Software Integration Alliance

Shure and QSC have co-developed a control plugin for their Microflex Wireless microphone series. In addition, specific microphones in the Shure catalog, including the Microflex Wireless series, can pass audio to the Q-SYS Platform via AES67, all without additional Dante I/O card hardware.

Microflex Wireless

Microphone Solutions for Enterprise-Scale AV Environments

Integration Type:  AES67 (or Dante I/O card), Custom Q-SYS Control Plugin

Description:  Microflex® Wireless provides elegant solutions for managing vivid, lifelike sound in AV conferencing environments. Its audio integrates with Q-SYS either through AES67 (without additional hardware) or through Q-SYS Dante I/O card. Q-SYS Designer software also has a built-in control and monitoring plugin available for the Shure Microflex Wireless System. Includes RF Signal status, Level status, Mute and Identify functionality for each microphone.