Approved Independent Q-SYS Programmers

The Q-SYS Independent Programmers (QIP) listing represents an elite level of Q-SYS Designer programming and custom scripting expertise. Our QIP’s maintain current Q-SYS Level 2 certification, and meet a stringent business practice criteria to be hand-selected for the QIP program.

There are many scenarios where 3rd party programming may be required:

  • Q-SYS internal LUA Scripting > to control internal Q-SYS components
  • Q-SYS peripherals > to control 3rd party devices (i.e., video switchers, lighting dimmers, etc.)
  • 3rd party devices (i.e., AMX, Crestron, etc) > to control Q-SYS components
  • 3rd party software (i.e., show control, message assembly, etc.) > to control Q-SYS components

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