Trademark Usage Guidelines


QSC trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary rights of QSC, LLC. These trademarks identify genuine QSC products so that consumers know they are buying QSC high-quality products and services.

These Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines” hereinafter) apply to all QSC dealers, distributors, resellers, strategic business partners, customers, advertising agencies, press agents, consultants, and any third party making reference to QSC trademarks. No party shall acquire any right in QSC trademarks or trade names, nor shall any party file applications for the registration of any sign consisting of, comprising or being confusingly similar to QSC trademarks and trade names.

Purpose of Trademark Usage Guidelines

These Guidelines publish the correct usage of QSC trademarks and assist you in avoiding infringement of QSC trademark rights. QSC trademarks must always be used in the same way and get-up as set out in QSC Brand Standards and Trademark Usage Guidelines or as specified in writing by QSC. Using a trademark incorrectly can cause it to become diluted and generic which could result in a loss of value and proprietary rights.


These Guidelines are not intended to and do not constitute legal advice, and should not be interpreted as such. The Guidelines are not intended to and do not create any license, contract or other type of relationship between you and QSC.

Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of QSC, LLC in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and Other Countries

The lists following are posted as a convenient reference. QSC, LLC does not waive any rights to a QSC trademark, service mark, trade name, product name, or logo that does not appear below. Status of marks is subject to change without notice, however updated information can be found at (“Trademark Usage Guidelines”).

Proper Trademark Notice Symbols

QSC and the QSC logo should be followed by the symbol ® to identify the terms as registered trademarks. For all other trademarks, use the ™ notice symbol. Refer to the trademarks listed on our Trademark Usage Guidelines. The symbols below are just a few examples of proper trademark markings.

  • QSC®
  • Q-SYS™
  • TouchMix™
  • WideLine™


Trademarks that are not registered enjoy many of the same rights which are acquired by registration. Trademarks must be used properly, regardless of their registered status. The symbols below are just a few examples of proper trademark markings.

  • AcousticDesign™
  • Hear the Power of Technology™
  • The Power Behind the Pictures™

Registered Trademarks by Country

QSC trademarks might also be registered by QSC, LLC in additional countries. Trademark rights vary from country to country. Some countries have severe civil and criminal penalties for improper use of registration symbols. Therefore, you may not use the registration symbol ® in countries where the QSC trademarks have not been registered. If you are unsure if a trademark is registered in your country, use the “TM” symbol.

Trademark Ownership Credits

Attribute Ownership of QSC Trademarks to QSC, LLC

When QSC trademarks or registered trademarks are used, the following should be displayed in the credit section in a discrete, yet legible manner. Credit section should appear at the end of a document, bottom of an advertisement or back page of a catalog.

“(Enter trademark/registered trademark name here) is a trademark or registered trademark of QSC, LLC in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries.”

For example:

“The QSC logo is a trademark or registered trademark of QSC, LLC in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries.”

Attribution to Ownership of Others

You should observe the trademark ownership of others by including the following:

“(Enter trademark name here) is a trademark of (enter trademark owner’s name).”

For example:

“Cobranet is a trademark of Cirrus Logic.”
If the trademark owner information is unknown, please use the following example:
“All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.”

Trade Names

Trade names and trademarks are not the same and different usage guidelines apply. Although QSC is a registered trademark of QSC, it is also the trade name that refers to the company. Treat QSC as a trade name when referring to the company. QSC should be treated as a trademark when it is referring to product and not the company.
Trade names can be referred to in the possessive form (for example, “QSC’s newest audio amplifier”) and need not to be followed by generic nouns that define a product or a service (for example, “these audio amplifiers are made by QSC”). When referring to a QSC trade name, it is not appropriate to use a trademark symbol.

QSC Trade Names:

  • QSC
  • QSC, LLC

Trademark Usage in Verbiage

Proper QSC Trademark Usage

Different usage guidelines apply to trademarks. QSC trademarks must always be used only as an adjective, never as a noun or a verb and never in the plural or possessive form. Also, QSC trademarks should always be used in conjunction with a generic term, for example QSC audio amplifiers.


  1. A trademark should always be used as an adjective and never a noun.

    Correct usage: “AcousticDesign™ speakers complement my system.”
    Incorrect usage: “There is always a pair of Acoustic Designs in my system.”
  2. Never use the trademark in the plural or possessive forms.
    Correct usage: “QSC’s new is suited for large and small applications.”

    Incorrect usage: “QSControl’s new configurations are user friendly.”
  3. A trademark should not be used as a verb.

    Correct usage: “The QSC amplifiers powered the system with cool stability.”

    Incorrect usage: “We QSC’ed the system to provide more power.”
  4. Use a trademark consistently. Do not modify the trademark by any deviation, hyphenation, combination or abbreviation.

    Correct usage: “All QSC amps feature the Advanced Thermal Management™ system that maintains a safe operating temperature, even under high-output conditions.”

    Incorrect usage: “Adv. Therm. Mgmt. system maintains a safe operating temperature.”
  5. Use the trademark distinctively.

    Correct usage: “WideLine™ speakers are compact and have the ability to meet and exceed requirements for a range of applications.”

    Other examples: WideLine (Italics), WideLine (Bold), WideLine™ (notice symbol), WideLine (specialized capitals).

    The purpose is to make the trademark standout in the text.

    Incorrect usage: “The wideline line array speakers have wide coverage patterns.”
  6. The notice symbols ™ or ® should be used on all prominent uses of the trademark, including headings and title pages.

The trademark should be included on the first use of the trademark in the text of each document. A trademark symbol does not need to be included in every use of the trademark as long as it is included prominently in the first use. A trademark must always be used properly despite the inclusion of the notice symbols.

QSC Trademarks

  • AcousticCoverage™
  • AcousticDesign™
  • AcousticPerformance™
  • Advanced Directivity™
  • Advanced Thermal Management™
  • Ar-Q™
  • BASIS™
  • DEEP™
  • DMT™
  • FAST logo ™
  • FlexAmp™
  • Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™
  • GuardRail™
  • Hear the Power of Technology™
  • House of K™
  • House of K logo ™
  • IntelliDock™
  • Intelligent Amplifier Protection™
  • ModularDesign™
  • MI™
  • M&W™
  • M&W by Greg Mackie & Peter Watts™
  • Q-LAN™
  • QSC®
  • QSC logo  ® 
  • QSC logo in blue  ® 


  • QSC SystemSynergy™
  • Q-SYS™
  • Q-SYS logo™
  • Q-SYS Reflect™
  • Open Input Architecture™
  • Output Averaging™
  • The Power Behind the Pictures™
  • SOLO™
  • TouchMix™
  • WideLine™