TouchMix®-16 Reviews

  4.5 based on 177 review(s)

David E

from Atlanta GA
Audio Experience:
Would not change it for another brand. PERIOD. Am completely sold on TM16.. just wish I could upgrade to the TM30 now though. To anyone that comes to my work area to look at the gear am using I recommend the TM, not because of price. BUT because how great of a product it is.

WOW - is what comes to mind...

Personally I am a total amateur being a "sound engineer". I mean I had pretty much no experience whatsoever using a sound mixer much less a digital one. Allow me a moment of your time... to elaborate a little bit more. Main reasons why I acquired a TM were- - Portability - Training videos posted by QSC on their YT channel. That were the main... but oh boy I was greatly surprised at what I was able to accomplish in just watching training videos. I was able to set up the TM within hours of unpacking. It was so easy to set up. Those presets are awesome starting points. Then I moved on to recording my audio track, again so easy that it felt like I was cheating. Now am not saying that its a started product... because it IS NOT its a pros product, an actual audio tech can probably still teach me things I have not thought of doing with the TM. Am discovering new things after re watching the training videos that I might have missed before. Forums for the TM are usually filled with awesome people that are far more experienced using this and many other mixers. We have been using the TM16 for well over 3 years now and have never regretted purchasing it. True there are other mixers that are analog that can do the same, are way cheaper... but learning curve... is very steep. Customer service is great. Now am using this unit to receive audio send to Stealth wireless system to 4 QSC speakers, also sending to an in house translating device which allows for audio to be sent to headsets without disturbing the rest of the audio, sending to a live stream all of this accomplished within minutes of setting up.


from Denver, CO
Audio Experience:
25 years of audio engineering experience

Amazing mixer!

Great mixer that can keep up with mixer 10x the size, and unbeatable value having all available onboard processing on every channel. Updates have never ceased, so the mixer keeps getting better with age. No other mixer can do all of the mixing plus recording that this does.


from San Jose, CA
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ for 15 + years.

Awesomer than any other audio equipment on the planet.

I have been a mobile DJ for more than 15 years, and I have owned a lot of different brand name speakers and mixers. (Mackie,JBL,Yamaha,Crest,Behringer,Bose...etc) I sold all of my old equipment and now use QSC exclusively for any Wedding, DJ, or Karaoke event. I bought the K8's when they first came out because I had a pair of Mackies that quit on me at a wedding. After a couple of gigs, I was so impressed with the sound quality of the K8's, that I sold my Yamaha powered speakers and bought the K12's. After that I got on the waiting list for the Touchmix-16, and I purchased one of the first to hit the shelf. The Touchmix-16 really compliments any Karaoke, Wedding, DJ, or Band when coupled with K series speakers, and the programmed presets are truly right on the money. I won't get into all of the technical information here (You can get that from the QSC web site.) but I can tell you this for a fact. Every time somebody sees my setup and observes the portability and incredible sound coming from my equipment, they go out and purchase the QSC Touchmix and K series speakers. My kid purchased all of it, and so did one of my best friends that has been a musician for abut 35 years. This friend of mine purchased K.2 10's, K.2 12's, K.2 Sub, and the Touchmix-16 and he moved all of his old equipment from his studio to his living room. ( The wall of speakers, racks, heads, amps...etc, looks like he's trying to duplicate the stage at a Day On The Green, when in reality he's trying to sell all of it on Craigslist.) His gig gear went from a couple thousand pounds to a couple hundred pounds after switching to QSC and his band sounds better than it ever has in his 35 years of playing. The QSC team has really knocked it out of the park with the Touchmix and K series components and as long as they continue producing this Awesomer equipment, I will purchase nothing but QSC for the rest of my life. p.s. I forgot to mention that I purchased the K-Sub also.

Pat DeSmet

from Hot Springs, SD
Audio Experience:
40+ years running sound


The TouchMix is very easy to use. I love the bump button, something most other digital mixers do not offer. And the sound is crystal clear.

Lonnie Harrod

from Texas
Audio Experience:
I was a Church music director for nearly 18 years. For 18 months i have been traveling with my family to churches and nursing home around the great state of Texas. i have purchased, installed, and set up sound equipment for the auditorium of two different churches and trained many on how to use the sound equipment

Great Portable Mixer

This mixer is great. The only reason I did not give a 5 star rating is that screen resolution could be improved. . Other than the screen resolution this mixer has surpassed all my expectations. I spent months researching sound equipment to purchase for our family singing group. I choose the TouchMix-16 because it met or exceeded what we needed as a traveling singing group. It's compact size made it an ideal choice for us because we have limited space in our van for sound equipment. The fact that it came with it's own case was a bonus. This sound board has been a great tool for our family. The presets for the e.q., recording to an h.d., the noise gate, and other features have been above and beyond what i could find in other boards. When I bought the TM-16 I believed that I was getting the best product for what we are doing (singing at churches, nursing homes, and hospital around the country) and now that I have been using it for months i KNOW IT IS THE BEST.


from Wimberley, TX
Audio Experience:
Been playing live music since I was in high school. Drifted in and out of dealing with the sound aspect over the years. Up until I got my TM-16 I would consider myself more of the back-up sound guy but now I am more able to take on the full role if need be.

Took the leap. Glad I did.

Got my TM-16 to replace my workhorse analog mixer that I had been using for ten years. Liked the idea of the digital mixer with a tablet interface but of course was apprehensive in making the switch. It proved to be much easier to use right out of the box than I expected. So many features, easily replaces a couple racks of gear if you wanted. The feedback wizard is great. Recently did a gig and one of the guys wanted to use his board and I agreed. Regretted it throughout the gig as he was constantly chasing feedback, something I have had no issues with since acquiring my TM. The absence of many of the usual knobs and faders takes a little getting used to, but the more you use it, the less it becomes an issue.


from The Dalles, Oregon
Audio Experience:
Ive been mixing for twenty years and this little mixing board is hands down one of the most wonderful products I've ever used!

Dreamy little rig!

The versatility, function and quality that is packed in these little mixers is astounding! Long gone are the days for packing around hundreds of pounds of gear and twiddling with cords galore! Great time to be alive and have these digital mixers come on board. Life as an engineer has become much less stressful, better sounding and the versatility of being able to move around and get right on stage to work with the musicians and get their mix right all while working from an I-pad is truly a gift. The board is packed with all the functions and features that 99 % of users need. Clean, simple, easy to use and sounds superb! Get one, learn to use it and never look back!

Todd I. DragonStudio Colora

from Maryland
Audio Experience:
Musician and home studio guitarist, singersongwriter, bassist, explorer of sound. Grew up on cassettes.

The power of the Dugital Mixer

I am still learning but training video's by QSC get users (old analogger) like myself up and mixing fast. When i run into issues, i have found options and workarounds so that the Music continues. Later I can then research online or via YouTube for resolutions. Great product...looking forward to pairing my TouchMix 16 with some new QSC K2 speakers

Mikel Westmoreland

from Ooltewah, TN
Audio Experience:
I have been playing music for over 30 years. I play acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, some dobro, and some keys.

QSC TouchMix-16: Perfect for live sound as well as home studio

I have used the TM-16 for many gigs as well as recording in my home studio. For live sound, I am very pleased with complimentary App that is available via GooglePlay or the Apple AppStore. When using my iPad for soundcheck, it eliminates the need for a snake. It also allows the user to move around the FOH(Front of House) to assist with the direction and placement of the two K12.2 that I also own. In addition, each band member can control their own monitor mix and volume. For recording, whether it be live or in a home studio, simply plug in a USB 3.0 external drive and arm the tracks that you wish to record. I use Logix Pro and can mix the individual tracks, add effects as necessary, adjust levels, and even add tracks or record over mistakes made during the live performance. This is the best, most compact, high-feature mixing board that I have ever owned. I couldn't be happier with this product.

Nat W.

from Murrieta, CA
Audio Experience:
Professional musician for over 40 years, playing a wide variety of gigs. Been running sound ever since the Shure Vocalmaster days, up through the era of giant mains and heavy power amps. Very glad that the gear has gotten smaller and more powerful! Thanks QSC!

Great mixer!

I purchased a TouchMix-16 to replace a large (heavy) rack of analog gear I had been lugging around for years. The TouchMix does everything my analog gear did (and more) in a much smaller, easy-to-use package. All the presets are very usable and save lots of time on set-up and sound check. I especially appreciate the real-time feedback suppression that came with the last big firmware update. Great sound of course! A couple of little things: I wish the display was bigger and could be made even brighter for outdoor gigs. In bright sunlight it's very hard to see. Also, I would like separate level controls for the LR main out. Nevertheless, a great mixer for a working musician, adaptable to many different situations. Highly recommended!!


from Garland
Audio Experience:
concerts, presentations and dj


It is a versatile product and it offers me great opportunities It's really great


from Taylorsville NC
Audio Experience:
Live Bands for 50+ years


I have had my TouchMix-16 for less than a year but I love all the features and especially the ease of use. We use it for a 6 piece Dance Band! The added feature of wireless remote control with an I-Pad is GREAT! Keep putting out these GREAT products QSC!


from Saratoga, NY
Audio Experience:
I'm the guitarist/ vocalist in a pop/rock band. Owning and setting up the PA gear rests on my shoulders. The Touchmix-16 has made the chore a pleasure!

Happy to go digital!

First go at a digital product, so glad I did. The Touchmix-16 has made setting up and dialing -in our PA system much more efficient. The learning curve was smaller than I expected and the controls are endless! User forums and superior support cinched the deal for me!


from Tyler, TX
Audio Experience:
Live Musician, DJ

Loaded with features, easy to use, flagship product!

I've had the Touchmix-16 for 3 years, and I am happy to say that QSC is treating it as a flagship product and continuing to develop and improve the firmware. Recent firmware additions include the ability to play MP3s from external drive (I used a 2.0 flash drive with no issue) and easier access to aux mix pages. QSC also expanded the "virtual gain" settings so that it's easier to save and recall mix settings from gig to gig. I haven't tried it yet, but new firmware also lets you update firmware directly over WIFI. Amazing feature set and remote apps that don't need to be expanded on here, but QSC's dedication to improving the TouchMix-16 firmware keeps the features fresh. The optional slant rack mount is great for a small slant rack mixer case. I'm very happy with sound quality and feature set.


from St. Louis Missouri
Audio Experience:
+20 years

Why buy anything else.....ever?

I love everything about this product. The functionality of cross platform (Apple & Android compatibility) is unheard of. Also, under 5 lbs...?? It's crazy. So much value it's insane. Love it!

Jeff H

from United States
Audio Experience:
Professional musician since 1973.

The single BEST Upgrade to our band's Sound!!

We owned conventional mixers and really didn't think the TouchMix was all that necessary. Boy were we wrong! The audio quality and effects by themselves are far superior than any board we've ever owned. Add to that the ability to save mixes, 8 auxiliary outs for monitor and other mixes, possibility of choosing 4 fx on each channel - and it is the "Swiss Army Knife" of mixers!! We had one problem in the 3 years we owned the board, one of the aux outs and one of the main outs needed to be replaced. QSC covered it under warranty! They have added many extra features as a software system upgrade and there was no charge for that either!! We are still learning many of the features of this board, and yet to be able to use the TouchMix series mixers- is very intuitive. Thanks so much for QSC for your outstanding design, build quality, customer service and warranties!! ( We also purchased the new K10.2's and KS212c's to work with our TouchMix 16!!)

Gregory Wall

from baltimore
Audio Experience:
Live Band

Great Mixer!!!

Love this new simple to use yet scalable for more advanced set-ups...easy to set up and totally flexible for the multiple bands I play in...built in effects, wizards, feedback control, monitor mixes, iPhone app...Thank You QSC!!!


from Sidney Ohio
Audio Experience:
Been in bands and /or running sound for 15 years.

Awesome product!

The Touchmix 16 is a wonderful product. The wireless control to tablets, or smartphones is a real time saver for setting up monitors, and front of house sound. The presets, effects, and feed back wizard are excellent. The ability to record is icing on the cake. Buy this, you won't be sorry!


from Mid West.
Audio Experience:
Semi Professional,Hobbyist,

Great size, Great Features, and Great Sound

I have owned the mixer for about (3) years, and have used it in many various events, including Indoors, Outdoors, even on a small ship and in a very large room. I also keep the mixer in a mixer case. The Mixer is outstanding in what it does. It has all the effects you could ask for, Enough Auxs for everyone to have their more of me with controls over separate monitors. Another big plus on this mixer is the software updates. QSC has sent out many updates that have really made the mixer even that much better. Yes that's right even better. If you need Wireless control on an Android and IOS, that works when you need it. It works great, I use it at every show. Control the TouchMix being right in the audience and hear what the folks are hearing around you. Does not get any better then that. You can also save the settings in places you played in for future return to the same room. as good as this mixer is, my Biggest complement to QSC is their Service. It is Out Standing. I really mean it. I needed the mixer checked out and they responded like we were family. The issue was resolved, it was dealt with in a timely manner and it was returned in a very reasonable time. A+ to QSC and the QSC team. Will no doubt be looking at QSC for future purchases.

Michael Aponte

from Roseburg, Oregon
Audio Experience:
I am a semi-pro drummer by trade. I have my own mid-sized PA for small local live shows. I do sound for my own bands, and I hire myself out for PA and sound. I also use the TouchMix-16 as a way to control my own drum sound and send outputs to the FOH.

For me ... The best product, the best fit, for my needs ...

I am a semi-pro drummer by trade. I have my own mid-sized PA for small local live shows. I do sound for my own bands, and I hire myself out for PA and sound. I've always dabbled in sound reinforcement and had to learn things by trial and error. Since buying my QSC TouchMix-16, I've reached a new level of knowledge with respect to how to shape my sound. Every time I start up the system I dig deeper into it's capabilities ... each time learning something new. Straight out of the box, it was so simple to use and learn. Such a compact package with an amazing amount of features ... effects, EQ, compression, limiter, assignable groups, assignable aux and mains outputs, recording! I also use the TouchMix-16 as a way to control my own drum sound and send outputs to the FOH. I love the QSC TouchMix-16.

Andres Yuhnke

from Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Audio Experience:
A musician since my teen years, I was always tasked to be the recording engineer in my various bands. I have owned a small performance venue, went to school for Audio Production, ran a recording studio, and have been the house sound engineer at a few small venues around town. I now do freelance work and have a weekly DJ gig at a local wine bar.

Powerful and Flexible Compact Mixer

You would be hard pressed to find a mixer in this size that's capable of as much as the QSC TouchMix-16. I've had mine for several years and one of the things that the digital nature of the mixer enables is feature updates via firmware. The capabilities of this device just continue to expand. I typically use it with my DJ setup, bringing in live percussion and digital elements that I blend along with my DJing. However that really doesn't scratch the surface of what this mixer can do. Recently I put it to the test when I was hired to do a live recording of an improv jazz performance. I used all 16 inputs to track the various musicians and performers. The sound booth of the venue is located on top of the restrooms. Once I got the TouchMix-16 patched into the snake and all the levels set accordingly I was able to save myself several trips up and down a rickety ladder thanks to the iOS app, which allowed me to control the sound with my iPad. I used the TouchMix-16's built in recording capabilities to record all tracks plus the main LR straight to disk. The musicians were all very pleased with the results.

Dj Nativeson

from Brooklyn
Audio Experience:
Full time AV company owner.

The middle brother. But big results

Another great product. Pristine sound and great presets. Only the Wi-Fi dongle keeps it from getting 5 stars. Just get a Wi Fi router.

Jeff K

from Kansas City
Audio Experience:
30 years playing in live bands.

Awesome mixer

This mixer has taken our sound to the next level. Last weekend our band had no time for a full sound check. After quickly getting everyone’s gain levels set we had to go on. We are a 4 piece hard rock band without a dedicated soundman. The ease of use and the functionality of the system made my life so much easier than with previous mixers. I had numerous compliments after how clean our sound was. I don’t think I could have done it with other mixers. Also love the the ability to multitrack record.

Marc Golob

from Miami, Fl
Audio Experience:
I joined my first band as a teenager in 1987. Day one I knew I'd be doing music the rest of my life, day two I knew I'd be doing sound the rest of my life. I have always enjoyed running sound and working on a getting band's production to sound huge and exciting. Today I have a small sound company that used QSC speakers all the way around and the Touch mix. Very happy!

Touchmix Hits all the right buttons

I had felt the first wave of consumer/prosumer digital mixers were a little off. I really believe QSC got it right the first time with the touch mix. It sounds natural and the headroom is there. It is also very intuitive, I thought I'd always be a knob turner but I figured most of the features out without consulting the manual, really just by eyeballing it. I have had my 16 for a little under a year and I use it about ten times a month, it has not let me down. This is the best mixer if you are in a band bar none. I use it for my band and with a small sound company.

Kevin Montgomery

from Burleson, Texas
Audio Experience:
40 years musician, as well as part time sound engineer when needed. Home studio recording as well.


I am really impressed how clean and quiet this mixer is matched with the K series speakers I have. It offers almost everything I need as a musician and stand alone entertainer. I do wish it had just a few midi compatible features, such as effects on/off when driven by a DAW. I realize it was designed for optimal use by a sound engineer, but I don't make any changes to the mix once the sound check has been completed. That being said, I still love this board, it's size and ease of use, and would purchase it again if ever a need would arise.


from NH
Audio Experience:
Live working musician, running PA from the stage. Former recording studio owner


This mixer is so easy to use that you barely need to use the manual. But if you want to dig deep....there's a wealth of tools to get things sounding great!

John Gardiner

from Sacramento
Audio Experience:
Minimal but getting better all the time! Thanks

Drummer can mix from behind the kit

So I have been using a Mackie board for a while and with my very basic skills and ability to tweak while singing and drumming, the mix was a bit flat and not very amazing. I bought the TM-16 and after a pretty short amount of time I was able to set up a very nice mix, tweak it a bit at the show, save it for the next performance, and then do small adjustments at the next show. After the last update and the way you moved the aux views to the left of the screen it made things much easier to tweak on the fly. I still have not mastered convincing my band to use their phones or ipads to adjust their own monitor mixes so I am doing. But much faster. Have considered selling this board and buying the larger board


from Lansing, aks
Audio Experience:
Full time audio engineer for my church for 7+ years. Electric bass guitar player in a duo with an acoustic guitarist/vocalist.

Quality Audio in a Small Package!

The TouchMix-16 exceeded all my expectations! I've used this mixer with a 5-piece contemporary Christian music band as well as the acoustic guitar/vocal with electric bass duo I am in. The sound is so crisp and clean that I've had people come up to me and say that they've never heard such clarity and fullness in a small PA. Of course, I'm using the TM-16 with a pair of QSC K12.2's. So, how can that combination NOT put out quality sound??? It cannot. Buy one. Us musicians are pretty particular about our sound, so why not get the best you can at this price point?!

Jesus Prieto

from Los Angeles CA
Audio Experience:
It is a great product and matching it to the K speakers series 1 and 2…is awesome!


I really can't express enough how satisfied I am with this mixer. It does professional work in such a small package! I'm also no expert in electronics but QSC and its' line of mixers ( I own the TM 30 also) make it almost intuitive! Great work guys!


from Watebury, CT
Audio Experience:
Lead musician and sound engineer for House of Forgiveness Christian Church for over 25 yrs.


The TouchMix-16 mixer has been a God-sent to us at our church. First, it allowed us to get rid of a pile of hardware. From our huge old analog mixer to our compressors, EQs, feedback suppressors, effects processors, digital recorder and the several Furman voltage regulators that it took to run all that hardware. Then, it allows us to use different DSP settings on each channel using the same built in software, no additional hardware required. Then, there is the Aux matrix, the perfect solution to monitor mixes. To top it off, there is the sound, it just sound clean, clear, just great. We recently started getting into playing with live tracks and we've outgrown the number of ins and outs. We will be upgrading to the TouchMix 30 Pro in the next few months.

Greg Staggs

from Alabama
Audio Experience:
30 year professional

Practically a monitor mixer

The TouchMix 16 has been an answer to a prayer. It does everything that I need and comes in such a small package and replaces so much equipment. I run my own live sound with small all acoustic groups and four or five piece rock bands. This little computer has easy presets for everything. You can do a quick and dirty set up, and it’s going to sound great. You can drill down deeper and it’s going to sound fantastic. You can save your band and the sound settings for every room you play. Recall room you haven’t been in in months or a year, and it’s all right there again. The only thing that I’m not in love with our the analog knobs for attenuation. There’s no way to preset those. You can do a quick and dirty set up, and it’s going to sound great. You can drill down deeper and it’s going to sound fantastic. You can save your band and the sound settings for every room he play. Recall room she haven’t been in in months or year, and it’s all right there again. The only thing that I’m not in love with our the analog knobs for attenuation. There’s no way to preset those. Still, it’s fairly easy to remember approximately where those are set, and it does give you emergency kill switches for each channel. I do wish that the four inputvcombination plug-ins were on the first 8 channels instead of the last four. It’s just one extra step I have to take every time. This little jewel is unbelievable. I kept my analog equipment thinking I might need a back up plan. It’s just gathering dust.


from Baltimore, MD
Audio Experience:

Easy to dial in

I have been playing music for years, but my experience with sound is absolutely minimal. I was able to dial in settings for the band, and have everything gig-ready within about 1 hour of opening the package (most of that time spend downloading new firmware). Very few tweaks from the stage, and we had crystal clear sound with no fuss.

Dave Bolin

from Dowagiac Michigan
Audio Experience:
I have been a sound technician to some degree for 30+ years. I started with some basic formal training, and from there experience has been my teacher. In that time I've used about every major brand of mixer on the market.

Great mixer in a small envelope

When I first got the Touchmix-16 I was slightly intimidated by it, because I had lived in the analog mixer world for so many years. Believe it or not after about an hour of watching the how to Touchmix videos on youtube, I was in business and never looked back. I had the band over for a practice run to get the channels assigned to the instruments and vocals. I used the "simple" settings to get started, and some awesome presets for each channel. I had it going in no time. The guys thought I had put countless hours into learning this board. In reality I had maybe five hours total including that practice. I saved the settings as our band name and studio. I recalled my save setting at the gig, made some tweeks here and there using my iPad out in front to get a good room setting and viola! I have been using the touchmix-16 now for about a year and a half, and we gig at least twice a week. I am happy to say I am still "in love" with this mixer. I have used it in about every size venue from tiny to huge and it has never let me down. I am anxious to add the K series active speakers to my system, which I plan on doing when I replace my current speakers. I was a big fan of QSC amplifiers in my analog P.A. system, this is what prompted me to go with QSC when I went digital and I have not been disappointed!

Richard A LaVenture

from United States
Audio Experience:
I have been doing live sound for groups that I have played in for almost 30 years.

Love this mixer

Bought this mixer last year as I was looking to down size from a 24 channel mixer. Used mostly in a practice space but this summer used it for a small party. Set up was a snap using the pre-sets, Nothing but compliments for the people at the party about the sound. Love it and highly recommend it.

John Gunther

from Highwood, IL
Audio Experience:

TouchMix 16

My life has never been easier! I've been in the music business over 40 years, and never thought I would go digital! I was a little skeptical after I purchased my TouchMix 16. but, once I learned the basics, and I am still learning, my musical life has been easier. If I were to purchase each item that the TouchMix 16 has individually, it would have cost a small fortune. Thank you QSC for making my musical life easier!

Alex S.

from Rochester NY
Audio Experience:
Sound setup for 4 piece acoustic band.

Great product

Wonderful mixer with great sound and features.


from Cocoa Beach FL
Audio Experience:
I am a weekend warrior for going on 10 years. I work for a very well known Space Agency, I know good reliable hardware when I see it.....the Touchmix 16 is just that!

powerhouse in a small package

This board has served to make our band better because of the capability it gives us.....from live sound to recording. It is a powerful tool to have, highly recommend it......


from Monrovia
Audio Experience:
Studio owner, producer, performer.

Great product

This is a homerun of a digital mixer. Does everything you need. And once you've spent a little time working with it, it makes mixing live shows a breeze.

Josh G

from Manchester NH
Audio Experience:
Musician, technician, engineer.

Love this small powerhouse

This mixer does it all and looks great while doing it. IO flexibility, form factor, audio fidelity and price. I love my TouchMix 16. Small recording sessions, live PA or just jammin with friends this is what touchscreen mixers should model themselves after. Thanks QSC!!!

Chuck G.

from Vermont
Audio Experience:
Adjusting the levels from band to band was quick and easy and allowed us to dial in the sound much fast and easier with wireless controls! It worked perfect in this situation!

Great for controlling away from stage!

We recently played an outdoor festival for about 1000 people and we setup on an elevated deck above our audience outdoors. It was great to take an iPad out into the crowd and adjust as necessary. The levels were a lot different then on the “stage”. We also did sound for another band after us and it was quick and easy to setup their different arrangement on the board with the presets. We were also fairly far away from the board with our iPad and there was no problem with the connection. The Touchmix worked great for this situation because there were two flights of stairs and a deck you would have to of run up and down to adjust levels without the wireless iPad option.

Joseph Young

from United States
Audio Experience:
20 years Professional Musician and sound tech

Touch Mix Fantastic

I love this Mixer. I have had it about 3 years now and have done many live shows and recordings with it. The interface is very intuitive and it is great having all the on board effects. QSCs upatets adding features has been really nice too. letting some of the features of the newer firmware from the touch mix 30 trickle down. being able to mix from my Ipad is priceless. love it


from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:
Sound mixing for my own group and for other groups

Touchmix 16

Great effects. Love anti feedback feature. It’s easy to run from the stage with iPad in front of me or for soundman to move about for adjustment

David Flowers

from United States
Audio Experience:
Professional Musician, Sound Engineer

Excellent Mixer

The QSC TouchMix-16 is very intuitive and packed with many great features. The ability to save and recall my scenes saves a lot of time at shows. The presets allow the novice engineer to quickly recall EQ, compression, and gate settings for microphones and instruments without having to make these settings individually. With the addition of a USB hard drive, it is possible to make studio-quality recordings that can be transferred to DAW software for further editing and mixing. I really enjoy the ability to use a tablet to control the TouchMix via Wi-Fi. I have had this mixer for almost a year, and I have learned so much about it during that time. The TouchMix takes the guess work out of live mixing, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants big console features in a compact package.

Ezequiel Hernandez

from Houston, TX
Audio Experience:
I have been running sound for my personal bands for the past 15 years. I also DJ and provide Live Entertainment. I have been playing and around music for over 22 years.

Best Compaq Mixer in the Market!!!

The Touchmix - 16 allows for easy set up and extremely well balanced mixed and sounds. Pair this system with the KW181 and K.2 12in and wow! Truly amazing what the QSC family offers now. The easy navigation set up with the TouchMix allows for easy Auxiliary set ups and being able to jump from Mains to Aux's quickly! The built in gates are the best and easiest I have encountered. I compare this to the Mackie DL1608 and QSC is by far the winner. Well worth the investment and the great warranty QSC supplies with its products. I am sold on QSC and will never purchase from another supplier again. They have gained a lifer with me and I guarantee you will become a long time user once you try them! QSC is simply put, the BEST!


from United States
Audio Experience:
Next to no audio experience. Everything is new. I have to run my band's PA and now am using the TM for recording rehearsals and practice.

TM16 Rules

This little guy just keeps getting better the more I learn about it and experiment with it. It is becoming very familiar and easier to work with. Does everything it's supposed to without any problems. Love it.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Next to no audio experience. Everything is new. I have to run my band's PA and now am using the TM for recording rehearsals and practice.

TM16 Rules

This little guy just keeps getting better the more I learn about it and experiment with it. It is becoming very familiar and easier to work with. Does everything it's supposed to without any problems. Love it.

Steve Wingo

from Birmingham, AL
Audio Experience:
I am a semi-pro musician but have been a full-time pro audio rep for very large companies for over 14 years. I also mix audio a church and a few local bands.

Best of the best

Can't be beat for the footprint, ease of use and sound quality for this format. This mixer is intuitive, and the iPad app is great. I play as a solo, duo, trio and with a five piece band and this mixer suits all of those needs without fail. The playback and record features are icing on the cake. Very quick in dialing in the right monitor mixes.

Louis Somers

from The Netherlands
Audio Experience:
I've been the Audio / Technical guy at our church for quite a long time. Usually I also do the audio for weddings, funerals and other events, as well as playing the organ or keyboard. In my day-job, I'm a software engineer.

Virtual racks of gear squeesed into a tiny mixer

Less than a decade ago, one would need a few 16" racks to mount all the 4-band parametric equalizers, compressor / gate's, effects and a multi-track recorder. Loads of cables would be needed to connect them all. But now I carry all that in one hand. I use the mixer mainly for weddings and church-related events. The setup is straightforward and quick. Usually I set up the channels, names, gain levels and phantom settings at home before the event, saving some set-up time. But the mixer also has a huge time-saving feature: the feedback wizard. It can ring out a room automatically, and do a much better job than I could ever, using super thin notch filters (I would have taken out larger bites with a parametric EQ). Not only that, but it does this super fast! The iPad app remote control is really nice! At weddings it allows me to sit at a table together with my wife and children, enjoy the performance and be totally in control. Note that it does drain the battery quite allot, so I always use an external powerbank to keep it running. Another great feature is multi-track recording. I always plug in an ssd and record the whole event. While the Live event is usually quite mono, the recorded performances can be loaded into a DAW, and be totally remixed, each input separately! I have tried other digital mixers, some have nice extras like the option of a digital snake, but I would not want to swap my TM16 for any of them (the remote control diminishes the need of a digital snake). None of them had the recording capabilities (without a laptop!) or feedback wizard features found on this one. There's also a mysterious RJ45 connector on the back with the words "accessory only" above it, so who knows what extra's we can expect in the future... I only wish it had the auto-mixer feature found on the TM30, even if I'd have to swap out all effects for it (I hardly ever use effects during live events, only in post-production in my DAW). But for me this mixer has been worth every penny!


from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician and run sound for 35 years

Excellent Value!

Own 2 of these. The learning curve is easy and 100% better than any analog on the market. Tech support is also very helpful!

Ben Bush

from Northeast Pennsylvania
Audio Experience:
Graduate of The Recording Workshop class of '98. 20 years sound experience. Owner of Studio 670.

Incredible TouchMix 16

I have been using the TouchMix 16 for a few years now. It has been one of the most reliable pieces of gear I have owned in my career. It has a great user-friendly interface with easy to use effects and presets to get you a great sound from the start. The ability to plug in a hard drive and record and mix right on the board is great for bands and sound people. I would recommend this to anyone serious about great sound.

Pierre Le Henaff

from Millbrook NY
Audio Experience:
Musician for 50 years

Great Sounds

We musicians sometimes forget what we are doing is making "Sounds". If the sound we are sending to the room is lacking in quality we are doing ourselves a disservice. This board allows for extensive control of that sound. This board is amazing!!

Dave F

from Bartlett, Illinois
Audio Experience:
Keyboardist, Home Studio Enthusiast

SO easy to use

I already owned the k-12 speakers using another brand small mixer when a sales rep mentioned the Touchmix-16 to me. it was a great price point and gave me the 2 additional aux's I needed along with additional quarter inch stereo ins and outs. The board was easy to set up by just using a present and doing a small amount of tweaking. I am more of a keyboardist than a soundman so I need easy operation. we run drums, 2 guitars, 2 stereo keyboards, bass and 4 vocals with no problem. the only downfall is the included usb wireless plug does not give a good signal to run remotely from an iPad. the signal would constantly drop and you would be disconnected. Buy a real router, we have not had a problem since we did this. Overall great board and easy enough for anyone to operate.


from Switzerland
Audio Experience:
Guitar player

Touchmix 16 - Excellent

I own the Touchmix 16 since quite one year now to replace an old Korg D888. I use it mainly to record our rehearsals and havind 22 channels available is quite fun compare to the previous 8 on the Korg. I still experiment all the available effects for each various instrument as I'm not a master in sound engineering. But I have found some which are at least convinient for the use I made of the Touchmix 16. Next step will be to prepare it for direct stage use mixing. So very good unit for the price. Michel

Carl Schreiber

from Joliet IL
Audio Experience:
vocals / guitar / band leader / band sound engineer (amateur, unless I'm using a TouchMix - then I just sound like a pro engineer!)

STILL blown away!

I purchased my TouchMix 16 when they were first introduced - after looking at comparable compact digital mixers. I even waited before purchasing for QSC to get into the market, and I'm still glad I did! Still an incredible value for the money, does everything it's supposed to (and more I still can't figure out!). Factory support and service are superb - the standard for the rest of the industry. The regular firmware updates are like getting a new mixer every time QSC introduces new features. I wish all the equipment I've had to purchase were this solid, this robust and this consistently good (I also use RMX-series amplifiers). It also works well with in-ear monitors, and now each musician can control their own mix from the app on their phone. That one capability alone made it worth buying! My only gripe is QSC introduced a TouchMix 30 after I had already purchased the 16! My band regularly gets hired based on our live sound and our ability to control it - and it's because I invested in QSC equipment! Anybody doing their own sound and not using a TouchMix mixer is missing the boat. I'm a fan for life! - Carl Schreiber, Cadillac Casanovas


from St. Paul, Minnesota
Audio Experience:
I'm a free lance announcer and a voiceover talent. Accuracy of sound is extremely critical to me


I've owned my TouchMix-16 for about 3 years now. The more I work with it, the more I discover about its capabilities. Particularly useful is the ability to set up and save various scenes, which makes set up and sound checks easy when you go back to the same venue. Also when combined with my QSC 12.2 speakers, the sound is great.

Scott Jacobs

from Greenville, SC
Audio Experience:
touring musician since 1992, professionally since 1998.

Great mixer!

You absolutely cannot beat the size nor the overall performance of the TouchMix-16. I have traveled professionally in Christian music for over 20 years and sometimes go out as a soloist and at other times have a five piece band. This little mixer is more than adequate for either setting. The 6 auxiliary outs are especially nice when you want to run separate in ear mixes. After three years I can't think of anything negative to say and I highly recommend this product.

Smilin' Bob

from South Carolina
Audio Experience:
Audio engineer, multi instrument musician

Briefcase Studio

I bought the Touchmix 16 a little over 3 years ago, still loving it, and zero issues thus far! When researching for a digital mixer, I had downloaded all the apps for digital mixers on the market to compare functionality. QSC by far was the most user intuitive and the only one that offered more than just reverb and delay, they also included chorus and pitch fx which I use to fatten vocals with. When it arrived, I was up and running within minutes dialing in the best mix I have ever had in years. No need for outboard gear, everything was in this briefcase sized mixer. The 6 aux outs allows me to send out 6 different audio mixes to the band members, and I can record everything as we are performing. Then, after everything is said and done, I can go back and mix the recordings and have a killer demo on the fly, just too easy. Only thing missing is a digital snake option, maybe in the near future!


from Chicago
Audio Experience:
Longtime performer, studio owner, owned an agency and sound company as well

TouchMix 16

I really like the ease of use, the size, the build, the way the unit is laid out, and its features... My only quibble is that it seems a little difficult to dial in tones... The presets tend to be mid high saturated and have a tendency to feed back easily...The more instruments added seem to have a pile on effect and feed back more easily, almost a cumulative effect.. (not volume, tone) Easier to get tones on my analog boards, but that being said you can't knock the depth of features, portability, and general usefulness of the board


from Abington, PA
Audio Experience:
trained as an audio engineer on analog gear back in the 1970's. I have worked as a professional musician, often doing sound work and recording for the groups with which I perform. Owner/operator of Balanced American Music.

A real back saver with no down side

I am old enough to remember when a decent sounding 16 channel mixer took at least two guys to get into a club and at least two people to operate because one had to roam around the club checking sound in all the corners while the other made adjustments. At 5.5 lbs., it comes in in a briefcase and with the iPad app can be set up and controlled by one person easily. The preamps are decent at handling whatever is thrown at them, and the ability to easily record is just a bonus. It has paid for the mixer already in my ability to do live recordings of bands with which I perform.

John D

from England UK
Audio Experience:
Musician, Audio Tech degree, sound engineer

Brilliant Mixer

After several gigs where wifi only mixers left me unable to control anything as the wifi chips malfunctioned or the OS crashed, I was looking for the ability to remote control a mixer and also the possibility of a non-wifi control - the QSC TouchMix 16 fitted the bill and after a friend got one, I was sold. It sounds noticeably better than the previous kit I was using - the preamps and general sonic quality is noticeably in a different league! The only things that I would change, would be software: the ability to cancel and reassign feedback destroyers individually, as currently once you have assigned all 8 you have to reset them all if you need to kill a new frequency, and hardware: more combi Jacks - 4 is ok, but if inputs 1 - 8 were all combis I would be much happier - these are small issues, and I hope for a software update to help with the otherwise brilliant Feedback killer. I am excited to try the recording side, and look forward to doing a virtual soundcheck with all the band mixing the main sound, as soon as I can get a compatible HD. All in all, a fantastic and brilliant product that I would recommend over and above anything else on the market!

Mike Lorenz

from Toledo, Ohio
Audio Experience:
I’m a retired music professor emeritus. I started in audio program about 25 years ago and taught audio recording and music technology as part of my duties. I was a clinician for the Michigan Band and Orchestra Association, a member of NARRIS and served on the Michigan department of education assessment board. I’m in active jazz musician, have my own group and still play regularly with my own group.

This is a superb mixer!

I compared many mixers side by side and decided on the QSC touch mix 16. One of the important features to me was the ability to record discrete tracks on the solid-state drive. My recording‘s rival anything done in a major studio. I took several recordings to a brand new studio in Ann Arbor and the engineer was amazed. He asked me what studio I recorded it at. I told him it was a live mix direct to solid-state drive. He couldn’t get over it it sounded so great on their $30,000 speakers. I also love the fact that my mix changes slightly over time and I can save it direct to the internal memory. The next time I go to my gig everything is there. All my effects, EQ’s and My mic setups are there. After using this mixer and installing updates it’s my go to tool for my group. I’ve been using this mixer for nearly 2 years and I’ve never had a glitch.

Nick Harney

from Musicology Instant Entertainment CALIFORNIA
Audio Experience:
Audio Engineer, DJ and TV Producer

TouchMix 16 Rocks!

We purchased a TM16 for our TV show where we capture live sound from a variety of bands from different genres. The TM16 is a phenomenal piece of kit that not only is able to dial in the monitors perfectly for the musicians with such tools as the feedback wizard and totally customizable aux channels, but the sound quality we are able to capture is perfect! The digital presets are added bonus, enabling us to quickly navigate sou d checks which is essential in. TV studio environment. Thanks once again QSC for a superb piece of kit.

Jack Adam

from Tidewater Virginia
Audio Experience:
Sound engineering on the side for over twenty years. Musician for over fourth.

Touch Mix excellence

We ran Sound the night before with our “old” digital board. The difference in sonic quality was completely apparent when we hooked up our Touch Mix 16 immediately upon playing a CD when we fired the system up. The preamp clarity was amazing. Even the band noticed the difference when we did sound check. Can’t thank QSC enough for producing a product that rocks right out of the box!!!!


from Dallas
Audio Experience:
Professional Musician

Great Mixer

Originally purchased for a drum set sub mix, but now used to mix the entire band. Also used in a small studio to record. The presets are awesome and make it very easy to use.

Joe Mercuri

from United States
Audio Experience:
Lead singer in classic rock band, also our sound guy for our smaller events

Touchmix-16 Review

Team Members, This thing is awesome. I was looking for a long time to upgrade from our old A&H board, meanwhile trying to significantly lighten our setup (weightwise). We were able to get rid of a bunch of other items, have more channels, effects, PLUS easy recording. We play on average two gigs a month and this thing stands up to travel and wear like a champ. The ins and outs are super, the touchscreen is so easy to use. If i could muster asingle complaint it's that we dont even get enough time to really use everything to it's full potential. i LOVE the effects, compressor, the verb, all that is great and with the easy mode its perfect for beginners. With all the saveable settings, its so great to have a full setup ready to go before a gig. With a few minutes of prep, i save literally hours over a couple gigs because i dont have to set up all the inputs during the precious setup time before a gig. I cant say enough good things about it. Get yourself unstuck from the analog old days and at least try one of these out.


from Boston, MA
Audio Experience:
Full-time guitarist, bassist, engineer, teacher

The best and easiest mixer I've ever used!

The TouchMix-16 is so compact and light. Being able to save settings makes it a breeze to do a sound check. The recording option is so great too. I can easily throw the multi-track recordings into Logic to mix down later.

Ken Boome

from United States
Audio Experience:
Berklee Audio Production, and Media Tech Training in Dallas and owner of brick and mortar recording studio.

My TouchMix-16 Launched 4 new business's.

Honestly, My 22 year old brick & mortar audio studio became an overnight “remote” recording and live audio success in 30 days. It happened because I simultaneously leveraged multiple A/V disciplines with my TouchMix16. 4 years ago I got accelerated & advanced video training to actually bolster & support my piano/composing career. When people the heard “live” performances I recorded at 48/32 bit on the TM16, re-mixed at my brick & mortar studio they were awe struck. I then injected that 48/16 audio back into 6 to 8 camera live concert/gig productions. My new multifaceted business woke up. Now I book, A/V concert documentaries where I run myself “FOH sound” with my TouchMix16 (with K10s or 12's FOH) “ARTIST Stage Monitors” (K8.2's), and Pre-Fader Recording on the 3rd level. I control 5 remote cameras on/off from my wrist control, and I tweak the TM16 from my IPAD (from the camera position in audience) , while I roll around (from out front) an expensive CINEMA wide angle camera. I am in demand, no-ones doing this in Dallas/Ft. Worth (7 million population). What used to take 4 workers to do, I can do myself. I cut out the sideman and middleman.. I have created a necessary world class audio/video content creation machine. My QSC equipment works flawlessly, sounds great, and is completely intuitive and Brilliantly designed. Thanks QSC

Topher Genz

from Fargo, ND
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician of seventeen years.

Excellent Product!

I have been using the TouchMix-16 for about four years now and have found it to be incredibly versatile in a multitude of situations. The ability to save presets and record live shows is a huge plus.


from Mission Viejo, CA
Audio Experience:
3 years as church sound engineer

Great system for our church!

We are a new church so we have to setup and tear down for each service. This is the board we selected and it's incredible! We are able to control the board via iPad anywhere in the room which makes things so simple. You can setup multiple "scenes" for your different worship teams, and save the configuration so it cuts down on setup time. The board controls are intuitive and easy to use. I definitely recommend this unit for anyone looking for a digital sound board.

Fred Harding

from West Coast region of Wisconsin
Audio Experience:
I have been doing pro sound mixing for the past 5 to 6 years.

Makes me look good most every time

I run sound in a small town (actually a group of them) using the Touchmix 16. The performing arts house I run has one, and it makes it real easy to make things sound great. The outdoor venue one town over has one, and I really appreciate the ability to stomp on feedback using the wizard when it pops up. When my friend Tim has a show with one of his bands, I can help set levels while being out of the way. I like the ability to easily access aux sends, and quickly adjust compression on the unit on the fly, and walk the audience to make sure levels are balanced. I would recommend getting an external router to improve wifi range; tech support helped me understand what parts are needed. A great product.


from Clearwater, FL
Audio Experience:
Musician, sound tech

Best pound for pound digital mixer at any price point

Truly cannot explain how great the TouchMix is. I run sound on my gigs three to four days a week and the ease of use and scene saving is spot on. All great features help to make your sound great!

Christos Govetas

from United States
Audio Experience:
Live sound/recording engineer/musician

Most incredible mixer I've ever used!

I bought the Touch-mix 16 the same week it hit the market. I had been working with a well-known brand 24-channel analog console for live sound performances and before purchase, I thoroughly researched all the digital mixing boards that were available. I bought the touch mix 16 and within two weeks, I had an issue with turning it on. Tuesday morning, I placed a frantic call to the QSC technical assistance department. Within two minutes, the specialist emailed me a FEDEX label, ten minutes later, I sent the unit back and the next day I had in my hand a brand new one, no questions asked! Service: Stellar! I've since bought two more units, and encouraged two of my friends to purchase it for themselves. Since then, this incredible mixer has been working without a hitch. Pre-ams: Stellar! On-board compressors, limiters, effects, routing capability, and features: Stellar! I am flying all around the US for performances with my band and would never think not to bring this mixer with me. All-in all, six stars (out of five). I can't think what music performing would be without it.


from Irvine CA
Audio Experience:
sound man

Sound man

excellent switching from anlog mixer to digital touchmix 16! It is really saves time for setting up and ez to use and adjust. Excellent sound


from Saint Louis, Missouri
Audio Experience:
Musician, audio engineer

A perfect mixer

Coming out of analog mixer world, I really like my TouchMix-16, it's got all you would ever need. Playing in a classic rock band in variety of places, we don't have a dedicated sound man, and use different PA for different venues. The scenes feature is really useful in this case, I use two and three way PA systems with different frequency outputs, and everybody in the band has his own adjustable monitor mix. I have a second mixer as a backup, but never had to use it. Mixer gets scary hot, especially in summer time playing outside, but it supposed to do that, as I was told. Before I bought it, I had also Presonus digital mixer, but it was much bigger and heavier. Comparing features and sound quality, I can say that with everything compatible, TouchMix was a clear winner size and weight wise, not to mention simplicity of interface. I am really happy with my TouchMix and would recommend it to anybody who needs a nice mixer, you will never look back. It's got everything you ever need. The only improvement would be a physical fixation of input gain knobs, because they can turn easily, but I can live with that. Otherwise, it is a perfect mixer.

John Francis

from Rolla, MO
Audio Experience:
My background is in radio and sound reinforcement. I have experience both in the Front-Of-House side and in the studio recording side.

A Great Console!

I play in a four-piece Bluegrass band. I'm also the sound guy and the chief tech person. Here are the things I love about the Touchmix 16: 1. The 16 channels. We use eight of them for performances, but I really like having the extra capability if needed. We can plug in a phone with fill music for band breaks, and also frequently plug in a metronome during practices. 2. The 8 Aux Sends. We use in-ear monitors, so each of us can have a stereo mix to our ears. 3. The ability to save scenes. 4. The ability to so easily record each individual track during a session, then import it into a DAW for recordings. 5. Built-in effects. I frequently add a little reverb to our mix, especially if we're performing outside. 6. The ability to control the entire board with a phone or iPad. This is invaluable when you're having to do your own mix. We can send multiple members of the band out during sound checks individually and adjust the balance for the rest of the band. 7. It's lightweight and portable, and came with a great carrying case. 8. Extra features I don't understand yet. I always like having equipment I can grow into. Every time I look through the manual, I learn something new about the board, or a new feature I didn't know existed. 9. Customer Service. We had used our board for a few months when the power cord became loose and wiggly, sometimes interrupting power to the board. QSC replaced it quickly and with no questions asked. (the replacement has been perfect for a couple of years now) A year or so later, our little Wi-Fi dongle went out. Our local dealer exchanged it on the spot for us. QSC has taken very good care of us!


from New Orleans, la
Audio Experience:
mixing sound for bands while playing, repairing guitars and amplifiers

Live performances with Touchmix-16

Bought in early 2016 and started using after about a week of reading manual and experimenting. QSC tutiorial videos were a big help. QSC support also assisted when I needed specific questions answered. First year of use was good but got much better after the update that provided automated feedback control and RTA that helps setting main EQ. Before the update managing feed back was a problem. Presets are easy to assign and work excellent. When I fill in for other guitarist and use the Touchmix with my K8s and a sub, the band members and our customers respond that they love the clarity of the sound. I now have scenes saved for 5 different bands - this feature is very helpful in cutting down on set up and sound check time. I occasionally use my Ipad to make adjustments while we sound chek. Like most devices today, you have to keep up with improvements so you can get the most from your gear.

Daniel Sharp

from Huntington Beach
Audio Experience:
30+ years around sound engineering at CrossPoint Church in HB, 18 years HB Concert Band and also HB's Summer Series in the Park concerts, various clubs and music venues throughout SoCal.

Extremely versatile,

As the only volunteer for sound at Huntington Beach Concert Band's Summer Series in the Park, I have to retrieve our gear each Sunday evening from the end of June through Labor Day weekend. After 13 straight years of and aggressive 11 week series each summer, I'm realizing the importance of lightning my load, without compromising the sound. This year, using the TouchMix 16 has allowed me to eliminate the need for a snake, a console housing the analog Allen and Heath Mixwizard 16:4, CD recorder, and other bulky gear. I pulled the QSC PLX 3602 and threw it into a smaller amp case. Now, the only heavy and bulky gear I take are the EAW 15" speakers cabinets. When it comes to dialing the bands in, I have to do a sound check for the mains, as well as stage, in addition a feed to the TV truck. I'm free to move around the crowd to ensure the sound is dialed in properly by using the phone and tablets. I can also make adjustments for the TV truck, by cuing the Aux and running the headphone jack to a wireless in the ear monitor system, so I don't have to be tethered to the board by a cord. All in all, the gear is outstanding, the multi-track recordings I give to the bands are a welcomed bonus for their shows. The biggest complaint that I have, is there are not enough presets for a concert band, wind ensemble or symphony. Definitely recommend this system to any group/ensemble.

Walter Yates

from United States
Audio Experience:
Sound engineer, bassist

Touchmix review

The bought the Touchmix 16 2 years ago. It has always stepped up to the plate with no problems regardless of where my band has played. I play bass, sing, and run sound at once and the Touchmix is so easy to use that I can do all 3 with ease. I was looking for something compact and this mixer sure fit the bill. I also love the fact that QSC offers updates to the mixer without making you having to buy a new mixer every year. Thank you QSC for delivering on all counts!!!


from Buffalo, NY
Audio Experience:
Live Sound, band member

TouchMix 16! Best Purchase!

I am extremely happy with my TouchMix 16. It has cut my bands setup time in half! In most occasions, all I need is the presets. From the time I save, the small foot print and the compliments on the sound, the TouchMix is worth it’s weight in gold! Well done QSC!


from Alton iowa
Audio Experience:
40 years gigging bass player, sound man in band and church


How do they pack So much functionality into such a small package?! I’ve had my mixer for three years now and it still doesn’t cease to amaze me all it can do and with every firmware update it just gets better and better. Best piece of music gear I’ve purchased in over 40 years of playing and doing live sound


from 97230
Audio Experience:
Singer and Sound for live band.

Touchmix 16

I bought my touchmix 16 3 years ago. I love it from the first days. After a few firmware update, it getting better and better. It go really good with QSC k12 and great with KLA 12. I have play around with some other digital mixer my friend have and none can compare with QSC touchmix.

John Chandler

from Leander Texas
Audio Experience:
Been a drummer 54 years, an dabbled in sound mixing.

Easy enough for a drummer to use.

Been a drummer 54 years, an dabbled in sound mixing. Mainly got the TM16 so I could do my own monitor mix. I use IEM's and/or a floor wedge (QSC K10.2 specifically). I found mixing on this unit was so easy, I started wanting to use it for FOH, and I could give all the guys their own mix, which they love. Once they trusted my judgement, and ability, then heard what it could do, they wanted me mixing all the time. I'd get the TM30, but right now I don't need that many channels, and the 16 takes us less room than the 30 would, since I have to have it near me. Once you get used to the software, it's as easy as pie. Plus you can wander around the room, listed and make adjustments with your tablet. I've done sound, without being the drummer, for a few bands, they loved it, and so did I. I highly recommend QSC, and the TM16, it don't get no better than that.

Richey Rock

from United States
Audio Experience:
20+ years. Semi pro in a 4-piece rock band, and an acoustic duo.

All the bells and whistles!

I did a lot of research before purchasing the TM-16. We wanted to replace our aging, giant PA system because let's face, we're aging too! Big, heavy speakers. Racks of super heavy amps. A huge mixing board and a 18sp rolling rack case filled with gates, eq, effects, sound enhancers, etc. The TM-16 replaced almost EVERYTHING in the rolling rack case and paired with our Bose F1 subs and 812's it sounds SOOO much better than all that other stuff. And it's a lot easier on the back! Well worth the investment! We use it for a full 4-piece rock band and an acoustic duo. The ability to save scenes for each of the bands is handy! We had a couple hiccups with a power cable and a couple of the software updates, but this thing is rock solid now! The guys in the band all control their own monitor levels on their phones, while we also have an iPad for remote control. QSC thought of everything and somehow managed to cram it all in this little box!


from Desert hot springs, CA
Audio Experience:

The Best mixer in the market

I have this touchmix 16 for 4 yrs already.. so easy to set up and the apps are really accurate.. together with my k10, my band really gets a lot of compliments that we sound good.. one day i have trouble with my touchmix 16 on the power supply issue, and i called qsc tech support, there were so nice they send me right away a replacement for the power supply..problem solve!!

Mike B

from Hayward, CA
Audio Experience:
Musician for 50+ years, sound tech for my own bands, and small event sound since about 2008. No real formal audio training, but getting it done with help over the years from fellow audio techs, QSC support, and lots of YouTube videos.

2 years in, going strong

I do small event sound, and the TM-16 has been a quantum leap forward from my old analog board. The availability of multiple aux sends, and the variety of processing and effects on each input and output channel save me a ton of work lugging gear and apologizing to acts for why I can't give them the FOH or monitor sound they want. The audio quality is as good as any mid-priced mixer out there, and support from QSC has been phenomenal.

Ross Miller

from The Land of Utes
Audio Experience:
25 years Owner of an AV event production company

Keep one in your trunk

This place is filled with well deserved positive reviews. So me saying "it's great" doesn't add to the knowledge base. So I'll go off on a slight tangent and mention the usefulness of the form factor of the console. I do a lot of corporate events. For some reason if it is anything smaller than a main ballroom, you automatically get a 1402 or 1202 or somthing similar. Low input count, minimal eq and no ability for zone or delay control. Just having this console in my car, a case no bigger than a laptop, has improved countless meeting and made my job easier. Pros.. Sounds clean recent firmware vastly improved the work flow. functional screen onboard (along with) an Ipad give two windows at once. same size as the other small consoles that don't have this functionality. Cons.. The output should be hotter. drivng the inputs harder to compensate can limit the headroom. I wish the case pocket was bigger. just barely fits the poower supply. would be nice if it could fit some of the specialty cables you need. or even a computer DI.

Alkarim Samji

from Canada
Audio Experience:
Sound Engineer

Amazing compact Mixer

Amazing Compact Mixer. I can do everything with this mixer. Very helpful when traveling, you can save all your settings on a USB stick and upload it with your rental unit else where and everything turns to how your setting at home is.

Ralph Zappier

from New Windsor New York
Audio Experience:
Played in bands since the late 70's

The RND Band

This is the best mixer I owned in years. Work's great has all the options everyone can use simple to operate.

Odřich Černý

from Czech republic.
Audio Experience:
I'm a guitarist and sound engineer

Touch mix-16

I have a touchmix 16 for about three years and I am very happy with it, especially after firmware updates in 2018 it's a great mixing console.


from Dubai, UAE
Audio Experience:
Solo musician, band member

A remarkable unit

I used to lug a Yamaha LS9 around for my band. Great mixer. But when I got my TM16 things changed - seemingly all the capabilities, plus multitrack recording at a fraction of the cost, weight and size. Apart from the intuitive design and ease of use, the connections have been very well thought out for working musicians (2 dedicated stereo aux outs for IEM, stereo jack ins for keyboards/laptops etc). But what will keep me coming back to QSC is the fact that the company really listens to its consumers via the forums and Facebook etc., and often includes users' wish-list functionality in the (fairly frequent) firmware updates. Tap delay (without external hardware) and the ability to play mp3s via USB are all requested features that the unit did not offer when I bought mine. The wireless control via the app is an excellent feature - everyone in my band takes charge of their own monitor mix and could use the app within 5 minutes. The only downsides are that my tablet is too old to run the app and that I and others have had issues with the power supply, which is a QSC-specific connection. I bought a spare for emergencies when I bought the unit, although QSC will replace registered power supplies under warranty.

DJ Like

from San Antonio, TX
Audio Experience:
Latin Sound Percussionist (self taught), Mobile DJ, music enthusiast, meticulous about the quality of sound I produce for my events & customers. =:)

TouchMix-16 Best and Highly portable digital mixer out there!

I've been using the TouchMix-16 for the past four years or so as a mobile DJ. The compact size and features far outweighs anything else I have used in the past. Extremely versatile and slick. When I perform at weddings where wireless microphones are used, this unit performs best with no distortion and excellent volume capability. The customization options are endless leaving you with nothing but your imagination to create what ever level of sound you wish to obtain. Oh and lets not forget that you can also set up a small to medium size band for live entertainment and record the entire event; sweet!

Mauricio Meloni

from Brazil
Audio Experience:
Owner of Level Sonorização, audio rental company.

Awesome Mixer!

This mixer is awesome! It has features we can find only on big mixing desks but in a size small enough to carry everywhere. Sounds amazing!!

Olivier GIRAUD

from Vichy - FRANCE
Audio Experience:

Excellente table de mixage !

Table de mixage extraordinaire ! Très compacte, elle est capable à elle seule d'assurer l'ensemble des fonctions d'un gros ensemble table de mixage très encombrante et lourde à transporter avec des racks de processeurs. Utilisation extrêmement intuitive, elle est très simple de prise en main, et on obtient très vite un résultat exceptionnel. La sauvegarde des scènes permet un gain de temps énorme pour les balances. C'est un produit formidable. J'adore !!!


from Buena Vista, CO
Audio Experience:
Ex Pro. I Still play a few gigs around town.

Full Featured Mixer

I liked this mixer so much that I now have two TM-16's and a TM-8. I've read the manuals for other digital mixers and the TouchMix Series Operating System seems more simple and intuitive than the comparisons. The RTA feature is invaluable. I use one TM-16 as a permanent mixer in my studio and the TM-8 to mix my stereo system plus a looper/guitar/drum machine. This mixer is so compact that I was able to mount the remaining TM-16 in a sliding rack drawer for live use. My 10U rack includes a 2U Voicelive Rack, a 3U Kemper, a 1U Sonic Maximizer, a 1U Multi-plug Power Unit, and the 3U TM-16. All the items are wired into the TouchMix which saves a lot of setup time. I have not had any issues with the three mixers over the last 4 years of ownership (since the first purchase).


from Boston, Mass
Audio Experience:
I'm using this just for home fun with some generic passive speaker and active speaker QSC-K12

QSC TouchMix-16 - Awesome product

I own the touch mix 16, I'm very satisfied the product. My favorite is the anti feedback help me a lot for using microphone. Also, 4 sound effects help me to sing karaoke at home better like pro.


from Curacao
Audio Experience:
Church worship

No regrets

Excellent choice for small church praise and worship. This product has given me everything I need and more, performing flawlessly for 2 years. I think I will never use it to its full potential but still consider the touchmix-30 for more input output flexibility. It is a bargain for the price.

Anton Teschner

from Prescott Arizona
Audio Experience:
Professional multi-instrumentalist musician for 30 years.

You won't regret owning one.

I kept putting it off but my switch to the digital mixer world went better than I thought. And now I realize I should have done it sooner. I felt comfortable enough to gig with my new TouchMix-16 within a week. This is an amazing machine that's very intuitive and easy to learn. Especially for someone that's been used to analog equipment. In fact I've learned a few things studying the presets created by the QSC sound engineer experts. The presets makes your setups quick and easy... and very pro sounding right off the bat. I've even received some unexpected compliments on the sound quality after using the TouchMix-16. I asked a few listeners what they liked that made it different. They couldn't really put their finger on it but most of the replies were, it just 'sounds better'. Cant have a better testimonial than that. Thanks QSC.


from Florida
Audio Experience:
Musician and sound tech over 20 years.

Great mixer

I’ve had my TM16 for a few years now and it’s made mixing my band or any band 100% easier! I chose the QSC because it has a built in screen. It’s nice to always have a screen if you lose your wireless connection. I took half a star off because of the power supply issue and the unit could use a real time feedback destroyer.

Sean S

from Temecula, CA
Audio Experience:
FOH and Monitor engineer for 30 years with regional production companies. Professor Audio Technology- Community College

Packs a punch for it's size

I have mixed a number of concerts with this board and the thing that I love most is it's small footprint and the abilty to mix from an iPad. No more hogging up precious Front of House space.... now I can roam and hear what the audience hears. The Wizard feature makes set up and sound check a breeze and the record/playback capability is nice added feature.


from Nottingham, MD
Audio Experience:
40+ yrs. bassist - 10+ yrs. PA man!

Still figuring out all the benefits!

Picked up about 2 years ago- ‘replaced’ an Allen & Heath ZED22FX (analog). I’ll have to admit that it has taken me quite some time to learn all I need to know (still discovering ‘important’ things...). Having said that- is definitely worth learning... lots of presets- help get me pointed in the proper direction.

Gene Gillikin

from United States
Audio Experience:
20+ years in production.

Exceptional Mixer

The Touchmix 16 is the best, most functional mixer I have had toe opportunity to use, and own. I have used it for live sound, for bands and singer/songwriters and I use it with my own Rock Band, Great Big for shows, as well as multi-tracking. The four of us use IEMs ans it works great, with individual remote access. I have used the feedback wizard to ring out mics in 4 separate floor wedge mixes and it is impressive. I would not give up this mixer for anything. Thanks for designing, distributing, and backing up an exceptional product.

J. Hulzebos

from The Netherlands
Audio Experience:
Playing in a band, mixing audio myself.

Amazing product

Since my band started using the TM-16, all mixing problems were gone. Recording a song, play it back, and mix it afterwards?! Who would've ever thought it would be this easy? We'll never use anything else anymore.

Darcy Smith

from Summerland B.C.
Audio Experience:
I mix a four piece rock band from behind the drums and this board does more than I could have expected. pro drummer for 30 years

touchmix 16

Best bang for your buck period


from Florida
Audio Experience:
DJ, Sound Productions and lighting.

This is great

I was a little skeptical when I purchased the TouchMix 16, I figured something so small would only have basic controls, boy was I wrong! This device blew me away with the functionality, don't let the compact size fool you, it is loaded with features, I love it.


from New Bethlhem, PA 16242
Audio Experience:

Happy touch mix 16 owner

Touch mix 16 great board for the novice to tech pro. I own this board we use it for a church worship band, gospel, new Christian rock and country music at church functions sound comes out great everytime.

S. Branch

from Santa Barbara, CA
Audio Experience:
Architect by day, I'm a hobby musician of 40 years who gigs, records & just likes to play.

Best Mixer I've Ever Used

This mixer is the best I've ever used. I started with a Touchmix 8, but after the band expanded, I quickly ran out of inputs and sold it to upgrade to a Touchmix 16. I couldn't be happier! And the best part? It's sounds and ease of use right out of the box surpass any higher end mixer I've used. The ability to use multiple monitors, each having their own mix by use of the many Aux channels insures that everyone hears the mix they want. And for live performance, the Feedback Wizard I ever got along without that is a wonder. The effects are solid, the routing is simple and the best part is that the audience gets a clean sound that makes it all worth while. Whether you're a sound expert or a novice like me, this unit can handle it all with intuitive ease. Keep up the good work, QSC! You've hit it out of the park with this one. Oh, and the days of needing two people to carry the PA are gone! This unit is only about the size of a laptop! Amazing!!!


from Florida
Audio Experience:
45+ years in church music and Production, Master’s Degree in Music Perfomance, Solo Musician and sound tech.

Touchmix 16 / So much in a small package

With 42 + years in as a church musician/ band member/ and sound system guru, I’ve owned a lot of mixers. My all time favorite for sure is my QSC Touchmix 16. The intuitive layout made it easy for an analogue guy like me to quickly adapt to the digital world of mixing. With so many ins and outs, multiple on board effects and processors, extensive EQ, presets, on and on I could go, it would take a huge rack of gear to come even close to all this Mixer offers in a small package, perfect for a solo musician like me . Creating a mix is simple and quick, the sound quality and clarity is pristine, and the functionality is so natural, anyone with a limited sound back ground could use this unit; but even a seasoned pro can appreciate the extensive capability of this mixer. Thanks QSC for helping an analogue diehard learn to absolutely love digital mixing. Great mixer, affordable, super portable, exsquisit sound!

Mike Hundley

from West Palm beach Fl
Audio Experience:
Professional musician for 37+ years. Sound person in all venues that we played.

A lot of mixer in a small footprint

I've had this mixer for 2 years and it has performed as advertised. All in the size of your average lap top. What really kicked it up a notch was the system upgrade that added a lot of the 32 channel board's performance features to the operating system. For someone who has used analog boards for most of my 37 years of playing, the transition to this digital unit was pretty painless.(and the video tutorials were excellent) Any of you out there hesitating to go digital....don't be scared! P.S. Please be aware that this board is not intended for outside use. (It's OK on a cool dry day, though. Just not a Florida summer day)


from Dunkirk NY
Audio Experience:

Touchmix 16

I've been using the Touchmix 16 for 3 years now I love it I mix my band with an ipad the updates are easy to install vey well thought out key piece of equipment for the working musician who needs to cut out the expensive rental sound guy that could make or break you. I get complements ever where we play along with the Touchmix 16 I also run the k series speakers subs and tops bottom line never had a issue with anything keep up the good work QSC!!! Do your self a favor go out a grab some QSC gear!!!

Brian Puglisi

from Phoenix Arizona
Audio Experience:
Pro musician Sound engineer

Fanatic about sound

I have owned this mixer for nearly three years now. Played hundreds of shows. Hands down the easiest set up for me. Enough high quality effects and features to fill two racks. Easy intergratiion for multiple monitor mixes including IEM systems. Clean sounding mic preamps. We even record multi track recordings. I am glad I bought this one.


from Las Vegas
Audio Experience:

Great little light weight mixer

I love these TouchMix-16's so much, I bought three. Not all for me, but for my guys that have to carry audio equipment to lecture halls, conference rooms, rural location events, and venues that are not meant for audio anything. Having the TouchMix, makes these location gigs really easy to set up with all the processing power that is in the bigger consoles we have. Although these are the best small mixers we currently have, I still get complaints by my guys. They want a bigger, better touch screen, they want an internal power supply, and they want to be able to tie it into a network like Dante, for remote operations or to be part of a bigger system. I agree, but still remind everybody that this powerhouse is leaps and bounds above any of our other portable systems. Its own WIFI, 16 mic pre's, 6 XLR aux outs plus mains, and holly cow, talkback. Are you kidding me? The added case is icing on the cake.


from Las Vegas
Audio Experience:

Great little light weight mixer

I love these TouchMix-16's so much, I bought three. Not all for me, but for my guys that have to carry audio equipment to lecture halls, conference rooms, rural location events, and venues that are not meant for audio anything. Having the TouchMix, makes these location gigs really easy to set up with all the processing power that is in the bigger consoles we have. Although these are the best small mixers we currently have, I still get complaints by my guys. They want a bigger, better touch screen, they want an internal power supply, and they want to be able to tie it into a network like Dante, for remote operations or to be part of a bigger system. I agree, but still remind everybody that this powerhouse is leaps and bounds above any of our other portable systems. Its own WIFI, 16 mic pre's, 6 aux outs plus mains, and holly cow, talkback. Are you kidding me? The added case is icing on the cake.

frank Garcia

from United States
Audio Experience:
My experience includes using mixers as a performer for over 20 years. Designed systems and specified equipment for over 10. Currently both performing and running sound at venues with 1500 + seating.

Love it.

I have had and used the TouchMix-16 for over two years now. Love the repeatable setup, parametric EQ, digital gain, and multiple effect. I use it regularly in solo, duo, and 5-piece band settings.

Carlos Gonzalez

from Frankfurt - Alemania
Audio Experience:

QCS K12.2

Excelente el Diseño y es muy cómodo

CaHoots Band

from Brillion, WI
Audio Experience:
20 years running sound for our band

Great Mixer for Small Band

Our small 4 person band has been performing for 18 years and have gone through a couple of mixers (all analog) over the years. Two years ago we purchased the TouchMix-16. What a great unit for our setup. We have 5 mics and 7 instruments plugged in. As a self contained mixer, it shines all by itself, but when you add the network capability to have multiple iPads out there for live mix and individual monitor mix wireless, that takes it to the next level. Then add preloaded preset EQ and gates for each input, it's like a big console with all the extra sound processing all rolled into this compact mixer. We love it. Though we wish we could have some of the new capabilities as the new TouchMix-30, We are very satisfied.

Bill Sticker

from Poughkeepsie, NY
Audio Experience:
30 years playing and engineering as a hobby.

TouchMix 16 - A reliable and versatile mixer

I have been using this mixer for over 3 years. I am still amazed by the quality, sound, and amount of features it provides. It can replace a ton of rack gear such as compressors, gates and EQ on each channel. Onboard FX sound great. I use this board for my own band, as well as running live sound for other groups. I have used it for public speaking events, and the ability to dial in a mic aids tremendously in speakers getting heard by the crowd. The various instrument and vocal presets are OK, but I prefer to setup my own mixes from scratch. While the TM 16 touch screen is not as responsive as an iPad it works good enough. The wheel allows however precise control and should be used along with the touch screen. Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to record all 16 tracks simultaneously to a thumb drive. I have recorded bands for 3 hour gigs to a 64GB thumbdrive with room to spare. You can import into DAW later on. Over all this is the best mixer I have ever used, and superior to Mackie.

Bill Sticker

from Poughkeepsie, NY
Audio Experience:
30 years playing and engineering as a hobby.

TouchMix 16 - A reliable and versatile mixer

I have been using this mixer for over 3 years. I am still amazed by the quality, sound, and amount of features it provides. It can replace a ton of rack gear such as compressors, gates and EQ on each channel. Onboard FX sound great. I use this board for my own band, as well as running live sound for other groups. I have used it for public speaking events, and the ability to dial in a mic aids tremendously in speakers getting heard by the crowd. The various instrument and vocal presets are OK, but I prefer to setup my own mixes from scratch. While the TM 16 touch screen is not as responsive as an iPad it works good enough. The wheel allows however precise control and should be used along with the touch screen. Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to record all 16 tracks simultaneously to a thumb drive. I have recorded bands for 3 hour gigs to a 64GB thumbdrive with room to spare. You can import into DAW later on. Over all this is the best mixer I have ever used, and superior to Mackie.

Steve S

from Fort Worth, TX
Audio Experience:
Musician, producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, promoter, manager, mentor.

TouchMix-16 is smarter than the rest!

I purchased my TouchMix-16 a few updates ago and I must say it is the best hands down user friendly, feature packed , compact footprint mixer I have ever owned. I auditioned several of QSC's competitors mixers but none could stand up to the TouchMix-16 in features, size, usability and price. I have been a professional musician, sound engineer and producer for over 40 years. I cut my teeth on knobs and sliders. I came into the digital age kicking and screaming! But it's products like this that have given me an appreciation for modern technology. Saving settings on analog boards meant taking several snapshots of your surface literally with a camera! Saving mixes (scenes) on the TouchMix is a breeze. The pages are super easy to get around in to adjust every parameter imaginable. The mixer has an analog "feel" to it unlike a lot of the compact mixers on the market today. Updating is easy. Assigning options to communicate with the mixer to fellow band members is easy and the learning curve small. Lots of AUX's! Plentiful monitor mixes means everyone on stage is happy. I can't imagine not having my TouchMix in my arsenal. There's simply no substitute for it!

Eddie V.

from Santa Clarita, CA
Audio Experience:


The TM16 worked flawlessly first time on an actual gig. I pre-programmed the input channels for vocals and instruments. Not one instance of feedback the entire time. Very easy to dial in the monitors to everyone’s liking. One suggestion: the onboard MP3 playback for break music could be improved by including AAC audio file capability. This is my first digital sound mixer and I am very pleased.

Nicolas Gallant

from Sept-Iles, Quebec, CANADA
Audio Experience:
Touchmix 16 is synonymous with outstanding sound quality, STABILITY of use and very affordable price. That is, professional audio quality in every way.

QSC Touchmix16

I have a console Touchmix 16 for 1 year. I have been a professional mic-sounder for over 50 years. Having owned a home recording studio for several years, with the acquisition of a TM16, it became possible to be able to perform live multi-channel live performance, multi-virtual musician, multi-monitoring-on-stage in professional and stable use. QSC's reputation precedes it ... Quality, reliability, user-friendliness and affordability! Without a doubt, I recommend QSC products including the Touchmix 16 that makes the wildest dreams come true. BRAVO QSC and THANK YOU for the seriousness of your products. Nicolas Gallant, QC CANADA.


from Hudson Valley, NY
Audio Experience:
Guitar and sound guy for the band

Best all in one for live sound/recording

Compact for the road. Durable as can be. Have owned for a couple of years and no issues. Direct recording to a portable hard drive from usb terminal. Great iPad/iPhone integration for live mix - individual monitor mixes (up to 6). Quality sound. Easy to navigate if you can get past no faders or hundreds of knobs. Get your band on the individual mixes for themselves and reduce the stresses of being everyone's sound guy. Warning - this is not a DAW, so creating studio track mixes with overdubs is not ideal. But, do a live gig, mic everything, record it and upload to you studio software and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Plenty of online instructional videos to transition from the big analog board to this compact wizardry!

Ricky L Henderson

from United States
Audio Experience:
Vocalist, Sound Engineer since 1978.


I have been in the music business for over 30 years as a performer and sound man and this is as close to a fool proof mixing console as i have found. When I first picked up this board when it was introduced I mixed on it the same evening using the presets. I was amazed at how quickly I could be up and running. I mixed 4 bands that night with 20 minute changeovers between acts. The quality presets is nothing short of amazing. In the years since I have been able to get into the other functions of the board and have been equally impressed with the effects processors, eq's, and recording capability's. Truly a Swiss army knife for a sound engineer.

Pete Jacobs

from Irvine, CA
Audio Experience:
Life-long pro musician. Also recording engineer

Simply the best mixer for my needs

I have 3 bands I play with using this mixer. I'm the keyboard player and the mixer is next to me on-stage. Having to focus mostly on the gig and playing and singing my own parts, I love the fact that the other musicians can control their own mixes from their iPhones (or even Android phones). I love the fact that I can save the mixes. Even in a different room, the layout is the same, and there is not too much tweaking required when we do our sound-check. We can literally go on without a sound-check if we have to, and it still sounds great and it's easy to manage even with both of my hands on the piano keys. I also own the Touchmix 30 (for my larger band), but I find that for a band of that size, I really need to have a "sound-man" (or woman) watching over the mix from the audience. But the Touchmix 16 is perfect for on-stage use. And If I need a multi-track recording, it's easy to do, and I can mix it later in Pro-Tools or Logic

Dan C

from Manitoba, Canada
Audio Experience:
I am solely responsible for the PA in our band. I have been doing it for about 20 years now. I also play guitar in the band so I don't always have the time to explore further.

In the big league now

I purchased the TouchMix 16 over a year ago. I had been using a Yamaha system, which worked well but I wasn't able to get the kind of sound for the band that we needed. Well the TouchMix took us into the big leagues. There was a fairly steep learning curve at first but once I used it more i started to understand how it worked, and work it did. The voices and instruments really came alive and with the ability to change many parameters I was able to teak our sound. There is still quite a bit that I don't know about the TouchMix but it is quite simple to set it up for any venue that we play in. Thank you QSC.


from POWAY, CA
Audio Experience:

High quality Mix

I don't own this product yet but I used this product many times from a friend. I love it a lot. The mix is small but provides beautiful sound. It is light and easy to carry. The price is affordable. The function is easy to use and navigate.

Paul Ernde

from Pensacola, Florida
Audio Experience:
Certified sound engineer

This is an awesome live mixing board

I am the sound engineer for a southern gospel quartet and we have been using the TouchMix-16 sound board since it was first offered. This has been one of the best QSC purchases we have made. We own QSC speakers, but when they are combined with this board our music is awesome. We receive so many great compliments on the quality of our live sound. This board was very easy to set up and to tune to the sound that we had been hoping for. I love the way it is easy to set up at each venue and with a few tweaks we have the sound we want no matter the size or difficulty of the venue. I will never go back to analog. Digital is the way to go and with QSC it was an easy adjustment. We love our QSC products! If you want to go pro this is the way to go!


from Berlin, Germany
Audio Experience:

Simply the Best

The TouchMix 16 is a very fine, reliable and small digital mixer, that is light weight and simple to handle. It's realy easy to set up different instruments like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, drums, vocals, percussion ect. There is a lot of presets that work quite well. You may just have to do some little induvidual changes for the specified sound of your instruments or voices. That's all. You can also use it for direct live recordings in a rehearsal or on stage. You can also store different scenes. It works just simly great.


from United States
Audio Experience:
I've been performing as a musician since the early 70's. I also worked in TV Studio Production back in the 80's. I have been working in the Digital Recording Production since the early 2000's in my Home Studio.

Love My TM-16

I bought my TM-16 to use with my Cover Band and DJ Gigs. I was really impressed with the onboard effects, number of AUX Outs, and the ability to Save scenes. The TouchMix App was also a great addition. My Cover Band performs with Sequences that I write and we use In-Ear monitoring. It's very important for each band member to have their own Monitor Mix and my TouchMix-16 and TouchMix App allow for a great experience for both our performers and the audience.

Michael L. l Reynolds

from United States
Audio Experience:
Guitar player in a band and amateur studio recording person


Wow , what a wonderful mixer. I use this for live sound in a band and as a studio mixer. I love all the options I can choose from on each channel. QSC also from time to time releases updates. How awesome a mixer and support!


from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:

Touchmix 16

This is so cool. The feedback wizard is great. It cleans the sound nicely. The recallable scene saver is great also. I’ve been very happy with the Touchmix. It’s pretty easy to use.

John Archard

from United States
Audio Experience:
I perform using the system and do sound for a medium sized hall.

Very satisfied

I have had the TM-16 for over 2 years. it is very intuitive and allows one to use either simple controls or to go deeper into fine tuning the sound. I have used it to run sound for varied performances ranging from the Scottish band North Sea Gas to the Mallett Bros Band as well as my own band in either a full configuration or a scaled down acoustic show. The connection to a tablet allows one to run the sound from anywhere in the room without needing a snake. It handles all easily and allows one to save all the setting for future shows. I had a problem with the power supply a short time after the warranty expired and QSC quickly sent me a new one under warranty. I would recommend to anyone that needs a system be it for a small or relatively large venue.

Rob Bernstein

from Sudbury, MA
Audio Experience:
Musician, live sound engineer, AV Integrator by day

Great Piece Of Gear Once I Dug Into It!

I was looking for a backup mixer to keep with me on my weekly wedding gigs incase my main rig went down, and to use for ceremonies for a few wireless mics. It needed to be small, easy to use, yet still have enough features (parametric eq, gates, compressors, effects) to be used with a 6-piece band if needed. I settled on the TM16 and am glad I did. Once I started digging into the manual I realized just how powerful this little wonder is. It is clear that QSC put a lot of thought into the layout and features. I will say that doing any detailed channel adjustments from the built-in screen can be a challenge for old eyes like mine, but with an iPad it is pretty comfortable. The one feature I would have liked to seen is the ability to create a custom screen for channel strips. Having to jump around on the 3 main screens can be a bit annoying. But they hit a home-run with this product and I am really glad I took the plunge.

jitendra patel

from United States
Audio Experience:


One of the best mixer i have come across very easy to use and has the best quality sounds. I have the QSC touch mix-16 and all my speakers are also QSC . I would highly recommend QSC mixer to any body who is looking for a good quality mixer.

Funky Sophie

from The Netherlands
Audio Experience:

Awesome mixer for small bands

I love how this mixer is small, powerful and easy to use. I have been using it for various bands and I love the many options, but yet simple interface. Big plus that an iPad is not mandatory, but optional. The recent updates improve the software constantly. The only thing I would prefer would be more jack inputs. There are 4 jack/XLR combi inputs and 2 stereo jack inputs. With a few keyboards, acoustic guitar and SPD we're always some jack inputs short. I would also like to see an easier switch between Track and Arm mode for various channels at once. This can easily be improved by a software update.


from Belgique
Audio Experience:

Compact, efficient easy to use

I use the touchMix for all small prestations. (Not more than 16 inputs). I replace my heavy racks and mixers for one small boxe. The preamp are very good, I would say 'neutral'. The possibility to get 31 eq on outputs is great, 4 effects per channels is great to. (tap delay). Very good buy for the cost.

Mark Austin

from UK
Audio Experience:

Excellent mixer, but a couple of issues

I use the mixer for our 5 piece jazz band, and it is excellent, giving a great sound without much effort. The built in settings for voice and instruments give a great starting place and only minor adjustments are needed. Recording to a hard disk is easy, as is mixing down to stereo on the mixer without the need for a DAW. The two (minor) issues are: 1. The touch screen is imprecise, and it can sometimes be tricky to select the right item on the screen. Using an iPad and the app makes life a lot easier! 2. Just occasionally it will power down without warning. This has never happened at a gig, but it is slightly worrying. I have found that letting the power supply ‘warm up’ before connecting it to the mixer eliminates this risk. Overall, though, the best mixer I have ever used.

Hugh Cline

from Los Angeles, CA USA
Audio Experience:
Singer/Song Writer/Band Member (Magnolia Drawl)

TM-16 Awesome Mixer!!

Hey All. I purchased the TM-16 (also two K12s FOH and K8s for monitors) at the end of 2016 for a 5 piece country band. After a very short learning period and now well over 100 shows, our sound is amazing!! We know this because our fans keep telling us! The band travels and plays large and small venues (crowds of 1000+ to 100+), indoors or outside, it doesn't matter. Our system can handle it. Supper fast setup. Load up a previously saved show setting, a little tweaking and we are up and running for a show (usually in 20 - 30 minutes and that's running everything through the mixer). The ability to have someone run house sound and monitor mixes from an iPad or iPhone is a game changer for any working band. The builtin presets are spot on, builtin RTA for fine tuning and identifying feedback issues is a priceless tool, great sounding effects, EQ a channel or the over all output, automated functions, the list goes on and on. What use to take huge cases of equipment and half a truck load of gear now fits into the size of a laptop computer. You may have seen reviews from users having issues but I'm one with No Complaints. Solid, reliable, road tested, and supper satisfied. Take the time to learn the mixer, keep current with the updates, join the Facebook page or blogs to get great tips and you'll stay trouble free. The TM-16 is perfect for our working band and able to scale up for additional players or seamlessly drop our mixer into a concert size front house system. My rating is an 11...... Thanks QSC!!

Michael R Cossey

from United States
Audio Experience:


Have owned my TM16 for several years now it has served me well throughout those years and has simplified my setup process for the band I record and do FOH services for. Also thru those years QSC has always improved on it's functionality by updates and adding functionality, they always seemed to be one step ahead of what I thought could improve on the TM16.

Dwayne Whalen

from Ohio
Audio Experience:


I'm so happy with this unit you have know idea what it's been to our band it's the most user friendly board I've ever owned I have a presonus that I thought would be everything we would need but this compact little guy is easier to use and takes up less room on stage and in the trailer couldn't be happier with anything else thanks QSC for making life easier on an old hillbilly musician

Al Peterson

from Royse City, Texas
Audio Experience:

Better than expected

This mixer never ceases to impress me! The record / playback capability allows me to send the performers home while I can make changes to the mix / effects. The results can either be scenes for live shows or mix-downs for distribution. The remote control capability allows me to tweak the mix while walking the venue. The anti-feedback wizard is a huge timesaver. What could take 15 minutes or more now takes 60 seconds and it's done. I could go on and on about how much I like this mixer. On thing that most people overlook with a product like this is the updates. I've owned analog mixers in the past and what you buy is what you have, for ever. I look forward to seeing what new functions come with each update. This mixer never goes out of date. I've had the TouchMix 16 mixer for almost 2 years with no issues. It has lasted longer than my first and second marriages.


from Orlando
Audio Experience:
live band

the best

everyone in the band agrees this is the best thing we ever did - switching from anlog mixer to touchmix 16! Really saves time for set up and ez to use and adjust.

Ron Brooks

from United States
Audio Experience:
30 plus years pro sound

STR Sound

Have Run Touchmix for several years now. I have worked with several platforms in the digital world, sound mixing is comparable in most platforms. The end results are awesome. I like the Touchmix for its ease of set up and the learning curve is simple and straight forward. Yes I would recommend QSC Products to me friends and have many times.


from Arizona
Audio Experience:

The Perfect Solution

For years my production company used a range of small traditional mixers with the Mackie 1402 as our primary workhorse. When we saw the new touch mix 16 we were amazed. With the power of an full rack of signal processors stored in its software, the ability to plug in 20 different channels, fantastic delays, robust EQs, and many more options that I never had the need to discover, the touch mix quickly became our go to. Most significantly, for any A1 who had to set up their own wireless network, the touch mix made working with an iPad a simple experience without the need for additional hardware. With each software update, the touch mix solidified it's position as our #1 mixing board. Thank you QSC!

Rodolfo Troncoso

from United States
Audio Experience:
Professional Spanish guitarist, audio engineer and producer. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Audio Production. Owner of the multimedia Miami based company Satori Sounds

Must have Mixer for any media production business

From playing a gig to recording audio for a music video this mixer is the best tool out there. The recording is crystal clear quality and then easy to mange your files. On the stage the capabilities are endless, effects, sends, wireless contol, easy controls etc. User friendly and very complete tool. I love my Touchmix 16, I bring it out to all my events and gigs.

Three Streets Over

from Ohio
Audio Experience:
Live band musician with several years of mixing and gigging experience

Most complete mixer we’ve ever used

Most complete mixer we’ve ever used In the smallest footprint imaginable Went from analog to digital and ended up using the QSC exclusively

Steinar Johansen

from Rancho Mirage, California
Audio Experience:

Pro sound by amateurs

In search for a sound system for our amateur band, I narrowed down our needs to be a digital mixer. None of us in the band are pro sound engineers and digital mixers seemed to us to support our needs. I ended up buying QSC TouchMix-16 after a suggestion from Sweetwater. Since none of us actually have much experience setting up and controlling sound, the pre-installed room settings became our savior. On our first gig using the mixer, we were set up in less than 40 minutes and the mix and sound out of that mixer was amazing. Even people in the venue came and expressed how nice sound we had. I cannot express what professionals can do with the mixer cause I do not know that much about acoustic sound. But I can definitely say that TouchMix-16 easy setup featured great sound for us amateurs. Second time we played at the same place we just pulled up the setting from last time and we were good to go. If you are an amateur looking for good sound mix, I can with both ears and heart suggest TouchMix-16


from Wisconsin
Audio Experience:
Guitar player, worship leader, home studio musician.

Amazing Little Mixer

This mixer kicks butt! Does everything that my previous much larger mixers did and a whole lot more, but I just love that it does it all so well in such a small package! Don't think about it - get it!

Michael Chinander

from Minnesota
Audio Experience:

Quick set up

I play in 3 bands. I am a multi-instrumentalist that isn’t very tech savvy. Rehearsals are at my house so the TouchMix 16 was my choice. An eight piece rock and roll band was rehearsing in one hour. Setting up the mixer for an 8 piece band with horns and 3 vocals took 20 minutes. They arrived and we played the first song with zero feedback and a very good mix. I also play in an acoustic duo. Easy quick and light set up! Always get compliments on our sound. I highly recommend the TouchMix!


from Gilgandra Australia
Audio Experience:

Set, Recall, Ready

We use this in all our public events. The ability to create a scene for each event means on site people only need basic training to be up and running. Awesome! Coupled with the newer setup features we have now tuned each location characteristics for an even more un-eventful event.


from Mount Prospect, IL
Audio Experience:

TouchMix-16 does the job

I have used the TouchMix 16 for well over 2 years now. It is easy to use and it’s presets and IPad access are outstanding. Also the updates keep the product fresh, new and relevant. I recommend this product to anyone.

william dowdell

from United States
Audio Experience:
Guitarist/Singer on the weekends

touch mix 16

I play in the band Panama, in Cocoa Beach Fl. We have been using the TM16 for all of our live shows for the last 2+ years. We play outside on the east coast of Florida......the capability and the reliability of this "little" powerhouse is amazing.....I would recommend it to anyone in any venue and for any purpose from live sound to a studio. It is simply top notch.....oh by the way, I live in an area famous for its rocket scientists.....I know cause I am one!!

Ben Armstrong

from England, South East
Audio Experience:
Pro live and studio tech for many years

4 Years & Still Not Looked Back

This mixing console started out as a mighty beast and through continual revisions of firmware it is now a mini monster! I don't know about you folks, but I remember traveling to gigs with large hefty flight cases and racks loaded with gates, compressors, multi effects units and alike. Not anymore. The TouchMix-16 gives me 16 channels of balanced xlr inputs. There are some additional stereo jack inputs too. You need aux sends to give monitor mixes? How does 8, yes 8 balanced aux outs sound? Use IEMs? Sure, they stuck some trs outs too to cater for those needs too. Phantom power has always been a bugging issue for me. Too many consoles use them in groups of 4 to 8 channels at a time, or more commonly all on or all off. The TouchMix-16 enables any channels to be powered, from one to a selection of any you need in any order. Perfect! The TM16 is a real powerhouse of features. Too many to cover in full here, but QSC don't allow the amount of features to affect the sonic quality of the mixer. The pre amps sound great with acoustic or line signals. The inbuilt effects are perfect. Included gates and compressors that are fully adjustable make live drum kits a pleasure and basses and vocals sound punchy and polished. Into your R&B or Hip-hop? Built in auto tune is great fun! Another really great feature is the ability to attach a hard drive, the take a live multi track recording of the gig. You can choose it pre or post so you have ultimate control back in your DAW of Choice. The ability to save and recall any mix from either a flash drive or from the Touch mix 16 itself. Working with many bands and in many venues, sometimes with different monitor setups this is a real time saver. This QSC Touchmix-16 sets the bar so high that any competition is wiped out. This can be used by novices or pros it caters for all user types. Be sure to Demo one, or just buy one, you won't be disappointed.

Evan Nine

from Port St Lucie
Audio Experience:

Best Hardware Ever

As it states this is the BEST compact mixer I have ever used in my entire life. I have been in the audio engineering business for over 30 plus years and finally leave it to QSC to get it right. This board has some amazing features that you have to experience first hand to be able to appreciate the versatility that it has. Everything else takes the back seat to this item as it is second to none. What are you waiting for. Get on the QSC Bandwagon now and see what I am talking about.

Claude Little

from Kalamazoo, MI
Audio Experience:
Lead audio tech, house of worship Audio tech for major div 1 college

Best digital mixer ever

I have owned my TouchMix 16 for about 4 years now, and currently own 3 other digital mixers. The TouchMix out classes the other mixers in simplicity to use, the best features you want ,for the bang for the buck. I went from analog sliders, to my first digital sliders with the TouchMix, the learning experience was simply excellent, especially with the guides you need, right on the board. If there was ever a digital board training 099 & 101, stop right here on your search..TouchMix should automatically pop up when you hit search. The number of features on these boards are unbelievable crazy, what you would expect to get on large venue high end boards, and get can carry this board around, like a laptop

Orlin Stoyanov

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician and sound engineer

Powerful mixer in a small package

This is a must for a 4-6 piece band! All the features to get the band to sound great are here, from equalization to compression, several different real time effects, stereo and multi track recording, RTA, feedback suppressor, the list goes on. This mixer sounds amazing! The presets are easy to use, the frequent software updates are as though you've bought a new device! I love the tablet control capability, the settings that can be saved, the whole thing. And it's so easy to transport, so light to carry! The color tabs that identify the various auxiliary sends, are very helpful as well. The transfer of multi tracks to DAW is very easy. I like the mp3 player capability, you can play incidental music between sets at the gig and not even be near the mixer to turn it on, simply use your tablet. Over all, you should get this if you want a professional sound for a reasonable price!

Phil Witherspoon

from Taylorsville, NC
Audio Experience:
Lead Singer/Manager The Night Move Band


I purchased the Touchmix-16 about 6 months ago and I could not be more pleased. I am only using the mixer for Live Shows of a 6 piece band. The ease of use I give a 5.0 and I love the ability to use an Ipad out front for wireless mixing. QSC I can only say you have hit a HOMERUN with this mixer!!!!!

Russ Woodward

from Pittsgrove, NJ
Audio Experience:
Owner/Operator professional DJ service. Head sound tech for house of worship.

QSC quality and ease of use can't be beat!

As head FOH sound tech for our Church, I have the pleasure of using the TM16 every week. It is a very powerful mixer, but at the same time, very easy to use. It has the tools I need to do just about anything I need, but is also easy enough to use for our other volunteers on the rare occasion I'm not there. I would highly recommend it!

Ben Armstrong

from England, South East
Audio Experience:
Pro live and studio tech for many years

4 Years & Still Mot Looked Back

This mixing console started out as a mighty beast and through continual revisions of firmware it is now a mini monster! I don't know about you folks, but I remember traveling to gigs with large hefty flight cases and racks loaded with gates, compressors, multi effects units and alike. Not anymore. The Touch Mix 16 gives me 16 channels of balanced xlr inputs. There are some additional stereo jack inputs too. You need aux sends to give monitor mixes? How does 8, yes 8 balanced aux outs sound? Use IEMs? Sure, they stuck some trs outs too to cater for those needs too. Phantom power has always been a bugging issue for me. Too many consoles use them in groups of 4 to 8 channels at a time, or more commonly all on or all off. The Touch Mix 16 enables any channels to be powered, from one to a selection of any you need in any order. Perfect! The TM16 is a real powerhouse of features. Too many to cover in full here, but QSC don't allow the amount of features to affect the sonic quality of the mixer. The pre amps sound great with acoustic or line signals. The inbuilt effects are perfect. Included gates and compressors that are fully adjustable make live drum kits a pleasure and basses and vocals sound punchy and polished. Into your R&B or Hip-hop? Built in auto tune is great fun! Another really great feature is the ability to attach a hard drive, the take a live multi track recording of the gig. You can choose it pre or post so you have ultimate control back in your DAW of Choice. The ability to save and recall any mix from either a flash drive or from the Touch mix 16 itself. Working with many bands and in many venues, sometimes with different monitor setups this is a real time saver. This QSC Touchmix 16 sets the bar so high that any competition is wiped out. This can be used by novices or pros it caters for all user types. Be sure to Demo one, or just buy one, you won't be dissapointed.

David Dee

from Northern KY
Audio Experience:
Have been working in live sound for 20 years on large and small events and shows.

Great mixer

Was looking to make my system more compact. After checking around and trying different digital mixers I went with the TouchMix-16. Great decision the other mixers I looked at weren't any smaller than my analog so saved no space at all. I have had this for 3 years never a problem at all. Very good product.

Stevie Todd

from Vernon, BC Canada
Audio Experience:
Pro musician (mainly keyboards) since 1975, composer, arranger, producer

The best little rack in a 4 lb. package I've ever seen or used!

The first TouchMix 16 I received went dead after 2 gigs, but QSC was very good about replacing the unit and they asked me all kinds of questions to determine what went wrong. I found that to be extremely thorough and I was not in the least concerned about the reliability of the second TM 16 I received. It's been a solid gig workhorse for me and I love it!

Richard B.

from Orange County, CA
Audio Experience:
As stated above, I'm an untrained pseudo engineer, faking my way through (always learning).

More than I need but pretty easy to use

I'm a musician, not a sound engineer, just to be clear. Gate, clipping, etc. are terms I'm still coming to grips with. Micing amps and, especially, drums, is still a challenge. That said, the TouchMix-16 is a wonderful tool. I have used it on everything from a live duo gig to a 5 piece band with 4 mics on the drums. i have Scenes for each. The ability to sound check using my iPhone is great, as I typically don't have an engineer to do that. I only use the Simple mode. I start with the loaded Presets and tweak those if I feel I need to. Sometimes that results in less than favorable results to I disregard my "modifications" and stick with the loaded setups. A downside I've noticed is that I don't come across many who are familiar with the TouchMix, so getting help from an engineer is sometimes challenging. That said, everybody says they love the way we sound, and there are very few feedback issues.

David Yakerson

from Reseda, Ca
Audio Experience:
Professional musician, High school music and theatre arts teacher, retired. Vocalist, keyboard player, and sound engineer. Also former regional sales manager with a large keyboard company and used to work at NAMM shows for many years. I have seen and worked with the best of the best and have seen and used vintage gear to todays amazing technology. Thanks QSC for making my life much easier and more fun!

Throw away your outboard gear and get the touchmix 16

The QSC Touch mix 16 without question is the best mixer on the market. It has 4 effects for every channel, RTA , Compression and limiters and Eq's. It has the ability to memorize scenes, has an onboard owners manual, easy wizard for problems with clipping and feedback and the ability to be used as a DAW. Its firmware is always being updated so you will never have to purchase another mixer. You will not have to lug around a 30 -60 pound mixer because this does everything that the new digital mixers already have, including a scribble strip. It can be used remotely as well with the free QSC android or apple app. The sound as compared to an analog mixer is definitely noticeable. I have been using mixers for the past 40 years and this has the best "bang for the buck", as they say!

Dany Charette

from Canada
Audio Experience:

My Touchmix-16

I use my Touchmix-16 for all my gig! I use it with my iPad when I have a sound gig. The FX are very good, the parametric eq work very well, sharp and easy to use. Touchmix-16 is a great live recording studio too... I record my live demo for all my music project with a 48/24 bit/rate ratio is enough to make that kind of project! That's why I rate my Touchmix-16 Excellent!!!!

Mountain Sounds

Audio Experience:
Sound engineer for 30 years.


I usually mix acoustic bands at festivals. This is easy to set up for a new band and fast. The monitor mix is easy to get set so the band can get on with making their music. I love the upgrades for feedback suppression. This has been in my family for 4 years and is better than ever, running from apple or android tablet for myself and a helper.

Jay Brown

from Chicago
Audio Experience:

Big features in a little package.

I bought the TouchMix because I wanted a 16 channel console that was portable. The touch screen takes a little while to get used to but the features and functionality make it worth while. What I like most are the effects and DSP. Not only can I use this in live band or dj situations, I can also use this for karaoke thanks to the pitch correct feature. The wifi dongle is a plus because I can control the TouchMix with my phone or iPad and the range is pretty far (around 75 feet). From a dj with speakers standpoint, I can use the TouchMix to eq my tops and bottoms. The tops get fed through the mains and the Subs get fed through one of the 8 XLR aux's on the back. From a live band standpoint, if you're in a rush and don't have time to thoroughly eq instruments, it has eq presets for most instruments. You can also record the stereo track or multi-track with a flash drive (USB 3.0). Overall a nice product for the "weekend warrior."

Edwin M Duran

from McAllen, TX
Audio Experience:
Musician and recording

Best portable mixer

Beyond any expectations. I’ve been pleased with the quality and all the options this mixer provide but, when I tried recording and copied the files to my DAW, I was so impressed. I’ve made several recordings and haven’t have any issues what’s so ever.

Danny Vienneau

from Bathurst, NB
Audio Experience:
Lead vocalist in a classic rockban (30+ yrs experience)

Touchmix 16

I have been using this mixer for awhile now and I must say it is incredible. Easy to use and the quality is unsurpassed. Try it! You won’t regret it!

Dean Peckford

from Canada
Audio Experience:

Wireless Wonder

I have had this mixer for 8 months, it replaced a Behringer XR16 Air. There is simply no comparison with regard to ease of setup, and simplicity in operation. The setup wizards are very helpful. Very huge difference in lack of dropouts ( with the wifi ). In all honesty, the pre's on the Behringer were every bit as good ( maybe even a little better sounding??). But as an overall package, there really is no comparison in the two. Hi five QSC.


from Los Angeles, CA
Audio Experience:
I've worked as a sound engineer, live sound mixer and music editor.

Love my TouchMix-16

I've been using my TouchMix-16 at events for about 2 years. It has been flawless and the sound coming off the stage and into the monitors is fantastic. I love the room tone function. It saves me so much time. Saving settings for different venues is a great time saver too.

Tim Hawn

from canada
Audio Experience:

touch mix 16

I purchased the Touchmix 16. It just seemed as cool as could be and the options were fantastic. I was a little nervous about a digital product like this but he very easy to operate. I wish I would have had a mixer like this years ago. Its small but very powerful,it does everything except the dishes. It sounds great and the touch screen menu makes it easy to navigate. You can label channels,and get to and from main mix to monitor mixes is easy. Even my bandmates comment on how good it sounds and if they need a specific thing more this more that it takes seconds to do. I have also contacted the help center and received the help I needed with a question no problem. Did I mention it also has a USB out so you can pop songs on between breaks so you don't have dead air its amazing! Go buy one I highly recommend it.You won't regret a purchase like this.

Josh K

from Maine
Audio Experience:

You will sound like you know what you’re doing

I have owned my TouchMix 16 for at least 3 years. It is an excellent piece of gear. I’ve used it for several hundred gigs and it works very well. There have been a couple of times where the touch screen “locks up” Usually unplugging and plugging back in fixes this. I have been told by customer support that a firmware update can fix this. I’ve had no troubles since last update. The ease of use on this is why I purchased it. I had previously used a traditional board and rack effects for years. I knew enough to be dangerous. I am NOT a sound technician, though this rig allows me to fake it very well. It is easy and complex at the same time. The training videos make it a breeze to learn your way around the board. Ultimatley, the most impressive attribute that QSC has going for it is their exceptional customer support. I have had to call them several times to walk me through issues that I was having. They were always friendly, helpful and never made me feel like I was being talked down to. Great company, great service and great products. I highly recommend.


from United States
Audio Experience:
Live, stage, studio, FoH

Best Move We Made

Yep. Worth it. Do it.

Brian Regan

from United States
Audio Experience:
BS in Sound Recording Technology from SUNY Fredonia. Rocking librarian.

Love My Touchmix!

This is the perfect mixer for a small band. The presets sound amazing, the interface is easy to understand, and the ability to mix from an iPad on my mic stand was life-changing. Not a complaint, but I wish 8, not 4 of the inputs were the hybrid 1/4"/XLR jacks.

Steve Roehm

from Milwaukee, WI
Audio Experience:
Performance Novist

TouchMix-16 Rocks!

I have a TouchMix-16 that I purchased in 2017. I haves used it for my band for over 30 gigs and it has worked flawlessly! I love the iPad remote mixing capability. I have QSC K12s, K10.2s, K10s and KW Subs that sound fantastic in small indoor venues to large outdoor festivals! In addition QSC service and the online forum are phenomenal.

Javier Perea

from United States
Audio Experience:
Studio and Live Sound Engineer

Exceptional Live Sound, All the Tools you need.

I really like the Touchmix 16. It is all I need to put on an exceptional sounding live performance. It has compressors for every channel, gates, sound FX and once you get used to the format it is easy to get to those functions. I can be anywhere, I setup my stage, I use the EQ to ring out my monitors, then I check the FOH for feedback, after that it's smooth sailing in customizing the sound without feedback. I really like the parametric EQ, works wonderfully and since each channel has a separate EQ function I am able to give the audience a full range of sound without cutting out and dulling out NECESSARY frequencies to give an exceptional sounding performance. Dial in some compression after that and get ready to feel and hear some exceptional audio bliss and see some smiling faces. The reverb sounds great and you can really dial in some unique sound envelopes. I have an IPAD and work it with my phones hotspot to provide me a snake free,cable free mobile platform to make those changes that separate the men from the boys. Enjoy! This product is for Audiophiles, if you don't like good sounding stuff don't buy it.


from San Antonio, TX
Audio Experience:

TouchMix-16 Great Product!

I have had the 16 & 30. The 30 was too much for my needs but it DID have more features. Love This Mixer. Best I have ever owned!


from Mississippi
Audio Experience:
Giging Musician

An amazing mixer

I have been amazed by this powerful little mixer! It sounds great, works great, and never disappoints. It’s easily powerful enough to be the main mixer for any gig I play, but is also small enough to be a Swiss Army knife audio solution for running my keyboard rig, IEMs etc... I was also pleasantly suprised by the huge new features brought by the firmware revisions. It’s like I got a whole new product! Thanks QSC for your excellent design, build quality, and ongoing support.