Native Video

Native streaming for video content to/from anywhere on the network without compromising bandwidth


Optimize Remote Meetings

Plug-and-play soft-codec access for local users and high-quality audio and video for remote meeting participants



Native Q-SYS devices and standard network infrastructure allow for easier integration and elevated participant experience



Singular ecosystem for native audio, video and control integration

Distribute HDMI video for the meeting room anywhere over your Q-SYS network, and bridge audio and video for any modern web conferencing software. The Q-SYS NV Series video endpoints offer the right balance of quality, latency and network efficiency for the needs of the enterprise meeting space. This native Q-SYS peripheral is software definable as either an HDMI video encoder OR decoder.

NV Series Network Video Endpoint

Universal Compatibility

No special drivers or hardware. The Q-SYS Ecosystem allows for an universal AV interoperability & connectivity via USB for all major web conferencing applications. Enhance your web meetings with Q-SYS audio and Q-SYS conference camera feeds.


Engage your remote workforce

Most of the technologies in the Q-SYS Conference experience are designed to elevate the participants on the far end. A combination of professional quality 1080P video via Q-SYS PTZ conference cameras, and enhanced far-end intelligibility from third-generation Q-SYS acoustic echo cancellation, advanced automixers and noise cancellation technology ensure that your remote participants can actively and effectively participate with the near end conference room participants.

Design Flexibility for the Integrator

Traditional video conferencing solutions require separate cabling for video transport and AC power for its cameras and endpoints.  Furthermore, these cables types have inherent length limitations, forcing integrators to rely on expensive USB extenders and HDMI matrix switchers.

The Q-SYS Difference

With Q-SYS, you can connect your Core processor and peripherals to the network switch using inexpensive CAT-5/6 cable. Then use either a HDMI connection from the NV-32-H network video endpoint or standard USB 2.0 connection points for shorter distances from the Q-SYS I/O-USB Bridge to the host PC.

Better video for remote participants

System designers can connect unlimited Q-SYS video conference cameras on a single Q-SYS system without a video endpoint manager processor, video matrix or additional USB switchers. Better and simpler remote engagement without adding additional equipment or costs.


One Ecosystem for Audio,
Video & Control

QSC offers a fully integrated audio, video & control ecosystem along with networked amplifiers and loudspeakers that serve the smallest meeting room to the largest enterprise. No need to piecemeal hardware or software from different manufacturers, which greatly reduces design commissioning time and cost. Only one ecosystem to learn for design and support needs.

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