GX5 Reviews

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JD Smart Bass Honcho

from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:
Twenty plus year touring and session guitar/ bass player.

Rugged and reliable!!!

I chose to purchase the QSC GX5 to power my bass guitar cabs for two reasons. One, the freedom to drive any combination of cabinets with different speaker and ohm configurations. Two, I've been a loyal QSC customer for many years and have grown to depend on their reliability and high quality. When I received this amp, I was pleasantly surprised at the weight, features, and design. When I incorporated it into my bass rig I was blown away by the clean, even power that I had not found with many "high end" bass amps and with the smooth articulation that it provided to my sound. If you are searching for a rugged and reliable power amp for any application, choose QSC. You will never be disappointed.

Peter K

from United States
Audio Experience:
Musician, Sound Guy

GS5 - A Workhorse that never fails

I've owned two GX5s for five years now. Both of them have been put through the ringer, but they've never failed me. I've recently upgraded to powered speakers, but I keep these for my practice room. I'm sure they'll last me till I turn 90. They are built solid, just what you'd expect from QSC.


from 811 Illinois St., Apt 2, Golden, Colorado
Audio Experience:
Been in bands for 53 years (started at age 12) have always been at least a partial owner of PA systems that all my bands have used whether playing locally or touring. Currently playing locally at clubs, private and corporate events and outdoor venues.

GX5 review from working musician

Bought this unit after Crown amp had a major meltdown, perfect for my live application, use it to drive two dual 15" with horn mains. Have used this unit from small venues to outdoor gigs and has met all requirements. QSC is preceded by its' reputation and it did not disappoint. Nice clean sound, runs cool and quite and frequency response is equal across all frequencies. From now on all power amps I purchase for our band will be QSC (I am the bass player but own the PA), excellent quality at a reasonable price and a fantastic warranty which gives me peace of mind as I know that QSC has faith in and backs their products.

Trista F

from Jacksonville FL
Audio Experience:
Mainly studio recording but mobile DJ gigging for the spending money

Clean power in a small footprint

Just bought a GX5 to repower my Yamaha C115Vs for mobile DJing - WOW. Upgrading from a Crown K1, which I loved, this entry level QSC is just as crisp and clear as the venerable K1 it's replacing but with more low end muscle to push the big 15" drivers. It's also physically half the K1s size, weighs a little less and doesn't get as hot. I run it behind a DBX limiter so it's always run all out, 100%, just under clipping If this GX amp is as tough and reliable as its more expensive QSC brothers, then you can read about it in my second review - when I buy two more to power my subs next year!!!

Bass Honcho

from Oklahoma
Audio Experience:
Twenty plus year touring and studio musician.

Rugged, reliable, and sounds amazing.

I purchased the GX5 to drive my bass guitar cabs and have been well pleased with it's performance. I play 100+ live shows per year in venues ranging from moderate sized clubs to outdoor music festivals and have driven this amp hard in many types of environments and conditions and it has never failed me in any capacity. The features on this amp such as the built in crossover give me the option to run different configurations of cabs which is essential to cover the wide array of different venues that I encounter. I'm proud to own this product. Job well done QSC.

Frank Savage

from 61111
Audio Experience:


This amplifier has the current capability to deliver the signal to the heaviest loads. Eight 15" woofers, four 10" midbass. It surely kicks ass.


from El Paso Texas
Audio Experience:
Clarity 100% super good

Reliable to all my gigs

Had it for probably 7 years , still going...


from Ontario, Canada
Audio Experience:

Clean and crisp at any volume

I bought this to replace my old Pioneer SA-6700 unit and i am very happy with the purchase. After having searched endlessly for stereo amps in the mainstream consumer market and all i found was overpriced low wattage units full of useless gimicks and pointless hardware, so i then looked towards the professional market and stumbled across the GX5, read loads of reviews etc. From multiple sources and decided this is the one. I am very glad that i bought this unit, very worth the cost and the audio remains clean and crisp at any volume. The phono input is a bonus. The class H efficiency is awesome and better than mainstream consumer market (duh...). Overall i give this a 5/5 and i would recommend it to anyone looking for good stereo equipment.


from Colorado
Audio Experience:
Home audio enthusiast.

Great work!

This is my home audio amplifier. Fantastic use direct input. No other equipment. Lovin' life.

Richard Dicks

from 35 Camelot dr Bakersville, NC
Audio Experience:

Big Sound for a small price

I had some of the very old 41A's and it was time for a up grade so I got one of the GX5's and could not believe the sound and the range it was very quit now I had looked at another brand but after using them both for a few shows it was very clear The GX5 had no hum and the sound was clear. So I got 4 more of them should never had wasted the money on the other one. I will be getting 3 more this year.


from Monument, CO
Audio Experience:
Just a guy. Pair of klipsch cornwallis original from 1963. Dedicated stereo only system. Martin Logan surround system. Another surround system. More speakers than most people have light bulbs. Just a guy.

Not typical!

I bought my GX5 to run my Boston Acoustics VRM90's. Run directly from my computer with an apple airport. No other equipment at all. Actually sounds pretty freaking awesome. Thank you.

Mr Dynamite

from Northern Minnesota
Audio Experience:
Guitarist / sound tech

Very impressed!

Lightweight, and very good sound. I bought the first one, and noticed a big improvement in sound. I ended up buying 2 more to replace all of our monitor amps! Very happy so far!


from Oregon
Audio Experience:

Great amp at a great price

I purchased this amp about 3 years ago after the cheap amp my PA came with started to die. I am powering 2 JBL JXR125’s regularly for multiple band rehearsals and occasional shows and it has been completely reliable. Racked with a power supply and compressor/limiter and it is still no problem to transport because of the surprisingly light weight. Woulda solutely recommend this amp to anyone with similar power needs.

R. Prinz

from Santa Ynez, CA
Audio Experience:
Guitarist for many years.


Excellent power source with easy reliable operation. There is a modest amount of fan noise that my require some isolation when used in a studio environment.