




Model GP218-sw GP212-sw
Speaker Dual 18" Dual 12"
Rated Power Continuous / Peak / RMS Voltage 1700 W / 6800 W / 82 V 1100 W / 4400 W / 66 V
Peak SPL  140.5 dB  135.4 dB
Enclosure Painted birch plywood
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