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from Lawndale can.
Audio Experience:
Is beautiful I don't have the way to explain.

Excellent speaker

I’m started to be a dj and this is my first time I bought a qsc speaker now my dream is to get more speakers to be completely happy.

Ghislain Vaillancourt

from Canada
Audio Experience:

Excellent speakers, love it!


Michael Harper

from Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:

All around great product

Consistently performs well and withstands less than ideal working conditions. Sound great and very versatile.

Omar U

from San Jose
Audio Experience:
Dj since 2004 and best speaker I ever bought.

K12.2 Speakers that get the job done!

I always do my homework and these speakers are what everyone says plus more. I am amazed of how clear and loud the sound is. They are only 12 inch speakers. I thought only 15 inches could do what it does but the 12 inch speakers do what others try to strive for. This speaker is a no brainer and you will be happy with your purchase.

Eugene C

from New Mexico. USA
Audio Experience:

K12.2 Main PA application

Huge improvement is sound quality. Lots of compliments on our 'New' sound from audience members. Great product. We use 2 for mains and for our trio it is great.


from Los Angeles CA
Audio Experience:

Great Speaker for the price

Let me say this speaker has not let me down from small dive bar events to full backyard banging events, it packs a punch and does the job. Will def buy QSC brand in the future for my needs.

Tony DiMeo

from Fullerton, CA
Audio Experience:
Professional KJ/DJ at ROCK-HERO.COM


I have been a lifelong Mackie fan for their self powered SRM series speakers. Until I used another venues QSC K12 speakers. Since then (2 years ago) I've been waiting for the chance to own a pair of K12.2....I finally bought them...and I'M IN LOVE. The sound is AMAZING. The features are TOP NOTCH..Not to mention their lighter in weight than it's competitors. I DJ 6/7 nights a weeks and the K12.2 are by far the best sounding speaker in ANY SITUATION I have ever heard.

DJ D-Dram

from Salinas Ca
Audio Experience:

Best Powered 12" You Can Buy!

I have 4 of the original QSC K12 powered speakers, they sound great and there bulletproof! I didn't think QSC could make a better powered 12", BUT THEY HAVE! The QSC K 12.2 is even better than the original! I'm a mobile DJ and I do 10+ gigs a month, and my QSC K12.2 never let me down. And now they sound better than ever!

Marc Golob

from Miami, Fl
Audio Experience:
I have been doing sound from amateur to the professional capacity for over 30 years.

K12.2 All the way around the horn!

I worked in music retail most of my life and when the K series came out I had the benefit of shooting out the QSC K12 against all of it's major competitors and QSC was by far always my favorite. Fast forward to today, I started a small sound company and chose the K12.2 for my mains (KW181 as subs) and monitors as well. There was never a doubt in my mind that these were best in class so I will share a couple testimonials rather than say how great they are. ( and they are great) Testimonial #1 Is somewhat of a composite story of my customer feedback. I get work simply because my monitors sound loud and clear. Band after band use me and refer me because they marvel at having such a great monitor mix. Over the years when using inferior products the main point of contention with artists is the monitors, they feedback, they don't sound clear. I made the decision to not go cheap on the monitors and go ahead and get the K12.2s and it has absolutely positively paid off. ( life is good when you get gratitude not attitude from the band) Testimonial #2. I do DJ work too. One local band uses me to DJ between sets. I use my sound system and they use theirs. Slowly they began phasing out using their system and will either rent mine to use or just hire me outright to do their sound. This is of course on the gigs that pay them well enough to do so. But when they have the option to use me they do and they have made it quite clear it is because they like the sound of my system much better. They have the higher end EV system, so it's not like the have inferior equipment. Anyway, that's my two cents. Well worth it for live sound and DJ work.


from San Leandro, California
Audio Experience:
Music Director


We use it for church service. We need portability and simplicity because we have to bring all our equipment up from the basement and set-up every Sunday. Paired it with pre sonus studiolive 12.0.6, only put the speakers volume around 60%, with keys, vocals, guitars and drums coming out from this speakers, result is fantastic clear complete sound. Used it in a hall for about a 100 people. We are palnning to buy 2 more for floor monitors.

Alfonso Martinez

from Chicago
Audio Experience:
My company Above and Beyond Entertainment

Best investment

Best speakers for your money and business.

Ravi d

from South ozone park ny
Audio Experience:

These 12.2 rock!

These k12.2 were definitely worth the buy. They sound really good I am a mobile dj and I use 2 of them for medium size parties and they hold up pretty well and are easy to transport. I would definitely recommend them.

Eric D

from Columbus, Ohio
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ

Top Performer!

During a big sale at a local major music super store in town, I was able to pick up a pair of these. I paired them with my KW181's and I was blown away! I had been using some JBL XT515 EON's as tops to those KW181's and they actually sounded good and I received a lot of compliments. But, when I ran those K12.2's, it was night and day! I just DJ'd a large wedding/venue and I rocked the place. I had never had so many compliments on the sound/music for not only the wild, bass thumping dance floor I had going, but also for the clarity and crispness during the dinner music and speeches. Set up of these is easy, they have variable mounting angle, perfect manageable size, great durability and versatility, what can I say! To top it off, the sound is amazing with tight crisp highs and excellent low end bass response. I will definitely get another pair soon for my other two KW181's!


from Liverpool
Audio Experience:
They have plenty of power with a very sweet, punchy low end. I set them up behind me, slightly angled inwards so I can hear them without needing monitors (with no feedback issues) I use the default settings. Plug in, switch on and go. After 2 years, I still love them.

2 years after buying, still in love with them.

I'm so impressed with these I had to say something. I've had mine for 2 years and they have performed flawlessly at every gig. They sound amazing. I've been dragging powered speakers around for 15 years using around half or dozen or so different systems. The most recent being the QSC K12.2s. They are in a class of their own.

Shawn H

from Rock Island, IL
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Best Mains Ever

I am a mobile DJ. These are the most amazing Mains ever. They sound crisp and clear after hours of hard use. They also pack as much bass as their 15” counterparts in a small package. Love them!


from United States
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Richard Martin

from Doeney, CA
Audio Experience:

Best bang for the buck and versatile workhouse activr speaker

K2's are the best active pa speakers under $1000. A new standard indeed. Versatile with plenty of power for medium size gigs both live band and DJing. Definite upgrade as far as sound and output from the older K series. I considered QSC the Apple of the PA speakers. Superb sound (punchy, crisp and clear) and carry one of the best warranty. QSC hit another home run. It holds its value and a name a lot of people trust. Will buy more in the near future.


from Nottingham, MD
Audio Experience:
40+ yrs. bassman - 10+ yrs. as a soundman

Powerhouse speakers!

Already using K10.2’s & 8.2’s (with Ksub amd/or as floor wedges) and found I needed a bit more ‘push’ in some venues... the 12.2’s shld provide what I need (for 200+ people). Very solid boxes with crisp, transparent sound!

DJ Smokin Butch

from Chicago
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ here in Chicago. Have had the QSC 12.2 speakers for over a year now. Best pair of speakers that I have ever own. You can't go wrong with these speakers. They have everything that is important to me as a DJ. Sound Quality, Volume, and at my age the weight of the speakers. Thanks QSC for a job well done.

Best Speakers Ever

QSC K12.2

Diogo Abel Nunes

from Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Audio Experience:
Pop and Gospel band

The best powered speakers that I have ever used in the last 20 years

K12.2 are the best Powered Speakers available. Although tiny and light in weight, these are easy to move around places, and are a like a roaring beast performance wise. Can choose the type of EQ that you require best for your hall to suit the ambience.

Douglas Pauley

from Winnsboro S.C.
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Great Speakers for DJ

I purchased 2 of the K12.2 about six months ago and they are amazing. I've used these at several weddings and they have excellent sound and clarity. They are also lightweight and a great speaker for a mobile DJ

Tim R.

from Minneapolis, MN
Audio Experience:
Professional musician who has run sound for many years.

K12.2...even better than K12

My band has been using the new K12.2 speakers for about 6 months, with and without subwoofers, and honestly, there's not that much difference. Most of the venues are medium sized club venues. So far, the K12.2's operate flawlessly and never sound overdriven. Lots of headroom in the 2K amp section. I would recommend these to anybody with no reservations. They rock.

Sillwater Music School

from durango
Audio Experience:
professional musician and music teacher

great speakers

We borrowed QSC K series speakers for bigger shows for years. Finally pulled the trigger own buying our own. My boss wanted to scale back on costs and purchase lower quality, cheaper speakers. I pushed for spending a bit more on these k.2 series speakers (12") and faculty is so happy we did so. Vocals and instruments running through these speakers cut through a live band's stage sound easily and clearly. The digital selection features on the back of the speakers are complex, though easy to figure out; allowing adjustments of speakers for a variety of situations.

Ronnie D

from Hampton NH
Audio Experience:
Weekend warrior (Cover band singer)

Upgraded from K12 to K12.2 (Impressed)

Recently upgraded from K12 to K12.2's and love them. Additional power, more lower end and the built in DSP make a huge difference. The new design specifically the back panel is a needed change. I would like wireless capability. Lower end competitors have it so why not QSC? TouchMix to K.2 series should have it. Other than this the product is awesome.


from Southeast Shelby County Tennessee
Audio Experience:
30+ years learning the craft a F.O.H., monitor world, stage hand, stage mgr. for many major recording artists and up and comers.

Where have these been all my life 2.0

I recently upgraded my system from the KW122's to these. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I love the flat tops on these compared to the previous ones. I purchased 4 of these. Great upgrades. The menu settings are easy to cruise through. I love the extra SPL of these to the others. The clarity is awesome. I and my clients have noticed the difference in sound quality since we upgraded. If you are on the fence about these, GET OFF OF IT!!! I will soon be adding more of these. I use them as mains as well as monitors. I still use my 122's as monitors and side fills. The quality of product, sound quality and warranty is what made me leave the other brands. I wished I would have started using your products years ago. You have a lifetime user of your products now. Proud owner of a full QSC system!!

Art Anaya

from 10980 E Janet Way Dewey Az. 86327
Audio Experience:
Keyboard player in a band and Sound tech for the band

Mans best friend just got replaced

I purchased 4 of these 2 for Foh and 2 for monitors, unbelievable performance and clarity. The head room and separation of frequencies and ease of use was what I was looking for. QSC quality and product development team are some of the best in the business, their efforts shine with these affordable speakers...Bravo QSC! looking forward to what you come up with next. Wuff!

John Grigsby

from Dallas TX
Audio Experience:
Pro bass player for over 25 yrs.


I bought a pair of these to pair up w/ some Mackie subs..... It was an incredible experience the first time we used them outdoors! We had previously used a pair of KW -15’s on top. Man, there’s no words to describe the incredible upgrade in overall sound. It was like playing in some of the larger clubs w/ very large systems. Nothing suffered, including bass response, overall balance and superior reproduction of tone. Not to mention, portability and easy setup...... These will impress the most hardcore audiophile...... great job QSC!


from UK
Audio Experience:

An invaluable asset

The reliability and quality of the K12.2s have been an invaluable addition to us. Having the high-SPL and better low end frequency reproduction has been a great addition. Also the quality of the DSP and on device screen is very useful and gives you that peice of mind when using them.


from Brisbane, Australia
Audio Experience:
Engineer with 6 years of DJ-ing experience

Great mobile DJ speakers

I own a pair of these speakers for 8 months, using them constantly for 3 weekly dance events. They are configured with the dance preset and the base sounds great without any sub woofer. People are always complimenting me on the clarity of the sound. They really do a good job in bringing up all the instruments for the entire frequency range. If you need one pair of speakers to do all your DJ gigs, this is the one.

John Fitch

from United States
Audio Experience:
Wow, is all I can say. I have been a Dj for over 30 Years. As I reached the age of 50, the weight of my JBL speakers were getting the best of me. That's when I heard about the QSC K 12.2. The sound was incredible! Also, in a time where companies don't stand behind their product, they give me a six year warranty. What a great company! And don't forget about the weight factor. My JBL speakers are gone, and my Crown amp stays at home. Thanks QSC


Wow, is all I can say. I have been a Dj for over 30 Years. As I reached the age of 50, the weight of my JBL speakers were getting the best of me. That's when I heard about the QSC K 12.2. The sound was incredible! Also, in a time where companies don't stand behind their product, they give me a six year warranty. What a great company! And don't forget about the weight factor. My JBL speakers are gone, and my Crown amp stays at home. Thanks QSC

Joeri Pauwels

from Belgium
Audio Experience:

Great product

Amazing sound! Not what the most of my clients expect when i'm arrive. When they don't be shure, i give them a demo. The first reaction is allways: "Please put the noise lower, its really loud". Also the bass in this speakers are great. Ideal for my road shows as DJ.


from St. Paul
Audio Experience:
I'm a freelance announcer and voiceover talent. Sound is very critical for me.

You'll Love the K12.2

I use my K12.2 in an outdoor application. The sound is fantastic and they're easy to get up and running just the way you want! Hands down they beat the big, boxy speakers and amps I used to have to carry around! What are you waiting for????

Laird Nelson

from Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
Audio Experience:

Great keyboard amplifier

I use a single K12.2 for Hammond B3 clone trio gigs where I am playing bass. I also use it for B3 in some blazingly loud more rock-oriented gigs. The thing that impresses me most about this speaker is the clarity: the bass is round and full but not boomy, and the highs are clear without being brittle, and it stays that way throughout the volume range. This thing works in almost every situation: small clubs, festivals, on-stage monitoring—it works as a nice neutral bass amp in a pinch as well. Fits in the front seat of my CR-V and I can carry it easily in one hand. Currently saving to get another one. Heartily recommended.

Gert Engelbrecht

from Vredendal, South Africa
Audio Experience:
Musician, DJ, sound engineer

A Perfect combination of power and versatility

My first gig was for 2000 people outdoors(speech only) at a "prayer for rain" get together. I was firing against a gusting wind so I used the K12.2's as delays about 40 feet back from stage. The sound was far better than I anticipated and I got very good feedback from attendees. It was ridiculous how much area was covered with only two of these further back. They were much more powerful than the four 15' powered boxes next to the stage and covered 3 times the area. I use these for weddings also and indoors for 200 sub I used it as a bass amp once and again expectations surpassed. After 5 gigs I haven't gotten them to clip yet witch is crazy. The DSP is amazing. Worth every penny...

antonio sansone

from italia
Audio Experience:

qsc k12.2 il top numero 1

grande prodotto ho posseduto le k12 per 5 anni devo dire che con il nuovo k12.2 ho riscontrato molta più potenza e stabilità ad alto volume. ho fatto la scelta giusta rimanendo in casa qsc

Tony Sleigh

from Nashville, tn
Audio Experience:
Audio engineer for my church, my cover band and other bands on my weekends off

Awesome Sound In Small Package

I am usually a big speaker guy. Following an injury and still needing to manage my pa for my band I went with smaller speakers. The 12.2 aren’t only louder but crisp and clean. It’s hard to believe all that sound comes out of that small of a package. I am totally blown away.


from Firth, NE
Audio Experience:
Full-time touring musician.

Noticeably better

I play nearly 200 shows a year, and used JBL Eons for most of the past decade. QSC’s reputation and 6 year warranty impacted my decision to upgrade to the K.2 powered speakers. I’m a bit shocked by how much better these sound. They throw the sound out to the audience, and the sounds are crisp, clear and balanced beautifully. The speakers are also designed better than any powered speaker I’ve used. They are heavy, but smaller than comparable speakers. The handles are in the correct spots. The top handle allows me to carry two speakers more easily than I could carry just one. The buttons and knobs are protected nicely, and I feel confident I can use these for many years without breaking the knobs and buttons. I’m still learning which presets I prefer in different rooms. But, can tell that the presets really help me dial in the sound in different situations.


from Puyallup WA
Audio Experience:
Home theater buff for over 20 years, mobile DJ since 2016

Quality and Quantity

As a mobile DJ its always a trade offs between portability, sound output (spl) and sound quality. I want loud I would need big, portability means small, and sound quality often means big and fragile. The new K12.2 enclosures are smaller than the Legacy K 12's. Portability=WIN I try to keep smaller venue output to 100db max ( don't want guests to be def) and these are capable of 134! So playing at 100db everything has a good headroom, the amplifiers and the drivers themselves are not straining at all. WIN AGIAN!! Longest warranty in the industry= TRI FECTA WINNER!!! All the gigs I have done since purchasing the K12.2's I have gotten compliments on my sound quality before we are even done with social hour. Buy the end of the night, people cant believe how much quality sounds comes out of a single pair of K12.2's. If you're going to play a ton of Digital music and or Hip Hop style stuff, sure subs would help. But unless you need that subterranean bass, the K12.2's will easily shake the room well above its weight class. QSC for the WIN


from Raleigh NC
Audio Experience:
20 year professional mobile DJ

Its a no brainer....

It took them years to update what was an already perfect speaker. The K12.2 does not disappoint. Greater sound, higher fidelity, punchier bass. In fact, buy some ear protection along with these.


Audio Experience:




from Santa Ana, California
Audio Experience:
Have 7 years in the mobile dj business

Great speakers

As a longtime Dj with very few experience with middle to top brand speakers. I decided to go with the 12.2s and I will be sticking with these for a very long time. I’ll be sticking with QSC in general!

Bri Cauz Music

from Portland, OR
Audio Experience:
Fully Independent Musician playing 100+ gigs per year for 3 years full time.

Best Value with high end performance with versatility

In my experience I have used virtually every major powered speaker and most recently bought these K12.2 speakers the week they were released and have already used them for about 60 gigs. They are worth every penny, you can play with or without subs and get the performance you need for most venues. We have used these for outdoor festivals crowds > 1,000, Bars with 500 people, and coffee shops. The interface is friendly and works well with acoustic sets, DJing weddings, being used as a monitor, and with ease.


from Liverpool, UK
Audio Experience:
Pub singer/musician

My pride and joy

The K.2 series are amazing. I never got to try the K.1s so I can't compare on that basis. I have used most other powered speaker systems over the last 12 years though and these have been the best performers and the most reliable and robust. I have had a few glitches on a couple of occasions but these have been resolved simply by switching the unit off for a couple of seconds then back on again. This is not unusual with powered speakers. It's usually a safety feature kicking in. I use them for acoustic guitar, vocals and backing tracks in lots of different sized venues and get consistent results overall. I use the default power on settings because I want everything flat for manual mixer adjustments. I hardly ever set the volume dial on the cabinet beyond five past (just over half) and this gives me a good powerful clean response that is controllable from my mixer with plenty of headroom to spare should I need it. I work 4 or 5 times a week and have been using the K12.2's for a little over a year now. I should also add that I have used a singular k12.2 cab on a couple of occasions ass a bass amp and they work well in that capacity though you do need some sort of pre-amp on the bass guitar signal... a small mixer or bass guitar pedal. So far I'm very impressed.


from Virginia
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ


Awesome speaker. Pairs great with a KW181 and have excellent sound on their own in small venues.


from Wellington fl
Audio Experience:
Church sound last 10 years

Best speakers

Best speakers I have ever heard. Went to music store and listened to all they had. Purchased four of these and have not looked back. Awesome warranty.

ioannis rekkas

from Greece
Audio Experience:
djing for 25 years . i set up small live pa sets and the gear i own is consisted of ev zlx15p ,yamaha and soundcraft mixers,pioneer controllers , shure and akg mics , qsc gx5 crest and lab gruppen amps for passive pa sets.

second to none!

i got familiar with the first gen of k12 from a rehearsal studio which used to have a lot of k12 among with ksubs and the sound was fantastic. i own 4 ev zlx15p and till then i couldn't imagine i could get more from speakers. the rehearsal studio did an upgrade and finally got the k12.2 and the band i support had the honor to first test the new speakers. i was speechless from the manufacturing quality and the dsp settings and finally the sound was excellent. low freqs where great ,( i had the chance to use it apart from the ksub cause in small dj eventsi do not use and do not need subs) mids and highs where so clear and loud and of course the coverage angle was real and not papersheet specs. Thanks again for another great product and i'd sure like to buy a pair of these in the next equipment upgrade.

Kenny Hanks

from Salem Va.
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey for over 30years

Perfect Speaker for smaller venues

Being a Wedding Dj I was searching for something small and light that packed a punch when needed. The K.2 12” was the absolute best purchase. The highs and lows were perfect for smaller venues. This speaker has enough bass response to do a smaller venue and any mid size venues I just add my Kw 181 sub for the perfect sound. I have used this speaker and my 181 sub in gymnasiums and the sound was incredible!


from Boston, MA
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ, Producer, Audio Engineer

The Best and Most Versatlie Speakers Ever Made!!

I almost never make reviews but I have to make an exception for this speaker. I did a lot of research on JBL, Mackie, Ev and others before deciding on this series speaker and I don’t regret it at all! It has the most power in its 12” class, does not weigh a lot for easy mobility and transport, if you are an audio engineer or a musician the built-in digital settings make it absolutely seamless for almost any sound set up. I currently have 4 K12.2s and every time I DJ at a event I always get compliments from my clients and other DJs on how clean and powerful the K12.2s and KW181 sound is together. I only bring the QSC family with me now.

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound Guy

K12.2 - Fantastic Speakers!

I bought a pair of these about six months ago. I bought them primarily for my mains, but have since upgraded to some KW153s. I now use these for monitors up front. These speakers are LOUD. When we had them as mains, they were always crystal clear and had plenty of headroom. The menu functions are easy to understand and the built-in presets are super convenient. If you don't have a sub, the "Dance" mode is fantastic. It provides great punch for smaller venues. I still use these as mains when I DJ and I always get great compliments on them. Just another quality product from QSC.


from Poland
Audio Experience:

Dla mobilnych DJ'ów oraz na scenę

QSC K12.2 Posiadam od ponad roku. Nigdy mnie jeszcze nie zawiodły. Sprawdzają się idealnie w hotelach, jak i na scenie (odsłuchy). Najlepsze są wbudowane presety z mośliwością szybkiego ustawienia dźwięku. Producenci zadbali o detale. Posiadają tryb uśpienia, który błyskawicznie wyłącza się gdy wypuścimy dźwięk - to kolejna wspaniała funkcja. Przymierzam się do zakupu kolejnych. Świetnie dopasowane brzmienie z subbasem (Ksub)

Jeff Brashears

from Atlanta, GA
Audio Experience:
Several years mixing and performing.

Better than my original K12 by far

Bought one after reading all the great reviews. Pairs well with my Touchmix 30 and allows us to play bigger and better gigs.


from Rocky Mount N C
Audio Experience:
Use the speakers for home cookouts and family function. We have a lot of party’s.

Good speakers

They are some of the best sounding speakers i have owned!! Thinking about buying the subs to go with them.

henk pieterse

from Sint Willebrord Netherlands (1 hr from Amsterdam)
Audio Experience:
i have being using speakers for many purposes (work) ....and now i have found what i am being looking for

The K12.2 are awesome and makes people being totally surprised

I am a sportsclinician and have a small company that fights bullying at schools and different places. I use my speakers for my voice and background music. Since i have changed from Mackie to QSC K12.2 my work has began to sparkle. I am 2.11m tall ,with a heavy voice but these speakers help me being heard perfectly. Even at low volume all sounds are clear. I am extremely happy with this product and will buy more when i have saved some money. For anybody that is wondering what to get...the K12.2 series will get you what you need and much more

Mikel Westmoreland

from Ooltewah, TN
Audio Experience:
I have been playing music for over 30 years. I play acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass if needed, some dobro, and some keys.

Excellent Speakers for Mains or Floor Monitors

I am very pleased with the design of the K series speakers. I have 6 of the K12.2. I use 2 for house mains, and the other 4 for floor monitors. The scene setup and recall feature is very nice being that my band plays indoor and outdoor venues. The sound quality is superb in that we can set up the K12.2 mains in such a way that sometimes eliminates the need to use our KLA181 (subwoofer) when playing some indoor venues. I have recommended this product to other folks and have answered several questions about our setup because of the high quality of sound that these speakers provide.

DJ A-roc

from Ohio
Audio Experience:
20 year mobile DJ and full time A/V installer

Best Speaker for Mobile DJ

As a user of the original K Series speakers, QSC has out done themselves with the K12.2. The k12.2 has a more powerful low end sound eliminating the need for a subwoofer for some of my small events. As a mobile dj I look for sound quality and portability, these speakers are light weight and sound amazing even in a room with a 500 plus guests.

Dean Foltz

from Kansas City,MO
Audio Experience:

Best of the best of the best!

I have a working band in KC going on 13 years old. After 11 years of QSC amps paired with JBL speakers. I decided to purchase all QSC powered speakers. The amps never failed so I was already a fan of QSC. I purchased a pair of K2’s to replace 2-JBL-JRX 125 (2-15” speaker cab. with horn). We run our K2’s with 4-KW 181 subs. The K2’s outperform the JBL’s all day long and all night as well! The K2’s were the best purchase I’ve ever made. We use the K2’s indoors and outdoors with unmatched clarity. We’ve never come close to running out of sound no matter how hard we push these amazing speakers. Not only being used for live sound we also are using these for DJ jobs as well. Nothing compares to the massive sound that comes out of the K2’s. Thank you QSC for making what I consider the best speaker cabinet I’ve used in my 45 years of playing music.


from Northern New Jersey
Audio Experience:

The Ultimate sound solution

I started gigging in the '60's dragging a B-3 and a pair of 122's around. Due to the advent of clonewheels and a tender back, I've opted for lighter instruments that would still capture the essence of that core sound. When the K12.2's were introduced I read a lot of reviews that said they could pump as much bass as a 15" and still retain their sonic clarity. I finally decided to give one a try, and I haven't looked back. I now own a pair so I can run stereo and fill the room without a FOH. The bass punches and doesn't interfere with AP, clavinet, or EP sounds. They fit in my car easily and I purchased the tote bags to provide some protection. A seriously great investment.


from Morristown, TN
Audio Experience:
20 years as Media Development Specialist. Recording engineer in self-owned project studio. Recording Associates graduate. AAS Computer Science/MIS. Musician (fingerstyle guitarist, keyboardist, and trumpet) for 45 years.

All Around Performance Powerhouse

I own two of the QSC K12.2 speakers and one of the older model K12. I use them on a stage that I have in my basement for karaoke parties. The two K12.2 speakers are FOH (front of house) left and right, and the older K12 is a floor monitor for the singer. I also have an 18 inch EV sub that works well with the QSC speakers. What really amazes me about the K12.2 (and the older K12 model) speakers is their ability to reproduce sound in a smooth and crisp way. I'm blown away by their performance each and every time I turn them on. As a lot of people that have been to my house to sing karaoke have stated, it is more like you are on stage singing with a live band instead of recorded karaoke music. The frequency response is absolutely outstanding. The digital interface makes changing parameters a breeze with an intuitive menu and navigation system. Of course the details emitting from these speakers are incredible. I can hear nuances and even instruments that are lost on other speakers that I've auditioned. In my opinion, the K12.2 powered speakers are the best for DJ, sound reinforcement, live band or recorded music, plus I've used the K12 to play some of my acoustic guitars through. The K12.2 is an all around performance powerhouse. QSC is one of the few companies that I know of whose products deliver what they say they will. I've owned the older K12 for a little over six years and the two new K12.2's for a little over a year. I have never once had the first problem out of them. So do yourself a big favor and audition the QSC line of products before buying any other brand, you won't be sorry and you'll be pleasantly surprised and pleased.

DJ Justin

from Tarzana, CA
Audio Experience:

Is there really something that gets better than this?

Wow... thats the one word you can use when you hear the quality of these speakers. The quality and power of the K12.2's are insane! I am a DJ and I used to always see professional DJ's use QSC's and thought to myself, "Are they really that good?" I went and bought myself a pair and holy cow, they were AMAZING! These speakers have made a huge difference at my events and allowed me to attract more clients. I am incredibly happy about my purchase and I'm so in love with with the 12.2's I might have to go out and buy myself another pair! Thank you QSC for creating quality and affordable equipment!

Joe S

from United States
Audio Experience:
I dj for club and other organization.

Worth every penny

I needed a set of powered speakers for our organization. These speakers are impressive. The quality of the sound is crisp and pure. I don't have a sub-woofer(yet) but it does the job without one. Highly recommended!

kumar ekanayake

from melbourne,australia
Audio Experience:

QSC K12.2

I am been in music field nearly 25 years.i have been used PEVEY,EV,AND SECK speakers before, THis is the first time i used QSC K12.2 excellent. sound is very clear and crispy base handle very well. i like it

Sergio Escobar

from Beloit Wisconsin
Audio Experience:
I started buying DJ system just for fun. But now my friends hired me to play in their parties so I’m getting better equipment and QSC speakers are excellent

Speaker review

The best speaker, great power, clear sound, a lot features. Only own one but I’m thinking to buy another one. I use 4 speakers 3 are different brands but the QSC is the best.


from Canada
Audio Experience:
Bass player, personal home studio, self soundtech for small venues.


Simply the the geatest PA of them all. I kwew exactly what I wanted when buying these. Powerfull, great sounding, reliable, friendly user and good looking. QSC K series has a class of its own.

Ben Bush

from Northeast Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Graduate of The Recording Workshop class of '98. 20 years sound experience. Owner of Studio 670.

Incredible Sound in a Great Package

When I made the move from passive speakers to powered, the K.2 series had just released. I compared them to many different brands and they came out on top. Plenty of power for many different applications from indoor to outdoor. Can be flipped to stage monitors in a system with larger mains. Always get compliments on the sound of these, both in my mobile setup and in venues I do sound at. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for great powered mains in a small package.


from Redding
Audio Experience:
Amazingly surprised!!

It's like a dream come true!!

I've had Yamaha and JBL speakers for most of my DJ history, after extensive research and hours of comparing the K12.2's to other similar speakers on the market I dreamt about these every night! I made the choice of getting 2 of these and I was not disappointed! The quality is just incomparable to others, the clarity and bass is just mind blowing-especially for being a 12in. speaker. I am very happy with them :)

John Zenanko

from Minneapolis Minnesota
Audio Experience:
House Tech at The Look Out Bar and Grill in Maple Grove Minnesota. Also Musician In the band Suzi and the Studmuffins.

Fantastic Product !!!!!

I have 6 of these, (soon to be 8 ) The sound quality is excellent. They are durable and look GOOD

DJ Junior Castro

from New York
Audio Experience:
20 years DJ experience, all types of different sound systems

Absolutely Perfect

I can’t begin to express how absolutely pleased I am with these speakers without just saying wow. I’ve had many other brands and have been a Dj for quite some time and can say with pure honesty that I probably will never own any other brand of loudspeaker or subwoofer unless they are given to me for free. For their weight and size my 12.2’s have people in complete awe, and matched with my KW181 the sound is pure bliss.


from Australia
Audio Experience:
Disc Jockey 20 years experience

K12.2 Superior Sound Reliability Assured

Compact light speakers that pack a punch of power, as a mobile Dj they are elegant enough for weddings and when used for school formals have they are maxed out for 5 hrs without any issues and still crystal clear all night long, best investment you can make.

Dj Un-OwN

from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
Mobile and club Dj.


I'm new to QSC, even though I have been spinning since 1982 this is the first QSC product I've ever owned. In the past I've had Behringer and JBL along with EV but when I heard these speakers, I knew I had to get them. I was blown away with the sound and clarity. I had 15s in the past but these 12s blow my other speakers that I had straight out of the water. I'm looking forward to getting the sub to complete my set but I would have to finish paying off these first.

Dj Un-OwN

from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
Mobile and club Dj.


I'm new to QSC, even though I have been spinning since 1982 this is the first QSC product I've ever owned. In the past I've had Behringer and JBL along with EV but when I heard these speakers, I knew I had to get them. I was blown away with the sound and clarity. I had 15s in the past but these 12s blow my other speakers that I had straight out of the water. I'm looking forward to getting the sub to complete my set but I would have to finish paying off these first.

Eddie Rue

from United States
Audio Experience:

Amazing Speaker for decades to come

As being a mobile dj since 1993, I've never encountered a speaker of this capacity. True-ly mind blowing to witness. These K12.2 QSC produce a next level of sound that can't be matched. QSC really did an amazing job creating this speaker. The quality in sound they produce, makes you want to listen longer!


from Whittier, CA
Audio Experience:
Guitarist and do the sound for my band “Vintage 45”. We have been playing locally since 1990.

New to powered speakers

I’m new to these types of speakers but I must say these new K12.2 speakers are awesome. Clean, punchy, and plenty of power. I have a pair of JBL passive 3 way speakers that are about 100lbs each, and these new speakers are saving my old back. Just love them. Great, great product.

"Dj Myk"

from Victorville California
Audio Experience:
Depending on my gig I love to use these in Live mode and Dance mode... the digital displace makes it very easy to switch between modes... the clarity of these speakers is breath taking!!

Amazing Speakers

The K12.2 speakers are such an incredible speaker.. I purchased the pair about a year ago and they have delivered at every gig.. indoor and outdoor events, these speakers sound incredible.

KMGC Productions

from Oregon City, OR
Audio Experience:
Professional mobile Disc Jockey

Fantastic Sound

I had a passive mobile disc jockey setup and decided it was time to take the plunge and buy a new system. My passive system still worked and sounded pretty good but wanted to update. I searched several sites, several brands of speakers and of course,many speakers. After much research, I really wanted to look into the QSC 12.2 and made an appointment at a local dealer. I have never used self-powered speakers before and the ones I had seen many years ago were not impressive. Not knowing what to expect, the business played the 12.2's for me but it did not sound like what I was hoping for and then they played another brand that sounded really good. I almost bought the other brand which was a few hundred dollars cheaper overall, but my heart was set on QSC due to the ratings and quality I have read online at several sites as well as the QSC site. I sort of reluctantly bought the more expensive QSC 12.2 and set them up at home for the test. I set the settings as if I were at an event and the speakers blew my mind. Without a sub, they had really good low bass you could feel, very crisp highs and a clear mid-range. I was in awe. It took me a little bit of time to learn the settings, but once I got it down, I have never looked back and simply love this speaker. The quality is really good, they are light (compared to my older passive) and can get very loud without any issues. I like them so well that I ended up buying the KS212C to round out my setup. This sub and the K12.2's have put the awe factor to a much higher level in my eyes and ears as well as those who are in attendance at the events I dj.


from Tallahassee fl.
Audio Experience:
sound guy and drummer for the band. Also DJ for weddings and parties

K12.2 speakers

I bought these speakers about 1 year ago. I had an older pair of EV 15 speakers. The 1st time I used them at band practice I was blown away! You see we practice in a small room and the old speakers we had problem with feedback. The singer would say turn me up all the time but I could not because the feedback would start up. Now that I have the QSC K12.2 speakers no feedback and the singer says turn me down you have me to hot all the time. Then we took them out for a show. The sound quality was amazing. These speakers rock. When I pair them with my subs You can change the settings on the speakers to fit anywhere. Outside or inside. And the bigger the room the better they sound. Even with all of the great sound and power they put out it gets even better. You see these speakers are smaller and lighter than my old speakers. I no longer need help to set them up on the stands. And their is no need to have a heavy power amp to lug around with you everywhere. Thank you QSC you changed my world.

Kevin Barker

from Pendleton, Indiana 46064
Audio Experience:
I play acoustic and electric guitars with my worship team at Church and two praise bands outside of Church.


Clear sound and plenty of adjustable power. Light weight and easy to handle. Sounds great in an acoustic solo application or with full band with mixer.

DJ Big Daddy Walker

from Cincinnati, Ohio
Audio Experience:

Could it be more clear with more bass than the K12

I ordered my first set of K12.2 speakers and was absolutely blown away. These speakers truly can be used for ANY event. Weddings, Bars, Band Sets, backyard party. And at the same price and warranty as the old K12s. There is not a need to own any other speaker. Quality Sound Consistently, QSC is the real deal. Just ordered 2 more sets for my Mutli-Op with many more sets to order.

Stuart Elder

from Bogangar
Audio Experience:
Played in rock bands for past 20 years. Teach VET Entertainment course in schools

Best speakers ever

I have found the quality of the sound produced by my powered QSC 12 to be far superior to any other speakers I have used in this price range. Used as either foldback monitors or FOH their ease of setting up and build quality ensure long life with minimal effort and wasted time.

Kevin D Schlichting

from United States
Audio Experience:
Pro Mobile DJ for 35yrs...

K12.2 Powered Speakers

Purchased a Pair of the 12.2s and was amazed with the low end (Bass) that they ut out...Thank you QSC for findly putting out a 12" speaker that has the punch....


from Sherman Oaks, CA
Audio Experience:
I have been DJing parties and events for over a decade.

Performance You Can Trust

If you are looking for a speaker that can provide both amazing clarity and the oomph needed for hundreds of people, look no further. I run a mobile DJ business and these are our go-to speakers. At only 39 pounds a speaker, you save your back from wheeling in a subwoofer to each event as you simply don’t need one with these powerful cabinets. I have had several AV companies comment on how they are surprised by how much they “bump” during an event. So if you want to bring the bass and keep the floor dancing all night, do yourself a favor, stop reading my review, and buy them already. They also come with a 6 year warranty which is great piece of mind when you lug these in and out of venues. Oh! Also, I want to add how versatile these are with the new LCD display on the back. I have switched from Live Vocals to Speech to Dance all during different moments of a wedding and you can really tell the difference. It makes it so easy. Seriously, just buy them already. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Noe

from Knoxville, TN
Audio Experience:

Love these speakers

Our band purchased 2 of these for our mains a few years ago. The difference was remarkable. The sound now had clarity and fullness. The volume was plenty for all our situations. I eventually purchased 2 more for my home PA and to use as monitors with the full band. It doesn't get any better than these.


from Bainbridge Island, WA
Audio Experience:
Band / DJ Sound

K12.2 On a Stand or On the Floor - These Loudspeakers ROCK!

I picked up a pair of K12.2s and couldn't be more thrilled. I use them largely as mains for modest band gigs, as mains for DJ gigs, and occasionally as a bass amp - these things do it all. Rich, clean sound. Lightweight. Awesome. I get consistent compliments on their sound across volume levels and across application. You cannot go wrong with these speakers.

W.G. Samantha Dhammika

from Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Audio Experience:

Quality & Service

Very Good product and highly recommend for any kind of event. Absolutely, perfect and crystal clear sound. Also excellent technical support. I am very satisfied with the product

Dave Ifversen

from Chicago, IL
Audio Experience:
I have a degree in Technical Theater, and I currently do live sound for several of the local Chicago science fiction conventions, along with some multi-track recording for albums.


These speakers sound great! They are easy to move around and set up, and the on-board DSP makes it a snap to get the right sound for any space.


from Texas
Audio Experience:
25+ years as a DJ/Sound Engineer.

The Perfect Speaker

So by now you know that these are the speakers to have! Bar none! I got a pair of K12.2, a KW181 sub and Touchmix 8. At first I just could not find the perfect setting as a DJ. I connected the sub as an aux out so that I could control it separately and the 12’s as main left and right, then set them to DANCE on the Touchmix (Default on the speaker itself - No sub) Sounded good, but just a bit harsh and boomy, I knew it wasn’t right! I tried EQ-ing and just could not get the right sound. Then a revelation! I connected the main left and right from the touchmix to the 181 sub, then through to the two K12’s. Set the touchmix to flat EQ, and the preset for the K12.2 to LIVE BRIGHT!!!! Yes, that’s right!! (Make sure the K12.2’s are on default on the box and NO SUB) Set the 181 sub 4 clicks clockwise from center, the K12.2’s 3 clicks clockwise from center AND BAM!!! The best, cleanest sound you will EVER hear in this setup! From here yu can tweak the EQ on the Touchmix to tailor your sound. Take it from a 25 year sound veteran!!! Unbelievable!

Dennis Walter

from United States
Audio Experience:
I have a small sound company and have played in bands for over 40 years.

Surprised Compliments

Our band has been playing a couple of venues consistently for the past several years. Its always a usual crowd that really enjoys our music. I upgraded our system with the K12.2 speakers. It was interesting to me that the first time we used the new K12.2 speakers at each venue... audience members may it a point to tell me how great our sound was. These are people who have no clue at all about audio gear and equipment. When I told them we were using new QSC speakers, they made comments like whatever you did... it sounds a lot better... crisp an clear.

Joseph L. Tangalin

from Kauai, HI
Audio Experience:
Professional musician for 10yrs. Currently Full time Live Musician, 12 performances per week, over 500 gigs per year(I run my own sound for all of them). Associates in Audio Engineering.

One of the best investments I’ve made

These 12s blow me away. I use them for live performance and the clarity and warmth that I get from these are absolutely phenomenal. Indoor or outdoor these never fail to impress. Will be ordering more!

Joseph L. Tangalin

from Kauai, HI
Audio Experience:
Professional musician for 10yrs. Currently Full time Live Musician, 12 performances per week, over 500 gigs per year(I run my own sound for all of them). Associates in Audio Engineering.

One of the best investments I’ve made

These 12s blow me away. I use them for live performance and the clarity and warmth that I get from these are absolutely phenomenal. Indoor or outdoor these never fail to impress. Will be ordering more!


from Carnation
Audio Experience:
Good quality, holds high volume crisply, worth the money.


Running 2 k12.2's and 2 kw181's. The top end and mid from the k12.2s holds on the dime even at ear piercing levels. Very good speakers worth the money, definitely have some hearing damage from these and it's worth it. They impress anyone who demos a song, no issues so far over a year in using weekly.

Don Curtis

from Jenks, Oklahoma 74037
Audio Experience:
Drummer (30 Years) Owned and operated PA systems now and in the past.

K12.2 Review

I sincerely believe that QSC are the very best PA/Monitor speakers on the market in its price range and even higher. The enormous sound (Watts-RMS) from such a portable PA system is a game changer. The quality of the sound can’t be beat. That is why “MY” band, my brother Marcus and also my brother Skip’s band all use the QSC K12’s and the K12.2 Speakers. I eventually would like to run my electronic drums with 11 outputs into the QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer then into our main 16-channel mixer. The K8.2’w would also be a great addition to the K12.2 as mains or as floor monitors. Thank you, QSC.


from Chicagoland
Audio Experience:
Mobile dj wedding entertainment

Awesome Product!

Love my new K12.2! Great investment at a reasonable cost! Crisp mids and highs and solid bass! I was pleasantly surprised out of the box!

DJ K-Mello

from Rochester, NY
Audio Experience:
DJing and producing for over 30 years

Love my K12.2s

I have borrowed and used the original K.12s several times from a member of my crew. When I didn't use those I rented Yamaha DXR12s. The K12.2s sound even better than the original K12's to me, and make me not even want to rent the Yamahas when I need more than two tops. I hear a lot of people say the K12.2s don't have this or that, usually their bass response, or aren't enough for a gig with XXX amount of people, but they have never let me down. I throw in a sub or two sometimes for good measure, but usually its just my K12.2s for most gigs under 125, 130 people. I'll definitely be purchasing another pair in the future.

DJ Smokin Butch

from Chicago, IL
Audio Experience:

Best Speakers Ever

Mobile DJ here in Chicago. Have had the QSC 12.2 speakers for over a year now. Best pair of speakers that I have ever own. You can't go wrong with these speakers. They have everything that is important to me as a DJ. Sound Quality, Volume, and at my age the weight of the speakers. Thanks QSC for a job well done.

J. Brown

from Kansas City
Audio Experience:
Owner and DJ of own mobile entertainment business

Unparalleled Quality and Sound

I tried to find the "perfect" option, but it hasn't been included as an option yet. Listen, when I started my mobile DJ business I tested and purchased three different sets of speakers, but the sound and quality didn't feel right. Oh sure, I was saving a few dollars, but is that worth having to cringe when you turn it up or have to explain to your client it doesn't get any louder? Look, you get what you pay for. And after purchasing my K12.2's, I've had no regrets. I've received numerous compliments on the clarity and quality of the sound. On most occasions, I pair these with a KW181 (yeah, the whole kit is QSC) and it'll cover a large group while maintaining sound quality. Make no mistake, they sound awesome by themselves in "dance" mode, but with the sub, it's mobile sound entertainment at its finest. QSC truly is a quality product with exceptional sound. Trust me, if you invest in these, every time you set up your gear, you'll have to try not to smile knowing how you have the finest in gear. And your customers will be smiling too. :)


from Kansas
Audio Experience:
Professional DJ

QSC K12.2 Absolutely Amazing!

I’ve been in the Dj industry for a very long time (lol). I’m a Electro Voice die hard (was). I’ve tried JBL,Mackie and EV powered tops and bottoms. I heard a pair of Qsc 12.2’s being used at a Casino and they was so impressive that I sold all of my speakers. Best decision ever made!!!

Tom W.

from Sioux Falls SD
Audio Experience:
50 years working musician


K12.2 speakers have a clean precise sound that carry quite well. I couldn't be happier.

DJ Krazy Karl

from Illinois
Audio Experience:
DJ for 8 years

Best Speaker!

I use mine to mainly DJ wedding receptions and bar gigs. I have a pair of 12.2 with one kw181. In my opinion you can’t not find a better sound. Easy to set up and use. Crystal clear sound.

sam d

from brooklyn ny
Audio Experience:


its a gret speaker powerful and great sound

Steven Piekarski

from brookfield wisconsin
Audio Experience:
studio musicn


traded my k12s in for these. at first I didn't like the led displays too complicated, still not crazy bout that, but the speakers do truly sound amazing

Dan C

from Manitoba Canada
Audio Experience:
20 years looking after the PA and sound with the band. Im also one of the guitar players.

Small But Mighty

What can I say about these speakers other than awesome. I purchased these speakers because I was getting worn out carrying large speakers to and from gigs (another manufacturer). It was the size of the speakers that first got my interest but when I heard them I thought the sound was unbelievable. My band was asked to play at an outdoor venue by our city and they provided the PA system for the gig. Guess what? It was a TouchMix 16, two K12.2s for mains and two K10.2s for monitors. The reviews from the audience were amazing. Friends wondered how we improved so much in such a short time. It was the QSC system. I went out and bought the TouchMix 16 and two K12.2s and have never looked back. These K12.2s are amazing and so versatile. I can hardly wait to save enough to purchase QSC monitors. Thank toy QSC.


from MN
Audio Experience:
Beyond satisfaction

Awesome speakers. QSC--Quality for Satisfied Customer

I originally bought only 1 K12.2 for my home karaoke setup with a Yamaha mg10xu mixer, in my oddly--half open, pentagonal-shaped living room with high not exactly an ideal place to setup sound. However, the K12.2 filled the room quite nicely without deafening or drowning out the sound quality, sound is clear/crisp/concise. It was so good that i decided to buy another one so the sound could be projected evenly to the singer--considering the distance from mic to speaker, and the room. I then added a Driverack PA2 to manage the sounds better, and limit the mic feedbacks. Overall, these were my first loudspeakers as I was using home Klipsch prior, and am very happy with them. They sounded so good, my friends and our friends often lose track of time singing until morning, and one time even had noise complaint at 4am. Keep in mind that I'm a frugal shopper, i was on a budget at first until the sound quality convinced me to buy another


Audio Experience:


i love my new k12.2 . i use 4 of them bad boy for outdoring event very good projection. dont worry about the delay with the delay ajustment

Frank O

from River Grove, IL
Audio Experience:
8 years experience as a freelance mobile live performance sound reinforcement engineer.


I have owned these for about 1 year now and My experience with these have been nothing but positive. They have powerful clean highs and they have a good low end too. Although I mostly use them as tops for live pa sound reinforcement for all different kinds of bands, I usually run separate subs for the lows. I run these things all day outdoor events hot weather, they don’t let up! Also great stage monitors with the built in presets they are awesome! Everything single option available to you does not let me down. The built in delay I very handy for delay fills. Excellent warranty and service from QSC, nothing negative to say about this product. I plan on buying only QSC speakers in the future. Very satisfied and would recommend to anyone looking to buy a professional quality speaker.


from MN
Audio Experience:
Beyond satisfaction

Awesome speakers. QSC--Quality for Satisfied Customer

I originally bought only 1 K12.2 for my home karaoke setup with a Yamaha mg10xu mixer, in my oddly--half open, pentagonal-shaped living room with high not exactly an ideal place to setup sound. However, the K12.2 filled the room quite nicely without deafening or drowning out the sound quality, sound is clear/crisp/concise. It was so good that i decided to buy another one so the sound could be projected evenly to the singer--considering the distance from mic to speaker, and the room. I then added a Driverack PA2 to manage the sounds better, and limit the mic feedbacks. Overall, these were my first loudspeakers as I was using home Klipsch prior, and am very happy with them. They sounded so good, my friends and our friends often lose track of time singing until morning, and one time even had noise complaint at 4am. Keep in mind that I'm a frugal shopper, i was on a budget at first until the sound quality convinced me to buy another

Gary Kephart

from United States
Audio Experience:
Former engineer at Lucasfilm, Furman Sound, and am currently recording and mastering for various acts.

K12's and K12.2 superb!

Am running rock band, **including bass guitar** through 12.2's for mains and an older pair of K12's for monitors. The intelligibility of vocals, guitar, and bass are insane, and always elicits great comments on our sound. A must have!

Gleyton Pedrosa Furtado

from Brasil - Amazonas - Manaus
Audio Experience:

Impressionante essas caixas k12.2

Em 2014 entrei numa loja de som profissional pesquisei varia marcas, mais quando ouvi a k12 não resisti a tamanha potencia pra uma caixa pequena e de ótima, sou dj e faço meus eventos em varias casas de festa, as pessoas olhão não dao mada mais quando ligo ficam todos de boca aberta, resumindo gostei tanto que quando lançou a k12.2 comprei também e onde chego todos me parabeniza pelo ótimo som, por isso fã da marca QSC

David Samuel

from Italy
Audio Experience:
I mainly play house music (soulful and deep) and I still could not find the volume peak ... it seems they are infinite. For the best listening experience, you must stay at the right distance from the speaker so choose a smaller size if you don't have enough space or intend to use them in small enviroment.

Quallity, power and elegance!

I'm so happy with my K12.2 after a couple of years of ownership. My previous speakers were JBL EON, now with my QSC I discover what real power and quality mean.

Ken Daulton

from Green Valley, AZ
Audio Experience:
45 years as a musician and mixing sound for bands


Decided to buy a pair or these speakers since the KW153 that I own are too big for some of the smaller venues I play in. I wanted something I could use for solo or duo work that were small but didn't sacrifice the sound quality I was looking for. This series has met all my expectations and beyond. Excellent quality with all the punch you've ever wanted. In fact they are so good I hardly ever use the KW153's. Last week outdoors i brought all 4 and strung them together to gain the extra punch. Totally blown away!! When you want quality look no further than QSC.


from Fresno, California
Audio Experience:
DJ 10+ years


My K12.2's are amazing. The sound is super crisp. I've often been asked where am I hiding the Sub? I reply that it's all in these 12.2's. They pack a punch and are light enough for me to move around. As a mobile Dj, I have owned, rented, borrowed a lot of speakers. Nothing compares to these QSC 12.2!!!! They have so many options for settings from LIve audio for any bands that have used my system, to Club Mode for an extra kick for those large halls and events. These speakers are super versatile for any Musician!!

Bill LaFlam

from United States
Audio Experience:
I have been in bands since the '70s- switched to duos and trios- took time off from performing until I retired from academia; now I do a solo act and host open mic nights. I have always tried to find the best sounding gear available, I know that I nailed it with the QSC's. Very easy to use and set up for all different venue configurations.

Awesome Speakers-Light weight but power pack with quality sound!

I have owned several different PA systems going all the way back to "the big PVY products" and even earlier. In those days (when I was younger and my skin still fit) the fact that most systems weighed as much as a small car made them very hard to carry. The QSC is lightweight but packs a punch. It has enough power to play in almost any venue, even handles the outdoor venues which are usually a challenge for most smaller systems. More importantly than the power is the clarity of true sound replication, these blow the competition out of the water. I sent back the line array from "the big B manufacturer" because it lacked the punch I was looking for in a live performance. I could not be happier with these powered speakers. No Regrets....


from United States
Audio Experience:
Hobbyist DJ

Best Value For Price

This speaker is the best value in the price range compared to other brands who come close to price or even beyond. The main reason these are better is their reliability and very little upkeep. The speaker does pump out volume when needed and loses no clarity whether playing at a low or loud volume. Bass is clean from this also as I mainly play hiphop and if using for smaller venues of 50-100 people, requires no subwoofer; however do not expect chest pumping bass (Just enough to know there is bass present in the song). Overall is a good buy due to low weight, compact size, and for my secondary purpose of outputting voices clearly (Which outputs really balanced sound also if needed like a monitor.)

Dj angel

from Santa Cruz california
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Good audio

Good sounds,compact and lightweight but powerful.i like the preset built in..


from Ajax
Audio Experience:
Clean bright sound!

Top notch!

When I bought these 12.2's I had just finished buying 6 K12's. If the 12.2's had come out sooner id have bought all 12.2s but because I loved the 12's so much I bought 6 of the 12.2's sight unseen and was even more blown away. Best blind purchase ever, but I knew what I was getting into, straight quality!

George Lynch

from South Jersey
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Love my k12.2 speakers

I Bought these speaker and I love them they have great sound and lots of power I would recommend these speakers to everyone QSC makes great amps and now speakers


from Jersey city Nj
Audio Experience:


This speaker has the perfect balance in qualities you expect out of a mobile DJ speakers. At 39lbs it’s light weight and easy to setup and carry out especially when you had few beers and long night gig. Great clean look. If you doing wedding or not these speakers fit in any setup with its clean looks. I have done a 200 guest event with a pair with no sub and a 300 guest event with one 18 inch sub and it went well never had to clip. Sound is prograde. Go ahead and compare this speaker with other brands in its class and it takes the win. Best bag for my bucks. Let it be yours.

Frank O

from River Grove, IL
Audio Experience:
8 years experience as a freelance mobile live performance sound reinforcement engineer.


I have owned these for about 1 year now and My experience with these have been nothing but positive. They have powerful clean highs and they have a good low end too. Although I mostly use them as tops for live pa sound reinforcement for all different kinds of bands, I usually run separate subs for the lows. I run these things all day outdoor events hot weather, they don’t let up! Also great stage monitors with the built in presets they are awesome! Everything single option available to you does not let me down. The built in delay I very handy for delay fills. Excellent warranty and service from QSC, nothing negative to say about this product. I plan on buying only QSC speakers in the future. Very satisfied and would recommend to anyone looking to buy a professional quality speaker.

John Day

from Salina, KS
Audio Experience:
Church Pastor and Soundtech for Southern Gospel trio


I cannot believe the quality and the clarity of sound coming from these K12.2s! I have not heard anything that even compares to this quality! I would recommend to anyone who wants the best.

Larry Sixaxe

from Oxford Mi
Audio Experience:

Full range speakers

Loud flat response in a light portable package.

Dean E.

from Haverhill, MA
Audio Experience:

Wow! Couldn't be better!

I play guitar (and by default, do sound) in a general business/cover/bar band that plays weekends in bars, clubs, benefits, weddings, etc. This past summer we replaced our aging PA system (power amps and passive speakers... HEAVY!) with two QSC K12.2s for our mains, three K10.2s for monitors and two KS112 subwoofers. Wow! We couldn't be happier! Not only are these speakers much lighter, better looking and more portable, the sound is crystal clear. We'd been using the old system so long, that we got used to muddy mixes, lackluster vocals and subs (despite the mix) that weren't punchy enough. The first time we used this system, everyone (the band, our loyal fans, club owner) noticed the clarity change right way. We didn't change the mixer (preamps, etc.) at all, so we knew what the cause of the upgrades was. The K12.2s are plenty loud enough for what we do AND because of the increased clarity and projection, we seem to run at a lower overall volume. The frequencies seem just right for our band. The learning curve was nearly instantaneous, and set-up is a breeze. This loudspeakers have made a huge difference in our band's sound and I am sure it's going to result in new gigs (after people hear us through this). I'd give six stars if I could!


from Virginia
Audio Experience:
semi professional musician playing and running sound for 40+ years

Far exceeded my expectations

I have used many brands of portable sound products - EV, JBL, Crown, BGW, Crest, Ashley, DBX, Mackie, Soundcraft, QSC, etc. Most products have been very good, reliable, and if you operate them within their design parameters, they perform very well. Several years ago, I did a major uplift with a goal of improving the sound and reducing the weight I had to haul. I need a system that can scale down to a duo, and up to outdoor shows with a 6 piece band. I bought 2 each of KW153, KW181, K10, and K12. With this array of gear, I can mix and match mains and monitors to cover me. I've done a lot of small jobs with the K12s as mains and the K10s as monitor. Or, the KW153 as full fidelity mains with the K12s and K10s as monitors. Or, if some slam is needed, bring in the KW181. I've played literally hundreds of jobs with this configuration for about 7 years. When the K12.2s came out, I noticed the frequency response was widerer than that of the K12s at 2 pounds lighter, larger (and smaller) amps to better handle the task within in the speaker (larger amp for lows, smaller amp for highs). Plus, the SPL was higher. I was a bit curious to see how the DSP functions would work, but didn't really look beyond it as an EQ with various presets. So, I bought them as replacements for the K12s. Am I glad I did because these speakers have really exceeded my expectations. Most of the time, I run these with the DSP setting as flat. In fact, many jobs where I once insisted on using the KW153s in order to get a nice balanced high fidelity like low end and image (I run in stereo), the K12.2s will now fit the bill. I have run our band as a four piece (acoustic/elec guitar, front vocal, electric bass, and an eKit) and have gotten excellent results. The amount of bass is stunning. And I have had many compliments on the mix. Back to the DSP. I started experimenting with two of the presets: studio monitor and bass amp. As a studio monitor, I was floored with the sound of the K12.2s. It really did sound like a studio monitor. The response was flat and the sound non-fatiguing. Next, I played a few live jobs on bass and left my MarkBass amp and Mesa cabinet at home and instead ran a small pre-amp into the K12.2 input and looped out to the board. The sound was amazing. I won't tell you that it slammed the lowest octave like a dual 15" cabinet, but for most work - jazz, Americana, country, classic rock, it works great if you have a good full-range FOH. Of the QSC gear I have owned, I have had to replace just one amplifier basket on one of the KW153s. That's it. That's an excellent track record. When I think of QSC, I think of performance, reliability, and value.

Alvin Mathew

from Chicago
Audio Experience:
Drummer/Musician and Live Sound Engineer

Great Loudspeakers

These speakers sound incredible and are very versatile! I use them for church gigs, weddings, outdoor concerts, coffee houses, banquet halls, and everything in between!

P. Wilson

from Indianapolis, IN
Audio Experience:
Part time karaoke host and wedding/event DJ

Still really enjoying my K12.2’s after first year of use

I’ve had my K12’s for about 14 months now and still really enjoy them. I use them for karaoke shows and to DJ wedding and events (roughly 6-8 times a month total). They have performed really well. Very dependable, sound is great and plenty of power to spare. I like being able to use the preset configurations for different applications of the speakers. For larger shows I use them with a single KW-181 sub and really happy with how that setup sounds. I’ve received lots of compliments on how they sound. I also love the size and portability of the speakers. I would definitely recommend these speakers. I also highly recommend the QSC totes to protect the speakers, work great and very worth it.

Jeff S.

from Orland Park, IL
Audio Experience:
Musician, live sound engineer, recording hobbyist.

K12.2's are the best!

I have 2 of these in my band's club PA, paired with K-Subs and a TM-30 Pro. These are amazing speakers. Total workhorses with ton's of power, great features, and most importantly, perfect sound. They're the best around!


from United States
Audio Experience:
These are the best speakers!

Best speakers ever..

I am a mobile DJ and perform a lot of weddings, proms, school dances, karaoke and more....these speakers are amazing! I used to use the K12's which are awesome as well, but these new K12.2's really fill a room! And the bass is very good too! Battling cancer for the second time (now in my back) I needed something not so heavy for my gigs. These are light weight, POWERFUL speakers! QSC has out done themselves once again!!


from Torrance
Audio Experience:
I have a home studio.

K12.2 Review

I had these for nearly 2 years after I sold my EV speakers. The QSC 12.2 sounds better overall. You can hear the highs and lows. Will be keeping these speakers and a fan. The functions are nice on these speakers as well. Nicely built.

Da Real McCoy

from Florida
Audio Experience:
Very good

Excellent Speakers

I needed to upgrade my speakers and heard a lot of great things about this speakers so i wanted to find out if the quality was top notch. Well 8 months later I’m not disappointed


from Atlanta
Audio Experience:
Professional Keyboard player and sound man

Outstanding for PA and monitors alike

My favorite powered speakers EVER!!!. I have had them for over 1 year ( 4 of them) and they are going strong and sound awesome. A Lot of power and I use for keys both without subs and with Subs at times. They are a perfect combination of hig quality sound, reliable, versatile as mains or monitors and price. Everyone loves the sound. There are tweaks that can be made in the settings and saved. 2 angles of mounts for speaker poles. Would highly recommend.


from Council Bluffs, IA
Audio Experience:
I have DJed and run live sound for musicals/big band groups over the last 10 years.

Best I Could Find

These powered speakers rule. This is my first set of powered loudspeakers. I love the DSP controls and low cut off to pair with subs. Compact and powerful.

John Gunther

from Highwood, IL
Audio Experience:


The QSC K12.2 speakers are incredible! They are compact, lightweight and have a ton of clarity for a 12 inch speaker. The 2000 watts per speaker doesn't hurt either!


from United States
Audio Experience:
DJ for 30 years.

Outstanding speakers

There's not much more you could ask of speakers -- these pretty much deliver it all. Plus, they are built like bricks -- solid and sturdy.

Dj Richie Sly

from Maryland
Audio Experience:
Dj for 20+ years

Best powered top in its class

Resisted buying the k12’s for years and had bought a pair of kw122’s but when these came out I just had to get these for my small events. Light weight easy to Carey with the totes. Very customizable love this feature, excellent with or without a kw or the k sub. I use these for my small events of 50 or less people. Quality is unparalleled across this spectrum of molded speaker cabinets.

John Highkin

from San Diego, CA
Audio Experience:

Key Part of a Whole

A great product!! We bought a complete P.A. in 2017 for our nonprofit circus. We wanted an array of reliable, great sounding speakers for the range of our performance needs - from large show for 600 to a small venue. We bought four K12.2s to use both as our mains outdoors and as a stand-alone powered speaker for a small room. Really great product. We also bought QSC because of their reputation for great customer service and the fact that the company is close to San Diego.

Beau Paulsen

from Reno Nevada
Audio Experience:

Amazing Speaker

Always had JBL powered speakers but when the 12.2 came out I just had to try them for myself and I absolutely love them. They are my go to small to medium size event speaker. The look and sound great and are the definition of an all around multipurpose speaker.

Kevin Boxell

from Apex, NC
Audio Experience:
Semi professional musician and sound man

Terrific sound and durable

I have owned a pair of the K12.2s for about 8 months now and use them often. They sound absolutely fantastic, and even other band members noticed a clarity improvement when switching from another well known brand. They have PLENTY of volume and are very sturdy and well built. Also, for outdoor gigs, I have not had a single issue with overheating. The DSP is powerful and super easy to use. These speakers have plenty of bass and can certainly be used standalone. .. although if you are playing club or hip hop music a subwoofer would give you that chest thump you want. Given their relatively light weight as well, these speakers are my choice for reliability, sound quality, and dependability. You cannot go wrong with a pair of these speakers. Highly recommend to any band or DJ who needs volume, dependability, reliability, portability and great sound quality.

Pete Hens

from Parkville, Md.
Audio Experience:

Excellent speaker

Got a pair of these a year ago. The touch screen control works great. The speakers have excellent full range with surprising low end reproduction. Good handle locations on each unit. The are heavier than my JBL's but only about 2 pounds and they have 500 more watts each. Our audiences compliment us on the clarity of our sound all the time.


from Patterson CA
Audio Experience:

amazing sound

was on the fence of what to purchase between JBL, EV, and QSC, after testing them out I made my choice on the K12.2. Best investment ever nice crisp sound don't even have to blast the speakers they are so loud. I would recommend these to any musician, DJ, etc. I had my aunts church buy 6 of them, they are now looking into purchasing the kw118. QSC the way to go.

Larry Bovik

from NYC
Audio Experience:
musician, sound technician

Amazing, top of the line PA speakers

The only PA that matters any more. crystal clear sound at any volume, ample head room for small to medium size clubs. Can work as PA house speakers or monitors. Truly the best and only PA speakers that any one should be considering. Completely rugged design if you need to take it on the road with you and with the 6 year warranty you have nothing to worry about. They don't weigh a ton and can be easily integrated into any pre-existing live system you may have. Will recommend them forever!


from Missouri
Audio Experience:
I've worked with sound at events for over 20 years.

These are the droids we were looking for!

We needed to replace some speakers, and after using JBLs for more than a decade, chose to go with something new. We purchased two K12.2 speakers, and these definitely got the job done! We hold mostly outdoor events, and these provided excellent sound and covered good-sized areas. I'd definitely recommend!

Jim S.

from Lincoln, CA
Audio Experience:
I play guitar, mandolin, bass, sing and run sound in a live band, Chill.

Amazing sound and versatility!

We just got these to replace another brand's speakers that were passive. It had been a nice set up, but these K12.2 blow them away! Being powered, they're super easy to more external power amps! The scenes make these very useful for our band since sometimes we're a full 4 piece rock band, but other times it's just 2 or 3 of us doing acoustic shows, so we're able to easily customize them for any setting we're playing in. Highly recommend these!


from Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Sound Reinforcement

The Best Speaker Ever!

QSC K12.2 Speakers Are Erupting On The Volcanic Island Of Hawaii. They are Hot and Explosive with features. This Speakers are literally changing the environment.


from Wisconsin
Audio Experience:

Best Powered Speaker

I first owned the K12 model and loved them. When I heard about the new K12.2, I had to add a pair to my inventory. The sound is very crisp. The back panel offers a variety of input and output options so I can be flexible for different situations. The built-in LCD menu offers amazing onboard processing from QSC engineering. It's very convenient to have delay available on each unit. In my opinion, the best quality and value for powered speakers.

DJ Tony

from Hampton roads
Audio Experience:
Over 30 years as A Mobile DJ


After buying the K 10.2, I use as a Monitor is sound so good i replace my 2 sets of 15" tops One set was for power but was heavy the other set was for size But not as powerful I used with subs. My K 12.2s Replace both sets of the speakers With much better results I love the sound in the base is off the chain.


from NorCal
Audio Experience:

K12.2 Flexibility

Upgraded from a pair of legacy K12's to the K12.2. The programmable DSP settings are very useful for tuning depending on the room and application. Amazing clarity and impact, especially with well-recorded music. Mind-boggling when set to ext-sub mode and paired with a KW181!

Mike Quintero

from Miami
Audio Experience:
18 years in AV, live sound and dj

K12.2 best and reliable powered speaker

K12.2 great sound quality and outstanding reliability for a powered speaker in this price range, is an step up from the original k12, I used to own 8 for 5 years with not a single problem, used with the abuse of live sound and rental, a workhorse always ready to rock.

Dean A.

from Minnesota
Audio Experience:


The K12.2 speakers are amazing! QSC should be so proud of improving on the K12. Crystal clear sound, a great all around speaker. Thank you QSC!


from United Kingdom
Audio Experience:
rental supplier

The best yet

Having owned pretty near every major brand and model of portable active PA speaker out there (you know the ones) i recently switched our main rental stock of PA to QSC 12.2 and QSC K-Subs. This was on the recommendation of another rental supplier - and boy were they right! We, and more importantly our customers love the sound. The features (built in mixer etc) are handy and they crank so nicely that at a recent school prom we actually had to take them out of Dance Mode as the bass was just killing it that little too much on the dance floor! Awsome job QSC!

James Nero

from na
Audio Experience:
Professional sound engineer and musician for 35+ years


First time Buyer of a QSC product.........WOW these speakers are everything and then some, would buy more if needed!


from Big Island, Hawaii
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer

Best Sound ever

Bought couple of these bad boys and i love it. I use these as tops for my small gigs and use as monitors when doing festivals. Paired with My TM30. Thumbs up QSC

DJ Greg Warr

from Winter Garden, DL
Audio Experience:

Great value for the price

In my current situation, being a DJ is a personal hobby rather than a profession. Those who know me would tell you that a lot of research into loudspeaker makes and models was performed before taking on that personal expense. The QSC K12.2 really did not disappoint. I used a pair inside with 30-50 guests on a few occasions, where volume at the 2nd notch was enough for music to completely drown conversation. Keep up the good work QSC!


from Phoenix
Audio Experience:
10+ years - live performance

Excellent Product

4 Piece Classic Rock band - Gear = two K12.2, one KW181, and a Touchmix 16. (looking to add the second KW181 soon) I could not be happier with the crisp sound of these speakers. I bought the QSC system because I figured with everything matching, there would be minimal setup and dialing to get good sound. The result is excellent sound, quick setup (no amp racks), and a better overall experience at our gigs. I play in a good band, but there are a lot of good bands, this system definitely helps us to stand out in comparison.


from Pittsburgh
Audio Experience:
Musician with over 45 years experience in recording and live performance.


I bought these speakers as the mains for our classic rock band. All of us have been playing for over 40 years and have vast experience in choosing and using various sound systems. We have a five member band and mic two different keys rigs, guitars both acoustic and electric, 4-vocals and use both overhead and kick drum mics. We don't play at volumes that would chase away crowds even though these are more than capable. What we were looking for and what we got were light weight, clean sounding speakers with plenty of power that provides ample headroom that allows these speakers to stay clean at high volumes. At our age we're looking to have the best sound at the least weight with ease of setup and these certainly check all of those boxes. Look, these are the current state-of-the-art portable PA speakers and nothing from my experience would prove other wise. If you can afford them buy them you will never regret it. I didn't even mention that they come with a 6-year warranty.

Jorge Avalos

from Bakersfield California
Audio Experience:

QSC K12.2

THEY ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! The bass response is far beyond comprehension. The loudness of these speakers is what sets them apart from competitors. They are lightweight and carry a ton of features. High recommended, they are the best and very very powerful!!!


from Oregon
Audio Experience:

Exactly what I hoped for

These speakers are exactly what I had hoped for: Compact, portable and able to reproduce and articulate a broad frequency range at volume. I mostly use them as a PA/live reinforcement, but they also are more than adequate as monitor wedges.

Super Dave

from West, Texas
Audio Experience:
20+ years performing and running sound

Great Speaker

I'm a believer in QSC. I've paired 2 K12.2s with a couple of KW181 subs and the sound is excellent. You can't go wrong with these speakers.

Rob Z

from United States
Audio Experience:
Dj since 1992

Don't settle for less

Been djing and doing live sound since 1992 and used many other brands and my k12s are the best yet.


from United States
Audio Experience:
40+ years as a musician

Big sound in an small package

Pristine sound and my back appreciate it

Moe Masingale

from United States
Audio Experience:
I am a Mobile DJ and Audio Engineer.

Premier Loudspeaker

Man, I just love these things. I fell in love with the K12's when they first came out and then I was super excited to hear about the K12.2's. I purchased these to upgrade the 15" speakers I was running for my mobile DJ business. The instantly changed my sound and I couldn't be happier. They weigh about the same as my 15" but their volume, sound quality and bass response are light years beyond. They are perfect for weddings in venue and even great outdoors events. There is enough bass in them that the floor doesn't feel empty without a sub but the clarity of the mids and highs help make sure that speeches and announcements aren't muddled. I really can't say enough good things about these guys, best purchase I've made for my business and I can't wait to see where I take them next.

Greg F

from New Boston, MI
Audio Experience:
Working musician 35 yrs

These make me smile.

I’d been wanting to upgrade my mains for a long time. I did a lot of research and side by side comparisons. I kept coming back to the K12.2. They’re really solid but fairly light and quite easy to handle. Nice DSP menu, handy mixer on the back, blah, blah, blah. That’s all nice but secondary to how they sound. They sound awesome. The punchy low end that comes out of these is impressive. Nice clarity in the mid and highs. Every time use use them they make me smile.

Jairo Bedoya

from Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia S.A.
Audio Experience:

Sounspeaker K12.2

I have 2 k12.2. The first is working not very good. the second is working very good and I win money when I rent it. The sound it produces is spectacular, but I have fear, this cabin, get damage as the first one. However, I recommend greatly this product and this trademark. I think, the first product becomes damaged, was a mishandling by the person that rented de cabin

Adam Rock

from Chicago Illinois
Audio Experience:

Best Powerful Speakers for Mobile Gigs

After purchasing many other brands I finally found the perfect Speakers the The K12.2 being lightweight with a built in cooling fan plus limiter warning light and the best EQ all with a crisp sound.. no distortion is heaven to my ears... I Highly recommend them and dont forget to buy the TRAVEL Bags to protect your investment

Martin Negron

from kissimmee FL.
Audio Experience:
I use these for live music app.


I'v had a lot of speakers but these are the best ever. Crisp clear sound from such a manageable cabinet, I totally recommend the K12.2


from USA
Audio Experience:
40 years playing live music, live mixing and recording.


I set my two K12.2s up next to a much larger PA at a festival. They were running 6 similar but different brand powered speakers and 4 subs. They were louder, but no where near as clear and balanced as only two K12.2s. I thought it was just me. But 3 non musicians told my they'd rather listen to my system. Power. Clarity. Unexpected low end. Easy set up with rear LED screen. Compact. Solid. I bought 4 but haven't needed them all yet. And I've played some fairly good sized outdoor events. I could go on..... Very pleased.


from WDC
Audio Experience:
Newbie in training ;-)

Drummers Delight

I've played drums for years (various genre and all kinds of venues). For some time I wanted to venture into the world of A2E drumming. Finally I made the leap when I found the right module. What I didn't know was how complex reproducing the sound live would be. The choices were all over the spectrum to all in one solutions, speakers that needed amps, the sizes and of course the power ranges. During my research, one name kept coming up...QSC. I spoke with a well known sound guy in my area and he gave me a few choices, but said if my budget would allow, pick a QSC speaker for my application. So I took my module to a local music store and asked could I demo their speakers and they consented on two occasions. To making all things equal a used the same size speaker, flat settings, and set volume midway. I took a H4n to record the results. I put each speaker through the paces with cymbals, rolls, crisp and phat snares, punching bass drums to booming house style bass. One or two competitors were close. What won me over was obviously the clarity and depth of sound produced by the K12.2, but the reputation and warranty. In small-medium venues all I need is the K12.2's. Larger venues need the punch of a sub. The ability to E.Q. the speaker for the specific type of venue is an excellent feature and customization of that future just furthers the versatility. People say to me, "man, those sound like real drums". And that at the end of the day is the point. With a module that has the ability to expand to separate channels and a small group of musician buddies, mixing is the next hurdle. I'll leave with this anecdote. Before obtaining my K's I had a jam session, and was powering a keyboard with another brand of speaker. The keyboardist kept saying to turn it up. As a whole we were not loud. The speaker began to clip and muddy from the keys lows. My guitarist said "give me that jack" :-) He plugged into his K10 and they both played flawlessly with much head room to spare. The clarity over the other well known brand was remarkable!


from New Jersey
Audio Experience:
DJ and sound man and studio recording

QSC K12.2

I purchase 5 of the QSC K12 they don't get no better I tried other brands in the past they don't stand up to the Quality of QSC and don't last as long they will not let you down like other brands and burn out when you need them the most

Avinda Persaud

from New York
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ

Unbelieveable sound for a 12 speaker

I purchased two of these because of their compact size and portability for smaller events. Having used EV and Yorkvilles 15” powered speakers I wasn’t expecting these to keep up, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. This is hands down the best 12 powered pa speaker that I have herd. I had to tweak the eq a little to lower the highs when using these without a sub, but once I got it, I was blown away. The bass was just as good if not better than the 15” yorkvilles which was much bigger and heavier. The mids and highs were crisp and clear (I find that 12” speakers do a better job at reproducing mid range frequencies than a 15”). I was so pleased I purchased two more k12.2s and two kw181 which I now use for all my events.


from Rosebud, Australia
Audio Experience:
20 year pro musician. Live shows and sound production.

Top notch live sound

I ve owned these for almost a year now. It replaced BOSE L1 system. Overall they are great sound8ng speakers. Very versatile with the DSP FUNCTION. Things I love : crisp bottom end whilst keeping clarity of vocals. It was a very close decision between the Yamaha and QSC , the only place where the QSC could improve is dispersion. The Yammys do 90 degrees in the 12 inch. When I need to cover a broad room I tend to use 1 12.2 and a QSC 8.2 A’s the second speaker. That was I have the lows covered and plenty of dispersion (110 degrees) I’ve played outdoor gigs at a brewery with over 200 people with the above setup and it was awesome. I won’t be heading down the BOSE route again. And I loved that pa. I am a professional musician playing acoustic guitar, and drum pedals. I play over 100 gigs a year.


from Rosebud, Australia
Audio Experience:
20 year pro musician. Live shows and sound production.

Top notch live sound

I ve owned these for almost a year now. It replaced BOSE L1 system. Overall they are great sound8ng speakers. Very versatile with the DSP FUNCTION. Things I love : crisp bottom end whilst keeping clarity of vocals. It was a very close decision between the Yamaha and QSC , the only place where the QSC could improve is dispersion. The Yammys do 90 degrees in the 12 inch. When I need to cover a broad room I tend to use 1 12.2 and a QSC 8.2 A’s the second speaker. That was I have the lows covered and plenty of dispersion (110 degrees) I’ve played outdoor gigs at a brewery with over 200 people with the above setup and it was awesome. I won’t be heading down the BOSE route again. And I loved that pa. I am a professional musician playing acoustic guitar, and drum pedals. I play over 100 gigs a year.


from Southern California
Audio Experience:
Guitarist who creates own backing tracks and then plays over them in public (think one man band)


I purchased a K12.2 after hearing a local guitarist at a gig use the speaker to play bass, keyboard and drum tracks through. The clarity of all the different sounds (and frequencies) coming out of the speaker was crystal clear (no muddled sounds). I have my K12.2 to do likewise at my own gigs and I cannot tell you much better my tracks sound now as compared to what I was using before (either a guitar or bass amp)! These speakers "rock". I don't even need a mixing board!. I just run the tracks through a reverb and equalizer guitar pedal to help shape the instrument sounds a bit better and control overall volume

Q. Henry

from United States
Audio Experience:
DJ, Producer

Truly Powerful

I have a pair of K12.2 that I've been using for DJ mobile gigs for about a year now and I'm very pleased with their performance and handling. I already had the QSC 18" subs and wanted a pair of QSC monitors to match even before these were released. These are as advertised. Although, I do advise pairing them with subs if you play larger spaces and really want your audience to feel an extra bass kick, a pair of these also work very well absent subs for smaller sized spaces or crowds. I've actually use them on occasion alone in larger spaces and outside and the sound is still clear and crisp. As I previously mentioned, get you a pair of QSC subs for that extra kick though. Overall these are the best speakers I've heard on the market if you want to go higher end powered monitors.


from New York New York
Audio Experience:
Swing dance instructor and dj.


Used them in two venues. One indoors with high ceiling and one outdoor block party. Both times they performed well. I was very happy with the outdoor performance. It was in the 90's, direct sun light, they showed no evidence of heating up a clipping, although the amp I was using became hot and had to be cooled off to keep it from shutting off. The sound carried and was clear as a bell. Even though they had to compete with other systems that had added base bottoms, the area that we were in was covered with sound from my music (swing, big band).

Viren Seetal

from Miami ,FL
Audio Experience:
very extensive

My Review

This particular speaker is a good upgrade to the K12 version one. I do like the fact that it has a built in DSP with good presets. Also, I used 2 of them for a wedding for 500 people with a double 18' sub and they stood up all night and never redlined. I think that this speaker can be improved even more and i will be glad to share my ideas with whomever on the development team.

Stephon B

from Chesterfield Va
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ, sound guy

Solid Performer

I wanted a stand alone powered speaker that could handle indoor and some outdoor use for my work as a mobile DJ. These speakers are as good as advertised. They sound really good and have really good headroom. I likes them so much that I also purchased the KW181 subs to go with them. All I can say is WOW. This setup really kicks and easily handle most of my gigs.


from New Zealand
Audio Experience:
Packs a punch and my favourite setting is the live, where i have full control of how much highs, mids & lows i want.

Upgrade from K10 to K12.2

I've been a Dj for since the 90's and used to owned 4 x Peavey 115 Internationals (3way) 15" Speakers. These were not powered and would pack a punch. Now that i'm older and can't deal with carrying 29kg Speaker every-time i have a DJ gig. I invested a lot of time looking into the different brand of speakers and decided to buy a pair of the QSC K10's. i held back buying a QSC compaq sub as it did not impress me. I still have my Beta3 18" MUi1Ba and used it on 150-200pax crowds no problem. The K10 by them selves are good for smaller weddings of 70-100pax crowd. But i wanted to go one step up so i purchased a pair of QSC K12.2 & one KS 212C. Great purchase. I only hope that people buying the 0.2 series are NOT under the impression that they are getting double the sound off the old legacy speakers. All it is that you get 2000W for a split second & not continuous.

William R Christian

from Suffolk , New York
Audio Experience:
I had been doin Dj and Live sound for over 25 years.

Qsc K12.2

I rated great because I have owned a set of hpr 12 speakers and a 15 sub for long time and never had an ounce of trouble , I swear by qsc products . Recently of my new K12.2 tops started breaking up during gigs so it is out being repaired and should be done in two weeks . I was disappointed because I have only had them 10 months and take good care to never overdrive them never a clip light. I still have faith in qsc and their products just didnt expect a failure so soon. Luckily I still had my hpr 12’s to finish my last few summer gigs this past weekend. I also have two ksubs and love them! Hopefully it was just an isolated failure any they will perform like my original ones which were bulletproof as far as I am concerned .

Brian Fuller

from Ohio
Audio Experience:
Live/Studio musician


Nice clean audio. I use it as a keyboard monitor onstage. Sounds like it would make a great small portable bass amp as well...played some bass samples through it and they sound great!!!!

David Opperman

from Aurora, CO
Audio Experience:

My review of the K12.2

At first I was very excited. I used them for FOH mains (tops) and found that they were very "bright." I played around with the presets and could never quite get the sound that I liked. However, I have switched them to floor monitors (wedges) and couldn't be more happy with them. I do believe they are better suited for monitors. All of the bands that I work with love them!

DJ Danny Thomas

from Toledo Oh
Audio Experience:
The Audio is amazing when they work! QSC i am begging you to please help! I cant afford to replace these! I paid good money for these speakers brand new through ZZounds.Com


I purchased a pair of QSC 12.2 in Aug of 2019. I've only used the QSC speakers an handful of times. Quite impressive sounding speaker. BUT.... I was Djing a wedding last Saturday evening, during cocktail hour, I wasd playing at a very low volume level. When all of a sudden one of the QSC's made a click noise and it just stopped producing any sound. After reading on the QSC website, I was really hoping that a simple firmware update would fix the problem. It has not helped at all. Still no sound. After reading other blogs this seems to be a well known issue. I am praying that QSC will help me and either replace the very expensive Speaker, or fix it for me! I will update this review after speaking with QSC tomorrow! I hope for an easy painless process with the company!