Leading Music Artists Join the QSC K for Musicians Family

Jonathan Cain, Darryl Jones, Salo Loyo, Dave Weckl and Dweezil Zappa Rely on the K Family

Costa Mesa, CA (January 24, 2013) — QSC Audio Products, LLC is very pleased to announce of the addition of several acclaimed musicians to their rapidly expanding K for Musicians family, including songwriter, keyboardist, and longtime ‘Journey’ member Jonathan Cain, ‘The Rolling Stones’ bassist Darryl Jones, keyboardist Salo Loyo, drummer Dave Weckl and guitarist Dweezil Zappa.

According to Darryl Jones, his bass rig, consisting of a pair of KW122s and a KW181 subwoofer, gives him a clean, powerful sound which is extremely versatile to suit the many different types of music he regularly plays.  “Because I am involved in a lot of different kinds of music--rock and roll, electronic jazz, sounds with synth bass, solo projects with effects-- I always try to find the sound that fits the music I am playing. For rock and roll sounds, I use a tube amp sound. I find that I can use the rig for really big sounds like synth bass and bass with lots of effects, sequences that I am playing along with. This works great because the QSC rig is full range. For some of the other things that I am doing, I need a more of a pure, really clean, clear, powerful sound. That’s one of the things that led me to QSC,” explains Jones.

“My rig sounds fantastic with very little, if any, EQ on the speakers,” reports Dave Weckl. “The KW Series reproduces my acoustic drum sound in a very natural, yet very high fidelity, manner. And the headroom is unbelievable; the rig has much more power than I ever use on stage.”

“I honestly have never used any keyboard amp, speaker, PA system, wedge or in-ear system that comes even close to the sound and response I get from my K Series,” says Salo Loyo.  “The sound is pure, clean and powerful. I don't have to worry about competing with anybody to be heard. And it's not just volume; I can play at any level and the sound cuts thru beautifully and clearly, without hurting anyone’s hearing.”

Jonathan Cain adds, “I was amazed at the way that the K’s can really rock. I don’t think for the money, they can be beat. You would have to spend three, four times that amount of money to get something to come close.”

Finally, Dweezil Zappa sums it up to say that his KW Series rig helps him have the sound that inspires him: “To make good music you have to be inspired by the sound, and I think my current setup is the best that I’ve had,” he says.  “It does have more response with articulation - with the things that I play and with the nuances that I can get by inducing feedback or those things that you would expect from a guitar amp/speaker setup.  I get the full-range frequency response but I also get the feel of pushing enough air so that it feels like a guitar cabinet.”

These acclaimed artists join a long list of others in the QSC K for Musicians Family, such as Omar Hakim, David Matthews, Paul Pesco, Shawn Pelton, Tony Levin and many others.