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Bring Your Own Control

Preparing your meeting room for hands-free control? With Q-SYS, you can control the room with your smartphone!

  • Use QR Codes and customized links so users can easily add end user control to their smartphone.
  • Use reactive automation with Control logic to promote social distancing.
  • Utilize NV Series to display social distancing templates to encourage best practices at the beginning or end of each meeting.
  • Take advantage of a free UCI QR code plugin for Q-SYS Designer Software.


Bring Your Own Control

The QSC Meeting Room Experience

This video shows a fully automated POV walkthrough of a meeting space controlled by the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

  • All audio, video and control (native Q-SYS plus third-party recognition and occupancy technology) is being controlled by a single Q-SYS Core 110f processor.
  • QSC solves the most meeting room pains with native conference camera (Q-SYS PTZ-IP conference cameras) and video distribution technology (Q-SYS NV Series).
  • Utilize NV Series to display social distancing templates to encourage best practices at the beginning or end of each meeting.
  • Experience BYOD & installed soft codec calling dual-device collaboration from a single encoder.

Software-based Dante for Q-SYS
Now Available

The Q-SYS Ecosystem now provides software-based Dante™ network audio integration on Q-SYS Core 110f processors.

  • Simple Integration into the Q-SYS Ecosystem: Offers device discovery, synchronization, control and management for Dante audio, alongside native Q-LAN and AES67 and other edge networks like AVB and CobraNet.
  • Software-based Upgrades and Scalability: Optional software licenses reduce the need for I/O hardware customization and allows you to right-size and scale the appropriate Dante channels, helping to keep costs down.


Software-based Dante for Q-SYS

Protect your system (and staff) with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

COVID-19 has created an absolute necessity to remotely monitor and manage your AV investments and help to ensure peace of mind for your systems and greater safety for your support staff.

  • Now Available in Six New Countries: New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
  • For AV Site Admins and IT End Users: For a limited time, we are offering a full-featured trial of Enterprise Manager until January 31, 2021! Remotely monitor and manage multiple Q-SYS systems (including third-party devices).
  • For Integrators and Consultants: We created a new, Not-for-Resale trial subscription designed specifically to help you evaluate and recommend Enterprise Manager to your customers. We also have new Q-SYS Reflect Reseller and Q-SYS Reflect Referral programs to incentivize your participation.


Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager

Complete Family of Solutions for Music Reinforcement

QSC offers a comprehensive music reinforcement and management solution for retail, restaurant, fitness, hospitality and other commercial spaces. Based on thoughtful design aesthetic, ease of installation and fast configuration combined with simplified end user control, QSC Business Music Solutions help to deliver the ultimate audio experience.


Premium Business Music

Introducing QSC AD-P.HALO

The QSC AD-P.HALO is a purpose-built, integrated SUB/SAT pendant loudspeaker system, featuring an integrated 6.5" subwoofer and four 2.75" satellite transducers in a single enclosure that is ready to install out of the box.