native audio, video and control | now featuring native video streaming


Come experience a real-world demonstration of a native Q-SYS connected meeting room

Length: 20 min

✔ Full integration for soft codec applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, and more.

✔ Native network video distribution for meeting room streaming.

✔ Third-party device integration for some of today’s most commonly used lighting and environmental control meeting room use cases.

✔ Room control, dialing and more with native Q-SYS touch screen controllers.

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Q-SYS Reflect Demonstration


This realtime demonstration will show how Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager will help reduce AV support costs and increase AV uptime by providing monitoring and management capabilities for all native Q-SYS devices as well as and third-party peripherals within your Q-SYS system.


Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager



Stop by the QSC Coffee House to experience new Business Music Solutions from QSC in a real-life setting. It offers a complete portfolio that supports retail, restaurant, hospitality and other commercial spaces, backed by QSC’s 50-year legacy of quality and support. Thoughtful design aesthetic, easy install and configuration, and a simplified end user control experience will deliver on the optimal audio vision for any installation.


QSC Premium Business Music Solutions


Meet Q-SYS trainers, Patrick Heyn and Nathan Makaryk, as they take you through the latest QSC technologies

Length: 15 minutes

Q-SYS Ecosystem

Learn the benefits of installing a native Q-SYS Ecosystem that offers processing, networking, audio, video, control and remote asset monitoring and management in one, software-based platform.

Q-SYS Control

Discover the Q-SYS Control paradigm with integrated processing and simplified modern scripting tools that allows you to easily scale up without having to rip and replace programming.

Q-SYS Connected Conference Room

Learn how the new Q-SYS NV Series enables native HDMI video distribution as well as integration of audio and Q-SYS conference camera feeds for web conferencing applications, while providing complete control, voicings for integrated loudspeakers, AES67 streaming and more.

Premium Business Music Solutions

Experience QSC’s comprehensive toolkit of solutions designed specifically for background and foreground music reinforcement that offers ease-of-use, aesthetic design with proven reliability and performance.

Latest News

QSC Introduces NV Series Network Video Endpoint for the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Native to the Q-SYS Ecosystem, the NV-32-H network video endpoint is a multi-stream, software-configurable HDMI encoder/decorder that enables network-based video distribution for the Q-SYS Platform, without additional control processors, bridges or complicated programming.


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