Software Feature Licenses

Rather than requiring costly dedicated hardware and costly integration to achieve your system control needs, Q-SYS is able to provide more robust control capabilities to its existing audio and video capabilities, at the software layer through optional feature licenses.


Software-based Dante™ License for the Q-SYS Ecosystem 
The Q-SYS Ecosystem now features native Dante network audio integration without the need for additional hardware I/O, external control devices or management software.

Q-SYS Scripting Engine 
Q-SYS offers a full-featured AV control platform, powered by its robust software-based scripting engine.

Q-SYS UCI Editor
Create custom user control interfaces (UCI) for use with the Q-SYS Platform. Design with absolute simplicity and automation in mind, or create comprehensive tuning and troubleshooting monitoring screens. 



Q. How do I purchase a QSC feature license?   How much do they cost?
A. Contact your local QSC sales representative.

Q.  How do I install a QSC feature license?
A.  Watch “Activating Software Licenses in Q-SYS”.  You can learn about easy online and offline activation methods.

Q.  Where is the licensed installed?
These control features are perpetual licenses that are node locked to the Q-SYS Core processor itself. 

Q.  When will these feature licenses be available?  Which version of Q-SYS Designer Software will they be applied to?
A.  This will take effect on NEW systems installed with Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0 and higher, released February 26, 2018.

Q.  If I upgrade an existing Core 110f processor or Core 510i processor that was in the field prior to the release of QDS v7.0, will I need to purchase a license for control features?
A.  No, existing Core 110f and Core 510i processors will have the ability to use new control features without feature licenses.  Simply installed Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0 or higher, and you will not be prompted to purchase and install feature licenses.

Q.  As an integrator, do I need a license to work on my designs in emulation mode?
A.  Of course not!  One of the most cherished Q-SYS features for designers is the ability to design and test in emulation mode prior to saving your design to the Core.  You will only need a license when it comes time to save your design to the Core.

Q.  What if I don’t use any of these features?  Do I still need to purchase and activate a license?
A.  No.  If you do not intend on using the new control features, then you will not need a license.

Q.  If I am using redundant Cores that use licensed features, will I need to purchase and install a feature license on each Core?
A.  Yes.

Q.  If I would like to deploy these new control features onto larger Enterprise Cores, do I need these software licenses?
No, the current Enterprise Cores (Core 1100, 3100, 5200) will not need feature licenses to deploy UCIs, custom scripts or plugins. Simply upgrade them to Q-SYS Designer Software v7.0, and you will have access to these features automatically.