KS112 Reviews

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Ron Steele

from Massachusetts
Audio Experience:
DJ for 30+ years

Great things come in small packages

I was looking for a sub for smaller events, that was very portable (smaller & lighter than my beloved Kw181's) and would compliment my first generation k10's. After hearing about the release of the KS112 and watching many video reviews, I knew it was the one and purchased the sub in June of 2018. I have logged 16+ gigs on it and am extremely pleased with the performance. The bass is punchy and tight and compliments the K10's perfectly. I have the sub crossed over at 100Hz and put the K10's on EXT SUB. The sound, construction and look of the sub is amazing! It has faithfully reproduced and handled everything that i have played through it without a glitch. Another job well done QSC!


from VA
Audio Experience:
Mobile/club DJ since 1984

What a surprise!!

I read just about every article I could find and I couldn’t find a good enough truthful review so I went with my instincts from buying QSC amps and other powered speakers from QSC and none have ever failed me so I took the plunge and got two. I took them home and put them under my KW153s and powered them up and was floored with the sound I heard. A 12” sub with this type of power just doesn’t seem real. I also have the k12.2 and will try them out with these subs but I must say they give the KW153 the extra low end at higher volumes that tend to drop off. For this price point they will remain at the top for a while. Bring out the KS-115 with a lower frequency (35hz) and you’ll own the market. Great job QSC.

Ricky L Henderson

from United States
Audio Experience:
Vocalist, sound engineer since 1978.

Pint sized powerhouse

Just picked up a pair of these to go with the k10.2 and I have to say I was a little skeptical that they would be enough. I recently had to sell my old system which consisted of 4 QSC KLA12's and 4 QSC KW181's due to daughter entering college. After selling my rig I was still getting alot of calls to do sound, so I decided to rebuild with a smaller system. I have always been extremely satisfied with my history with QSC products so I decided to give these new subs a shot... I have to say I am so happy I made the move. These subs sound amazing. While they may not have the sonic punch of the kw181 they make up for that with portability and a very deep rich sound. I thank you and my back thanks you.