GXD Firmware Updater

New Firmware for the GXD Amplifiers

GXD Updater 1.1.11

July 15, 2016

GXD Firmware Updater adds new presets to the GXD operating system and provides minor bug fixes and improvements.  It includes DSP Tuning presets for the new QSC E Series loudspeakers with several presets for each top box.  Presets include:

  • E10 – Stereo E10, Stereo E10 + Sub, Stereo E10 Dance + Sub, E10 Monitors
  • E12 – Stereo E12, Stereo E12 + Sub, Stereo E12 Dance, Stereo E12 Dance + Sub
  • E15 – Stereo E15, Stereo E15 + Sub, Stereo E15 Dance, Stereo E15 Dance + Sub
  • E18 – Stereo E18 Subwoofers


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • If a firmware update to an amplifier fails two times, reset the amplifier by unplugging from the power source, restarting GXD Updater, and try again.