Korean First Presbyterian Church of Orange County Installs QSC’s KLA Line Array Loudspeaker System

Structurally Sound QSC System Sounds Great

Westminster, CA (August 3, 2013– Korean First Presbyterian Church of Orange County, the mega church here with more than a thousand members and a rich 30-year history in the area, recently installed a QSC KLA Line Array Loudspeaker System as part of an upgrade intended to ensure that the audio equipment in the main sanctuary was more structurally sound -- and to ensure that the audio sounded better.

Aviwork, Inc. of Fullerton, CA handled the installation, and was tasked with designing a sound solution to meet the challenges of the sanctuary, which has a shallow and wide audience area and a number of balconies. With the former system, congregation members sitting in the corners, on the balconies and underneath them weren’t able to hear the sermons.  After visiting the church several times and analyzing the audio problems, Aviwork recommended KLA as the solution.

“I have been interested in the KLA System since its recent release.  It’s got an easy rigging system, a good price point and it sounds great,” says Hosung Leem, Senior A/V Consultant at Aviwork. “Believe it or not, I didn’t even hear the KLA System before recommending it to the church. I didn’t have to -- I have had so many good experiences with QSC loudspeakers that I already knew the KLA Series would be great.”

With the KLA’s innovative SOLO™ (Single Operator Logistics) rigging system, which allows the line array to be deployed in a fraction of the time of comparable systems without the use of special tools or rigging hardware, the ease of installation was also everything that Leem expected.

“The church insisted on structurally sound equipment as a measure of earthquake protection, and the KLA’s rigging system is both solid and easy to do, “ adds Leem. “I get compliments all the time about the great sound from congregation members. “

The new KLA System has certainly pleased the pastors as well.  “Previously, we had another manufacturer’s loudspeakers in the main sanctuary, but these only covered certain areas, and missed areas like the corners of the room and the second floor, “ says Young Suk Cho, Music Pastor at the Church. “ With the new KLA System, all areas of the sanctuary are completely covered with adequate volume. Now you can hear everything in every remote part of the room.”