Q-SYS Designer Software

Q-SYS Designer Software is the most powerful yet simple advanced DSP software on the market today. This software enables the user to create designs for the Q-SYS Integrated System Platform.  The system design environment was created specifically to be intuitive and easy to use. It is laid out without clutter or complicated multi-level menus. As a result, the software allows system integrators to focus their energy on building the audio system, rather than laboring over a complex software learning curve.

                •   One Software for all System Sizes: Q-SYS Designer Software can be used with ALL Q-SYS Cores and peripherals.
                •   Emulation Mode: Build the majority of your system without hardware.
                •   Third-party peripheral support: Q-SYS allows for control of external devices through available LUA scripting.
                •   User Control Interfaces: Design custom buttons, import graphics, and build user controls for touchscreen controllers.

Simplify Your Conference Room

Q-SYS Designer Software v5.4 now includes support for the new AV-to-USB Bridging solution. Fully integrated with the Q-SYS Platform, the Q-SYS PTZ-IP conference cameras and I/O-USB Bridge offer plug-and-play access to switchable camera video streams and processed audio for BYOD and soft codec applications like Skype for Business™, GoToMeeting™, etc.

Learn More about Q-SYS AV-to-USB Bridging Solution

Q-SYS Designer 5.4.128

Released May 26, 2017

NOTE: If you are using Q-SYS in a Dolby Atmos application, please read this special Tech Bulletin.

3rd Party Plug-in & Scriptable Controls

Q-SYS Designer Scriptable Control from d&b

d&b audiotechnik Software Plug-in enables the comprehensive control and monitoring of d&b amplifiers and loudspeakers from any Q-SYS Core.

Q-SYS Controller App

Within Q-SYS Designer software, user control interfaces (UCIs) can be created, and nearly any element in the system can be placed in the UCIs for control and monitoring. This enables nearly a limitless array of control capability, all from your iOS devices.

Including: audio source selection buttons, lighting dimmer controls, projector on/off selector, signal meters, screen up/down, snapshot recall buttons, volume control faders, user security PIN input.

Hire an Advanced Q-SYS Scripting Programmer

If you have a need for an advanced script or feature for your next installation, check out our list of approved independent Q-SYS Programmers.

Q-SYS Online Help

The Q-SYS online help file is the most complete and latest help file for Q-SYS Designer software and associated hardware and peripherals.  You can access this help file from within Q-SYS Designer.  The Q-SYS online help file is usually updated more frequently than the help file built into Q-SYS Designer.  

Access the Q-SYS Online Help File