Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform built around a modern, standards-based IT architecture.

At its foundation, the Q-SYS OS serves as the software-based singular foundation that drives and manages a multitude of Q-SYS Products within the platform, including native software, services and hardware, designed by QSC. Additionally, its modern IT architecture and a set of development tools (called “Q-SYS Open”) enable an entire Ecosystem of third-party integrations developed by approved/endorsed Q-SYS Partners as well as a worldwide community of Q-SYS programmers and developers.



Software-based singular foundation for audio, video, and control. Moving away from single-purpose hardware found in traditional AV, the Q-SYS OS is built off a unified IT architecture including standard networking practices, standard programming languages, and standard protocols. As a result, it delivers an audio engine, video engine and control engine at the software level. These are then bound by a robust OS administrative layer that operates automatically, rather than requiring an integrator to program them together.


Audio engine

Video engine

Control engine

Real-time network
packet processing

User control
interface server

Robust OS
administrative layer

Q-SYS Products

Native software, services & hardware designed by QSC. This comprehensive portfolio of devices and software is driven by Q-SYS OS and offers the flexibility to support a multitude of markets and applications.



Amplificateur et enceintes

Control Devices

Video devices

Monitor & manage

Feature licenses

Q-SYS Partners

Third-party integration endorsed by QSC. Being an open platform gives Q-SYS the ability to integrate with some of the most widely used software and endpoint manufacturers in the world. Q-SYS Partners have been fully vetted, endorsed, and in some cases, partnered with to offer simple plugin connectivity for a myriad of software and devices within Q-SYS. Here are just a few examples in in a growing list of Q-SYS Partners.

Q-SYS Open

Industry-standard protocols & developer tools to enable open third-party development. A powerful tool kit, including design tools, standard programing languages, a repository of plugins, and an open API for Q-SYS integrations into just about any connected device.


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Since the Q-SYS OS drives the entire Q-SYS processing line, simply choose the right Q-SYS Core processor based on the digital/analog IO requirements and the scale of your unique installation.

Q-SYS Core Processors


Select from a complete portfolio of loudspeakers, amplifiers and network I/O devices to tailor the audio to the needs of each unique space.

CX-Q Series network amplifiers | AcousticDesign™ Series loudspeakers | Network I/O devices | Attero Tech by QSC


Network HDMI video distribution for content sharing, and conference cameras enable you to deliver high-quality video to any modern conferencing platform through a simple USB connection.

NV Series video endpoints | NC Series cameras | Connected Collaboration


Q-SYS full-featured control engine features unique drag-and-drop integration to quickly add native Q-SYS devices to a system, along with an IT standardized toolkit to build custom scripts and integrate third-party devices into Q-SYS.

Q-SYS Control | TSC Series network touch screen controllers | UCI Deployment feature license | Scripting Engine feature license


Q-SYS is built on standard IT protocols, offering flexibility to choose the best networking solution for the installation, whether a plug-and-play solution for stand-alone AV networks or manual network switch configuration for converged network scenarios.

Q-SYS Networking Solutions | Q-SYS NS Series network switches


A single network connection to a Q-SYS Core allows you to remotely monitor and manage all connected devices in a Q-SYS system, including Q-SYS and third-party devices.

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager


QSC continues to build partnerships that allow Q-SYS to integrate with software platforms and device manufacturers, resulting in a truly open Ecosystem.

Q-SYS Partners | QSC Communities

Q-SYS Designer Software

Singular software for DSP programming, control programming and user control interface (UCI) creation.

Q-SYS Designer Software

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