The Lonesome Heroes Touring the Country with K Series

The Lonesome Heroes touring the country with QSC K Series active loudspeakers.

Combining elements of indie rock, folk, and country into highway revelry, The Lonesome Heroes hail from Austin, Texas with a Cosmic American musical style that unites decades, sounds, and regions. Austin's KUT 90.5 FM describe them as, "Western Americana, a cross-pollination of rock, folk, and country with psych and indie pop – influences from Texas and Brooklyn backgrounds. It’s the soundscape that occurs when indie rock and country artfully cross paths."

Since their formation, The Lonesome Heroes have toured extensively throughout the USA playing over 1,000+ shows in 27 states. Their music has also been featured on ABC TV’s hit series “Nashville.”

Vocalist and guitarist Rich Russell shares thoughts on the band’s QSC K Series loudspeakers:

“We currently have the K Series system with 2 K8's for mains, one K10 for floor monitor and a KSub to bring out the low end.  We also keep our QSC GX5 power amp, along with two QSC I-282H loudspeakers and two QSC  I-82H's in the van for extra monitors to augment bigger shows. After 7 hard years on the road and over 1000+ shows we have never had a QSC product fail on us.

We’ve used many different audio products over the years and our number one concern is clean and powerful sound. QSC products offer this better than any other brands we’ve used. Our K Series system is so clean and powerful that we never have to turn it up to “11.” People always compliment us on how great our sound is and what a great sound person I am but truth be told, great sounding loudspeakers make people sound great. Better sonic clarity can be achieved through simple EQ adjustments rather than more volume.  Other loudspeakers have way too much color added to them and I find that I have to boost or cut so many frequencies with EQ that the overall mix suffers. However, with our QSC loudspeakers they sound close to perfect with little or no EQ adjustments. 

We hosted our 4th Annual Tofu BBQ Blowout over SXSW this year with 27 bands and 75 pounds of barbecued tofu. It is a simple DIY event with bands from all over the country converging on our house to play a short set between their other SXSW shows. In addition to our hosting and barbequing duties, we run sound for 27 bands over two days with our QSC system.  Every band sounded amazing and I got many compliments about how great of a soundman I am, and how great our system sounds.  it was really very simple. The sonic clarity of the loudspeakers allowed us to dial in a perfect EQ for a wide range of different singers and instruments and the addition of the KSub to round out the bottom end made this year’s event sound better than ever.“

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