Software Integration Alliance

Q-SYS supports third party edge networks as part of QSC’s commitment to present an I/O agnostic solution to the industry. In fact, Q-SYS offers more input & output formats and protocols than any other platform on the market today.

Software-based Dante™ License for the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Q-SYS now features native Dante network audio integration without the need for additional hardware I/O, external control or management devices.  As part of a strategic development effort with Audinate, QSC leveraged the Q-SYS open architecture and Intel processing headroom to expand its native audio integration capabilities and meet the I/O peripheral needs of more installations.

Q-SYS Dante Audio Bridge Card

Integration Type:  I/O Card for Q-SYS Core Processors with I/O card slots

Description:  Provides a link for up to 64x64 channels at 48 kHz from any Dante edge network, such as wireless microphones and digital mixers, directly into the Q-SYS ecosystem for advanced processing and redistribution over Q-LAN for larger LAN and WAN IT infrastructures.

Dante Domain Manager Ready

Available with Q-SYS Designer Software v7.2 or higher, the Q-SYS CDN64 Dante™ Audio Bridge I/O Card offers compatibility with Dante Domain Manager™.  The Q-SYS Ecosystem is the first of its kind to a deliver a product that offers full compatibility with Dante Domain Manager Systems.