Amplifier Accessories

DataPort Cables

DataPort cables come in a variety of lengths for audio systems both large or small.  These cables are intended for use with Q-SYS, QSControl and QSC DSP system applications where power amplifier connectivity and system programming requirements are necessary.


The IT-42 is an output isolation transformer accessory for the QSC CX302 amplifier, allowing it to drive two 25-, 70-, and 100-volt distributed lines in stereo or parallel, or a single 140- or 200-volt line in bridged mono. it mounts conveniently to the back of the amplifier and requires no additional rack space.

Channels 2
Power, stereo or parallel 300 watts (25V output)
400 watts (70V or 100V output)
Power, bridged mono 800 watts (140 or 200V output)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

DDI-3 / DDI-11

The DDI-3 and DDI-11 DataPort Accessory Cards are designed for use with QSC amplifiers equipped with a DataPort connector.  

The DDI-3 DataPort Accessory Card converts a QSC amplifier’s DataPort to an eight-position terminal block, providing convenient access to the pins of the amplifier’s DataPort; this is useful for connecting input signals or implementing a remote on/off (standby) system without using a DataPort cable.  Four solder pads provide access to the amplifier’s output voltage and current monitors.  

The DDI-11 provides an easy way to exploit the features of the DataPort without using Q-SYS, QSControl or an accessory.  In addition, the DDI-11 can be used on a DataPort outputs of a Basis or Q-SYS I/O card to provide access to the audio signals.

Rear Rack-ear Kits

QSC power amplifiers are 19-inch rack mountable. In many cases, especially portable systems, it is desirable to mount amplifiers utilizing both front and rear rack ears to minimize vibration. This is true for both heavy and lightweight amplifiers. The longer rack rails are ideal for shorter amplifiers like the GX3, or the PLD4.2, where the shorter rack rails can be used with longer amplifiers like the PL380, or the PLD4.5.