native audio, video and control | now featuring native video streaming


Come experience a real-world demonstration of a native Q-SYS connected meeting room

Length: 20 min

✔ Full integration for soft codec applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, and more.

✔ Native network video distribution for meeting room streaming.

✔ Third-party device integration for some of today’s most commonly used lighting and environmental control meeting room use cases.

✔ Room control, dialing and more with native Q-SYS touch screen controllers.


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Q-SYS Reflect Demonstration | Monitor & Manage Your Entire AV Enterprise

This realtime demonstration will show how Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager will help reduce AV support costs and increase AV uptime by providing monitoring and management capabilities for all native Q-SYS devices as well as and third-party peripherals within your Q-SYS system.


Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager


Demo Room: W224B | Length: 60 minutes


At this year’s Demo Room, you will experience the QSC Premium Business Music Solutions, a full line of mixers, amplifiers, control and loudspeakers, specifically designed for foreground music applications. Also be the FIRST to hear the new Q-SYS CX-Q Series network amplifiers and new AcousticDesign™ Series loudspeakers.

Presentation Schedule*:  9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm


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*Some time slots are reserved for private listening events.


Meet the faces of QSC Training Patrick Heyn and Nathan Makaryk as they take you through the latest QSC technologies

QSC Booth: 3811 | Length: 15 minutes

Q-SYS Ecosystem

Learn the benefits of installing a native Q-SYS Ecosystem that offers processing, networking, audio, video, control and remote asset monitoring and management in one, software-based platform.

Q-SYS Control

Discover the Q-SYS Control paradigm with integrated processing and simplified modern scripting tools that allows you to easily scale up without having to rip and replace programming.

Q-SYS Web Conferencing Solution (including NV Series)

Learn how the new Q-SYS NV Series enables native HDMI video distribution as well as integration of audio and Q-SYS conference camera feeds for web conferencing applications, while providing complete control, voicings for integrated loudspeakers, AES67 streaming and more.


QSC experts will be speaking and moderating a number of AVIXA education sessions throughout InfoComm.

Session 1: Planning the Mixed-Protocol AV Network

10:00 am to 12:00 pm | Location: W307CD

CTS RUs: 2.00

Session Description: Attendees will gain the ability to:

  • Describe the Ethernet protocols and concepts required to integrate different manufacturers' products into a conference room environment.
  • Map the required networking concepts for all system devices into a single set of network requirements to be analyzed for risk and conveyed to proper IT stakeholders.
  • Identify and mitigate risks associated with integration to the client's corporate network for SIP and enterprise control.

hosted by QSC Expert
Matt Gray
Systems Applications Engineer

Session 2: Audio and Video Streaming Using Established IP Standards

1:00pm to 3:00pm | Location: W304E

CTS RUs: 2.00

Session Description: This panel discussion will demonstrate how the accepted audio and video standards suite for the broadcast industry, ST 2110, can be applied to professional AV installations. Also, learn about recent additions to the standard and discover how it can facilitate simple, streamlined network AV system integration.

hosted by QSC Expert
Rich Zwiebel
VP, Systems Strategy

Session 1: Players & Perspectives in Sports Venue Sound System Integration

9:00am to 10:00am | Location: W414C

CTS RUs: 1.50

Session Description: In this real-world discussion, attendees will: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the overall complexity of sound system integration in major sports venues as part of a larger AV picture.
  • Understand the roles of the actors and decision makers involved in sound system integration in major sports venues.
  • Explore key considerations in implementing sound solutions in stadia and arena.

hosted by QSC Expert
Scott Kalarchik
Senior Advanced Applications Engineer for Q-SYS

Session 2: Case Study - Developing Global Enterprise Technology Standards for Growth

10:00am to 11:30pm | Location: Valencia A

CTS RUs: 1.00

Session Description: Learn how the WeWork AV team designed and deployed global technology standards, including:

  • What drove the need for technology standardization as WeWork grows its locations globally.
  • How global technology standardization enabled improved business efficiency for WeWork.
  • Best practices in standardization.

hosted by QSC Expert
Cory Schaeffer
Director of Strategic Industry Relations

Session 3: AVIXA Awards Ceremony

4:00pm to 5:00pm | Location: Center Stage Booth 3161

Please join us as AVIXA honors Jose Carselle as the Harald Theil Volunteer of the Year award recipient.

award recipient
Jose Carselle
QSC International Advanced Application Engineer

Session 1: Developing Global Technology Standards

8:00am to 9:30am | Location: W304G

CTS RUs: 1.50

Session Description: In this session, panelists from Juniper Networks, eBay, Uber and Square and more will share best practices in developing and deploying global technology standards and offer concrete examples of how these standards have benefited their overall business. They will also discuss how standards help reduce support costs and workload while allowing for future scalability.

hosted by QSC Expert
Cory Schaeffer
Director of Strategic Industry Relations

Session 2: Selecting and Adjusting Automatic Mixers

9:30am to 10:30am | Location: W304F

CTS RUs: 1.00

Session: Description: Automatic mixers are an essential part of any meeting room AV system. In this course, attendees will learn:

  • How to select the best type of auto-mixer for your project by understanding the differences.
  • How to adjust each type of auto-mixer.
  • What NOT to do in designs with auto-mixers.

hosted by QSC Expert
Rich Zwiebel
VP, Systems Strategy

Session 1: Using a Mix-Minus to Optimize Meeting Room Systems

8:30am to 9:30am | Location: W304F

CTS RUs: 1.00

Session Description: This session will use a real, live mix minus setup on a screen with audio, where attendees will learn:

  • Advantages of mix-minus including when to use it and when to avoid it.
  • How to determine the proper configuration of mix-minus.

hosted by QSC Expert
Rich Zwiebel
VP, Systems Strategy

Latest News

Q-SYS Celebrates 10 Years

For over 10 years, Q-SYS has provide audio, video & control to hundreds of thousands of installs all over the world. From the largest stadiums and conventions centers to corporate meeting rooms of all sizes, Q-SYS has become one of the most powerful and flexible AV&C processors on the market. As a software-based ecosystem, built on IT standards, QSC continues to develop new features and capabilities allowing integrators and end users to do more with less hardware.

QSC Introduces AcousticDesign Surface-Mount Loudspeaker

The new AD-S6 is a surface mount 6.5-inch two-way loudspeaker. Part of the AcousticDesign™ Series, this new loudspeaker is ideal for business music applications, including higher SPL foreground music.

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