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Government Applications

From daily judicial/ legislative communications to critical command and control transmissions, QSC enterprise-class solutions combine the clarity of concert-quality sound with the efficiency of modular architecture and the productivity of familiar, IP-based connectivity. This unique mix enables governmental organizations to capitalize on their existing network infrastructure and IT management expertise in order to maximize ROI.


QSC’s IP-based audio processing platform delivers optimal clarity in courtroom proceedings, whether playback of in-room audio/video evidence or connecting seamlessly to remote testimony via a comprehensive UC&C toolbox, such as analog POTS, digital VOIP and USB to any soft codec. Courtroom recording of each room microphone can also be effortlessly captured by connecting USB directly to the PC running the Recording transcription software.  Additionally Auto-mixing, auto-leveling and auto-feedback control of each room microphone makes optimizing speech intelligibility effortless. At the same time, QSC’s unique, built-in pitch shifting technology effectively disguises remote witness voices for complete anonymity.

Legislative Room

QSC solutions for hearing rooms, council chambers and other legislative settings provide maximum flexibility and control, thanks to a powerful processing engine that offers the industry’s largest cross-point & delay matrix, for simultaneously controlling hundreds of live microphones. Optimum speech intelligibility is virtually automatic, thanks to QSC’s advanced gain-sharing auto-mixer and adaptive auto-feedback control algorithm. And QSC’s extensive portfolio provides a wide range of amplifier and loudspeaker options to fit the budget/installation requirements of any venue – from small hearing rooms to large council chambers.

Public Services

QSC solutions cater to any municipal and public service facility small or large, from libraries to Power Stations.  QSC’s wide area paging system operates over existing IT infrastructure using Layer 3 with QoS for uninterrupted messaging and alerts. Whether scheduling playback of recorded messages in different zones at different times or setting paging priority for live announcements or pre-recorded emergency alerts, our IP-based solutions reduce capital costs while streamlining control of audio routing and distribution – within any size building or complex of buildings. 

NOTE: For mission-critical situations, QSC also offers full system level redundancy.

Control Command Center

For critical communications in demanding command and control environments, QSC delivers the clarity and control that’s absolutely essential. At the same time, Layer 3 discovery and audio routing over existing IT infrastructure holds down capital and installation costs, while dramatically simplifying the routing and distribution of recorded messages. The bottom line? Administrators can easily override scheduled audio to instantly broadcast safety alerts or other live announcements.

NOTE: For mission-critical situations, QSC also offers full system level redundancy.