Amplifier Navigator Software for DPA Amplifiers

Amplifier Navigator 2.0 is now available for download.

Amplifier Navigator 2.0 enables computer (Mac and PC) control and monitoring of DPA* amplifiers and provides a mechanism for on-line and off-line creation, editing and storing of Presets and Loudspeaker files. 

With Amplifier Navigator software, you can remotely control and monitor all functions of connected DPA amplifiers, including channel configuration, crossover and EQ filter setup, limiter adjustment, and temperature, voltage, and current history.

It also provides a mechanism to create, store, and recall Presets and Loudspeaker Profiles to and from the PC or Mac.  Preset and Loudspeaker Profile Libraries can also be downloaded/uploaded to connected amplifiers, enabling "cloning" amplifiers for multi-function racks with duplicate amps.  Amplifier Navigator V2.0 also provides firmware management - if you connect one or more amplifiers to a computer running Amp Navigator it will update your firmware to the latest release.  Future versions will provide additional functionality.

Visit to download Amplifier Navigator V2.0.

*Not for use with DPA-Q amplifiers.