Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Amid ongoing concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19) and following Orange County’s guideline to shut down all non-essential business until March 31st, 2020,  QSC’s Technical Services Group is closed for business until further notice.

For repair needs, customer may visit our website to obtain an online return authorization at: Once you have submitted an online RMA request, you will be contacted with shipping instructions. Please note that our repair lead time will be extended due to our facility shut down.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to closely monitor the situation and evaluate additional measures to protect our employees and customers.



Technical Services Group

 Links to the Coronavirus updates:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA)


Once you agree with the QSC Terms of Service please scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the form.

This Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form is for QSC products shipped from within the United States. If you are located outside the U.S., please contact your local distributor for service.

This form is intended for factory service only.

You can save time and money by bringing your unit to a local authorized QSC service center. They can perform warranty service and have access to the same parts used at the factory. Please use the Service Center Locator.

Please fill out the online RMA form below as completely as possible. You will receive an RMA when you click "Submit" for each item you entered. 
All information you supply will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 


QSC can no longer service these products:

A-Series (All)
Legacy CX Series (CX4, CX4T, CX6, CX6T, CX12, CX12T)
EX Series (EX800, EX1250, EX1600, EX2500, EX4000)
MX and Mxa Series (MX700, MX1000A, MX1500, MX1500A, MX2000, MX2000A, MX3000A
PowerLight Series (PL1.0, PL1.0HV, PL1.4, PL1.5X, PL1.6HVX, PL1.8, PL2.0HV, PL2.4MB, PL3.4, PL3.8X, PL4.0, PL6.0, PL6.0II, PL9.0)
PowerLight2 Series (PL218, PL224, PL230, PL236, including "A" models)
USA Series (USA370, USA400, USA850, USA900, USA1300, USA1310)
Series One (1080, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1700)
Series Two (MPS2300, A2150, A2300)
Series Three (3200, 3350, 3500, 3800)
Sonetic Series (SA185, SA425, SA650)
RMX Series (RMX850, RMX1450, RMX1850HD, RMX2450, RMX4050HD, RMX5050)
CMX Series (120V - CMX300V, CMX500V, CMX800V)  (230V - CMX300V, CMX500V)
PLX Series (PLX1202, PLX1602, PLX24002,PLX3002, PLX3402, PLX1104, PLX1804)
CM16 Series (CM16, CM16a)
BASIS Series (BASIS 904zz, BASIS 922az, BASIS 922uz, BASIS 914lz, BASIS 722az, BASIS 902zz, BASIS 922dz)
RAVE Series (RAVE 161s, RAVE 80s, RAVE 81s, RAVE 88s, RAVE 160s, RAVE 160s-24, RAVE 161s-24, RAVE 188s, RAVE 188s-24, RAVE 520uz, RAVE 522aa, RAVE 522ua)
Cores Series (CORE 1000, CORE 1000 TYPE 2, CORE 3000, CORE 3000 TYPE 2, CORE 4000, CORE 4000 TYPE2)
TSC Series (TSC-8,TSC-8-BX )
DSP Series (DSP-4, DSP-30, DSP-322ua)
DCM Series (DCM-1, DCM-2, DCM-3, DCM-10, DCM-30)
DCP Series (DCP-300 Legacy)
PS Series (PS-400G, PS-400H, PS-410H, PS-800G, PS-800H)
HPR Series (HPR122i, HPR153i, HPR181i, HPR152F, HPR153F, HPR151W, HPR181W)
ILA Series (WL115sw)
ISIS Series (102M, 102WDD, 122M, 152M, I-215PCM, I-82H, I-282H)
MD Series (All Powered and Passive MD speakers)
Weatherized WideLine Series (WL2102-WX, WL3082-WX)
CSM Series (CSM10, CSM12, CSM15)
AD-C Series (AD-C42T, AD-Ci52T, AD-Ci52ST)
AD-S Series (AD-S52, AD-S52T)

NOTE: QSC does not service any products 25 years or older.

QSC will support Limited Service for these products:

CMX Series (120V - CMX2000V)  and  (230V - CMX800V, CMX2000V)
PowerLight Series (PL325, PL340)
DSP Series (DSP-3)
DCM Series (DCM-10D)
SC Series (SC-28)
NAC Series (NAC-100)
Cores Series (CORE 250i, CORE 250i CTO, CORE 1100, CORE 3100, CORE 500i)
I/O Frame Series (I/O FRAME Type I, I/O FRAME 8s, I/O FRAME 8s CTO)
TSC Series (TSC-3, TSC-47w-G2, TSC -7W, TSC-7T)

Please note: Authorized QSC Service Centers may still be able to repair discontinued amplifiers, please verify with them.

Service/Repair Warranty

QSC provides a 90-day service/repair warranty on all current / non-discontinued products, and a 30-day service/repair warranty is offered on all discontinued products.

Please fill out the online RMA form below as completely as possible. You will receive an RMA when you click "Submit" for each item you entered. 
All information you supply will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  


Attention: Due to an unexpected high repair volume in the factory, we recommend using a local service center for a faster turn-around. Click here to find an authorized service center. Current turn around time are as follows:

Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, Mixers: 15-20 days
DSP and Network Products: 3-4 weeks