Discover QSC’s best-in-class systems training courses with engaging videos (offered in multiple languages), downloadable textbooks, sample design files and more.   Unlike other manufacturers who require special login or privileges to access these kinds of valuable tools, QSC opens its system training to the public: completely searchable, completely non-linear, and completely free-of-charge!

New Online Training Platform Now Live

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new QSC Online Training Platform
that is filled with amazing features to make learning even easier than before.


Easily track your progress across different curriculum, submit final designs for certification, reprint old certifications directly from the portal, and get re-certified when the time comes.


Powerful new video transcript search allows users to jump directly to a specific topic without having to sift through video after video.


Testing modules are even easier, which make working through courses more manageable than before.


Q-SYS Level 1 training is now available in German, adding to the existing English, Spanish and Mandarin versions.

Q-SYS Training - Level One & Quickstart Tutorials (Online)

Rather than take the designer out of the field, students learn to navigate the Q-SYS Designer software online. Learn about the essential Q-SYS components involved in assembling your physical inventory, routing audio and building basic user control interfaces. 

Real-time, dynamic demonstrations!

No boring videos here. Our fast-paced, real-world demonstrations are highly visual and hosted by fun, seasoned QSC educators and presented in real-time. 

Modular video learning & textbook learning available

Each sections is divided into short, video-based sections. If you prefer a more traditional learning experience, download the comprehensive Q-SYS training textbook PDF.

INFOCOMM CTS Program Credits

Q-SYS Training - Level One Online has been approved by Infocomm for 4.0 RU credits. 

Multiple languages available

Q-SYS Training is available in English, Spanish and Chinese, with more languages planned for future release.

Q-SYS Training – Level Two (Classroom)

Two-day course taught by Q-SYS trainers

One-on-one classroom instruction from advanced application engineers and trainers who specialize in a wide variety of installations. 

Hands-on experience

Each student works on their own Q-SYS workstation with the latest Q-SYS hardware and software.

Advanced application-based curriculum

These topics are designed for integrators working with larger, more complex systems: from advanced teleconferencing scenarios to third party control, from Enterprise-Level streaming and management to networking troubleshooting, and much more.  

Infocomm CTS Program Credits

Q-SYS Training - Level Two (Classroom) has been approved by Infocomm for 8.0 RU credits.

Explore CXD Amplifier Training

An in-depth look into the CXD platform

Get a look under the hood of this innovative amplifier.

Understanding FAST Technology

Get an in-depth explanation of QSC’s innovative Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™, directly from CXD’s product manager. 

Front Panel GUI Walkthrough

Learn the basics of the front panel user control interface, including how to program its on-board EQ and presets and loudspeaker wizards.

Legacy DSP Platform Training Software Training

Basic software navigation, wiring and user control interface design Software Training