Core 500i

Q-SYS Integrated Core

The Core 500i Integrated Core has the capability of directly accommodating eight Q-SYS input and/or output cards for a total onboard channel capacity of 32 channels (more if AES or CobraNet™ cards are used). Channel count may be further expanded by the addition of Q-SYS I/O Frames and other peripheral devices. Network Channel capability: 128 Flex Channels; AEC count: 24


• Centralized processing architecture using Intel® processing

• Eight on-board slots accommodate all Q-SYS I/O cards

• Abundant DSP capacity

• Uses standard GigabitEthernet hardware and protocols for audio transport and control

• Control and interface to external devices using TCP/IP, GPIO, and RS-232

• Powerful and intuitive design GUI

• System seamlessly integrates with QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers

• Supports multiple levels of system redundancy

• Q-SYS technical support is available 24/7  worldwide

System Hardware Core 500i
Description System processor and control engine
Front Panel Controls LCD page forward momentary switch
Unit ID button momentary switch
Clear settings momentary switch
Front Panel Indicators Power On: Blue LED; Device Status: Tri-color LED
Audio Signal: 32 Tri-color LEDs
Card Status: 8 tri-color LEDs
240 × 64 monochrome LCD graphics display
Rear Panel Controls Power switch
Rear Panel Connectors RS-232: DE-9 (male 9-pin D shell connector)
Video Out: HD-15 (female 15-pin D shell connector); DVI-D, HDMI (500i only)
Aux USB ports: USB host (type A) x4
Aux Network Port: RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps (switchable between Q-SYS LAN B or Aux Network Port on 250i model)
GPIO ports: DA-15 (female 15-pin D shell connector) x2
Q-SYS Network LAN A: RJ45 1000 Mbps only
Q-SYS Network LAN B: RJ45 1000 Mbps only (switchable between Q-SYS LAN B or Aux Network Port 10/100/1000 Mbps on 250i model)
IEC inlet: AC mains power connector
Available peripherals Page Station (handheld or gooseneck), I/O Frame, I/O-22, TSC-3, TSC-7t, TSC-7w
Network Channel Capacity 128
Audio I/O Capacity 8 card slots, up to 32 channels; Requires purchase of Q-SYS Type 2 audio I/O cards: CB, CIML4, CIML4-HP, COL4, CODP4, CAES4, CCN32
Line Voltage Requirements 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Current Draw 1.7A (120V mains)
Thermal 650 BTU/h (typical)
Dimensions (HWD) inches 3.5 × 19 × 15
Dimensions (HWD) mm 89 x 482.6 x 381
Included 6 ft UL/CSA/IEC line cord; user manual, software CD

Specifications are subject to change without notice.