Q-SYS Touch Screens

QSC Touch Screen Controllers

QSC offers a family of touch screen controllers for Q-SYS network audio systems. The QSC philosophy on control peripherals is straightforward: instead of adding knobs and other dedicated controls, we employ fully configurable network-based touch screen panels that can be customized with graphics as well as virtual faders, buttons, meters, indicators, and other controls, for the ultimate in flexibility.

Eliminates physical knobs and buttons increasing product reliability.

Ethernet connections for simplified wire terminations without the need for additional power wiring.

In addition to the dialing functionality for conferences, the 7 inch screens of the TSC-7w and TSC-7t can be used to control a myriad of third-party devices prevalent in boardrooms and meeting rooms via the Core (no additional control processor box required).

The TSC-7w and TSC-7t models provide two network ports for connection back to the Q-SYS™ Core.

The TSC-7t allows meeting participants to easily run UC or web conferencing applications on their own devices and interface 2-way audio from that device to the Q-SYS™ system, either wirelessly using TSC-7t’s Bluetooth capability, or wired using its Micro USB AB On-The-Go (OTG 2.0) connection.

The TSC-7t comes with a carefully designed weighted base with rubber pad that prevents the touchscreen from sliding. Also, the threaded brass Mounting Post offers permanent through-table mounting with clean cable management.


  TSC-3 (discontinued) TSC-47w-G2 TSC-7t TSC-7w
Panel Type Wall Mounted Touch Screen Controller In-Wall Touch Screen
Tabletop Touch Screen Controller Wall Mounted Touch Screen Controller
3.5" 4:3 color graphics display
240 nits
320 x 240 pixels
4.7", IPS LCD
400 nits,
960 x 540 pixels 
7", Innolux LCD
400 nits, 
800 x 480 pixels
Control Surface 3.5" capacitive touch surface 4.7" capacitive touch surface 7”, capacitive touch surface
Q-SYS Network LAN A LAN A (PoE)
10/100 Mbps
(1000 Mbps)
LAN A (PoE) 
(10/100/1000 Mbps) 
Q-SYS Network LAN B N/A N/A LAN B ports
(10/100/1000 Mbps)
Optional External Power Source
(not included)
N/A 24VDC @ 0.5A
locking 2-pos Euro style terminal block 
12VDC @ 1A (12W)
Barrel connector:
Negative contact – 5mm OD
Positive contact – 2.5mm ID
BYOD Connectivity N/A N/A Micro-USB AB  N/A
  Details Details  Details Details

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Q-SYS Designer Software

User Control Interface Tool

Designed for true one-touch control of audio functions, Q-SYS™ also manages a wide variety of equipment utilizing built-in GPIO and TCP/IP instruction sets. With Q-SYS, nearly every audio processing parameter can be a command source or a command destination, for third-party control.

Create custom control panels with the Q-SYS Designer Software - User Control Interface tool:

  • UCI is operable from any computer on the network, Wi-Fi connected iPad or iPhone. 
  • IP-based external control protocol ensures connection with third-party controllers.
  • UCI Viewer for PC workstations provides customized user control interfaces. 
  • Designer’s administrator utility enables the implementation of passwords and user access rights for each UCI.
  • Q-SYS™ allows UCI screens to be hosted on QSC touch screen controllers, PC workstations, and iOS devices.