Firmware Updates

Important Reminder: Update firmware on DPA Series amplifiers and Q-SYS Cores

Important Reminder: Update firmware on DPA Series amplifiers and Q-SYS Cores

DPA and DPA-Q Series amplifiers are a revolutionary advancement in amplifier technology.  As with any software-controlled electronics, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you regularly check for the latest version software and firmware.  This will ensure that you have access to the latest features and that any “bugs” or other operational irregularities are resolved before they become problematic.  

For DPA Series Amplifiers

There are two software tools for updating DPA amplifiers: Amplifier Navigator and Amp Restore Utility. 

  1. Amplifier Navigator updates the amplifier’s firmware to the current firmware version and preserves all user-defined presets (50 in total).
  2. Amp Restore Utility will restore the firmware image to factory default.  That means all user-defined presets (50 in total) are erased during the firmware image restoration process.  After the firmware update is successful, you need to run the Amplifier Navigator to transfer your saved presets to your amplifier library.  Amp Restore Utility should only be used if the amplifier becomes inoperational.

Important note:  Always save the amplifier’s preset library to your PC or Mac (using Amplifier Navigator) as a back-up before you proceed with the firmware update. 

Amplifier Navigator v2.0.33 can be downloaded free (for PC or Mac)  Once installed on your PC or Mac, you’ll need an active internet connection in order to allow Amplifier Navigator to search for the latest available version firmware for your DPA amplifiers.

Detailed instructions can be found in the document "DPA Firmware Update Instructions".

If, for any reason, you should have trouble updating the firmware, please contact [email protected].

For DPA-Q Series Network Amplifiers

Make sure you are using the latest version of Q-SYS Designer, which is currently v 4.1.47.  It can be downloaded at

Once you save Q-SYS Designer v 4.1.47 to the Core and run it by pressing the shortcut key “F5” (or File > Save to Core & Run), the Core will be updated.  Next it will look for all peripheral devices within Q-SYS Designer (including DPA-Q amplifiers) and update them if their firmware version is different than v 4.1.47.  This will happen automatically.  After the firmware update, the DPA-Q amplifier will go online and start operating.

If, for any reason, you should have any trouble updating the firmware, please contact [email protected].