Q-SYS Online Help File

The Q-SYS online help file is the most complete and latest help file for Q-SYS Designer Software and associated hardware and peripherals.  You can access this help file from within Q-SYS Designer Software.  The Q-SYS online help file is usually updated more frequently than the help file built into Q-SYS Designer Software.  

Access the Q-SYS Online Help File

Q-SYS Designer

Q-SYS Designer Software is the most powerful yet simple advanced DSP software on the market today. This software enables the user to create designs for the Q-SYS Integrated System Platform.  The system design environment was created specifically to be intuitive and easy to use. It is laid out without clutter or complicated, multi-level menus. As a result the software allows system integrators to focus their energy on building the audio system, rather than laboring over a complex software learning curve.

                •   One Software for all System Sizes: Q-SYS Designer Software can be used with ALL Q-SYS Cores and peripherals.
                •   Emulation Mode: Build the majority of your system without hardware.
                •   Third-party peripheral support: Q-SYS allows for control of external devices through available LUA scripting.
                •   User Control Interfaces: Design custom buttons, import graphics, and build user controls for touchscreen controllers.

Q-SYS Configurator

Configure on your Tablet

The fully responsive design will allow you to configure and submit a
Q-SYS™ design on web-enabled tablet devices.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The design interface allows for faster, smarter Q-SYS configurations. There are also more options for duplicating projects, generating PDFs and submitting your orders.

Updated Devices and Logic

Q-SYS Configurator has been updated to include the latest Core processors and offers smart I/O card stacking logic for configuring I/O cards when customizing your Core.

Q-SYS Remote Support

Having problems with your QSC network audio system or software issues, and would you like some live remote assistance?

Download the QSC Remote Support Portal

We use a really nifty support tool by an outfit called TeamViewer. It is very secure and simple to use. Just click the button above to download the QSC Support Portal. Choose “Run” when asked, choosing the default answers if in doubt. It will run a small applet on your computer, and provide you a unique, secure, 9-digit ID and 4-character alphanumeric password. Call us, and provide us the ID number and password – BAM! We’re connected to you and helping, just as if we were sitting at your computer with you!

(Requires a high-speed internet connection to your computer)