QSC K Series is for Keyboardist Rubén Valtierra

Costa Mesa, CA (Sept 26, 2012) – QSC Audio Products, LLC announces that Rubén Valtierra, best known as long-time keyboardist for "Weird Al" Yankovic, has joined the “K for Musicians” family. Valtierra has also played and recorded with members of groups such as Santana, Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, Natalie Cole, Tower of Power, Chick Corea, Elton John, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. When not touring with Yankovic, Valtierra is active in the studio, writing and producing, along with leading his Valtierra Latin Orchestra (VLO).

“The K8 is the best speaker system I've had, ever. Ever!” states Valtierra. “I went from the K12’s to K10’s and finally the K8’s which I use now. I wanted to see just how small a rig I could feel comfortable with. And you know what? I gave up nothing in performance and have the benefit of something so light and portable.”

“When you see Rubén perform live you really get a feel for just how gifted and versatile a musician he is,” states Ray van Straten, QSC Director of Marketing Communications. “He has a remarkable passion for all things musical and we are so very happy that Rubén has chosen to be part of our ‘K for Musicians’ family.”

Speaking of “K for Musicians”, van Straten continues, “So many musicians are now utilizing technology to recreate traditional amplifier sounds, whether it is from something like a Fractal Axe, a POD, a pedal, an iPad or even a laptop computer. A common instrument amplifier is going to wreak havoc on that sound as it’s already a complete signal. K Family loudspeakers let musicians play with all the expression and nuance they enjoy in the studio, and because each loudspeaker is outfitted with a 1000 watt power module, they also provide the energy and presence found on the most powerful stage amplifiers.”

The K Family loudspeakers offer distinct advantages over traditional amplifiers in terms of connectivity and flexibility. As all the K Series products have two mixable inputs, a musician can have, for example, his or her instrument in the first input and a monitor mix in the second input, while controlling the balance between the two. And with parallel outputs, musicians can connect directly to the loudspeaker while at the same time sending a direct output to the house - no direct box needed. Also of value when the stage performance is mixed from a house position, the K10, K12 and KW122 can be utilized in a stage monitor position, facing the musician, while providing greater stage-volume control to the house engineer. Pairing two loudspeakers offers musicians true stereo imaging at their performance position.