All in Day’s Work at Don Audio

Don Audio from NY talks about using QSC loudspeakers and power amplifiers for events and productions.

Located in central Long Island, NY, Don Audio began with local bands in bars and backyard parties and expanded to managing production at corporate events as well as, multiple stages at local festivals with national acts. We have a strong bond with local talents and promoters and are locally known as a small company that can get the big job done.

Our current inventory of QSC products consists of:  HPR153i, HPR181i, HPR122i, I-282H, KSub loudspeakers and RMX2450, RMX850, PL340, PL380 amplifiers to support passive enclosures.

We typically use stacks of HPR153i with HPR181i subwoofers for our front of house system with HPR122i's as monitors. The size of the area we need to cover determines how many stacks we use. We can also deploy a set of HPR153i's behind the control booth as delay loudspeakers for larger outdoor festivals or events. I-282H's act as stage fills on extra wide stages, powered with the appropriate QSC amp, while on smaller gigs in bars we'll use two HPR122i's with a KSub and HPR122i's for monitors.

My first QSC product was a used RMX2450 amp... (read the full story).


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