CP12 Reviews

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Deshawn "wordizbon"

from Jacksonville, FL
Audio Experience:
Home Studio recording engineer

Great selection

I definitely am glad for my purchase of the CP12 speakers. They add to my home project studio to give me a dance hall feel when recording and mixing for a club sound. Not too big for the space provided in my room but pack a punch.


from Dallas Tx
Audio Experience:
Professional bassist.

Wow..... what a great monitor!

I looked at several options for a small powered monitor and always came back to QSC. The CP12 is a tremendous value and has accomplished my goal of portability and sound. Very easy to use and set up, along with the awesome carry bag, enables the user to have a great functional and portable monitor. QSC certainly hit a home run with this one!

Brian Check

from Butler/Pittsburgh PA
Audio Experience:
33 years of Broadcast audio and installation. 40 years as a musician. Audio engineer for last 7 years for weekly church services, and Installation of new equipment purchases for sound and AV

CP12 Great Utility "Do It All" Speaker

I can not say one bad thing about these CP12 speakers. They handle anything I put through them. I am quite impressed with the low volume bass response, as the first test was through my keyboard rig. They handle the drum sequences, and synth bass lines beautifully. The high frequencies are clean and clear without being harsh. I also use the CP12's for small to medium venues, for FOH. They pack all the punch needed. If I need more coverage, just add a second pair. They are a perfect match for my Touchmix mixers as well.

Brian Check

from Butler/Pittsburgh PA
Audio Experience:
33 years of Broadcast audio and installation. 40 years as a musician. Audio engineer for last 7 years for weekly church services, and Installation of new equipment purchases for sound and AV

CP12 Great Utility "Do It All" Speaker

I can not say one bad thing about these CP12 speakers. They handle anything I put through them. I am quite impressed with the low volume bass response, as the first test was through my keyboard rig. They handle the drum sequences, and synth bass lines beautifully. The high frequencies are clean and clear without being harsh. I also use the CP12's for small to medium venues, for FOH. They pack all the punch needed. If I need more coverage, just add a second pair. They are a perfect match for my Touchmix mixers as well.

derrick mahan

from San Diego California
Audio Experience:
Dj productions

Great for smaller DJ Gigs!

Sounds awesome!! Great imaging and detail. Use them for small parties and receptions less then 50 people. Could even use for 100 people with subs.

derrick mahan

from San Diego California
Audio Experience:
Small Dj productions

Great for smaller DJ Gigs!

Been having a great experience with these CP12s. They’ are not too heavy and have great bass. Make sure you aim the tweeter above the audience heads. Worth every penny..

Hector Bailon

from San Diego
Audio Experience:
Excelente sound

QSC 12

Great quality

C. Montaño “DJ Kai”

from Bakersfield, Ca
Audio Experience:
9 years of Dj’n. Primarily do Weddings, Company Events, Proms and Formals.

Love my CP12’s!

I own a pair of K12, K12.2, and CP12’s. I am very pleased with the sound clarity, power, and size of the CP12! It’s still surprising me when i turn up the volume and get such a nice sound out of it. I use wireless mics for wedding ceremonies and have yet to have any problems or hear any feedback. My wife is equally impressed! I use them as my small portables and have yet to use them with my K-Sub or KW181 but i’m sure they will sound very nice with them!

Mike Mills

from Columbia, SC
Audio Experience:
22 years experience

Great for Floor Monitors!

I was so close to spending double what these cost for monitors when I bought my new PA. Thankfully I found and heard these and they do the job perfectly. Plus, you don’t have your $800 K12s on the ground for drunk people to spill stuff all over them. Spillage is not as bad when the speakers are half the price. These will be my forever monitors.

Jim Becker

from Los Angeles
Audio Experience:
I have been a full-time touring solo artist for 12 years straight… Doing over 150 shows in 2018 alone! I have become one quite acclimated to adjusting my sound in multiple settings. This product has made that process more streamlined than it is ever been.

Perfect for the traveling music man

The QSCCP 12 powered speakers have elevated my solo acoustic shows to an entirely new sonic level. The crisp highs, the punchy mids, the warm round lows, have taken the tone of my acoustic guitar and my vocals to a bigger, clearer, and more pleasing level at small and medium sized venues as well as outdoors. One of the best purchases I have made in years.

Lekan Olatunji

from Frisco, TX
Audio Experience:
Excellent and fell in love with sound all over again. Great job QSC. Standing ovation.

Fantastic and excellent speakers

These speakers are the real deal, I am very economical when it comes to purchases, I believe wholeheartedly in the KW12.2, however I saw the CP12 at guitar center and decided to take a gamble, previously owning EVs 12 inch speakers, like I started economical since EV are in the 500s price range. I was not only blown away with the CP12 but also say it was a great but with 1,000 watts. I have used both the KW12.2 2000 watts and CP12 1000 watts. I can confidently say when looking to buy speakers for DJ, sound, speaking.... Doesn't matter your occasion, QSC has what you need and at the price point you can afford. Can't go wrong with CP12, however can't wait to save up and add the KW12.2 to my collection. Current collection is 4 CP12 and one KS112 sub. Sounds insane

Warren K

from North Carolina
Audio Experience:
I'm not a sound engineer but I have been using and operating PA equipment in churches and in concerts for 40 plus years.


I recently purchased a pair of QSC CP12 speakers, and I like them, a lot! I use them mainly as PA speakers mounted on stands for solo concerts with recorded music tracks. They look great, easy to transport, easy to set up (without any help), the quality of sound is great, and most of all they are affordable. I have also used them with four vocals (quartet) with recorded music and they deliver a rich, quality, professional sound. I am totally pleased with them!

Daniel Lewis

from Port Orchard, WA
Audio Experience:
43 years playing semi-professionally.

had to buy two CP12s

I bought one CP12 with the intention of using as a floor monitor. When I got to the gig I was talked into using just the one CP12 as the main and sharing a monitor with another member. It sounded so good I bought another CP12 and a CP8 to use for the monitor. Running two CP12s as our mains has been a huge improvement over our previous system. These speakers sound amazing and are so light I can get them on/off the stands with no help.

William Sims

from Homer, Alaska
Audio Experience:
20 years playing guitar, a little steel guitar, a tiny bit of piano, and gig with my wife...a very great singer!

Sweet sounding CP12s!

Moved to Homer, Alaska. Started gigging in the local pubs and a nearby dance hall. I needed a small speaker footprint but great sound. The CP12s filled all my needs. Love “em!


from Stamford, Ct.
Audio Experience:
Does not compare to other well known brands I used before.

Awesome Product

I bought this model because I heard a small live band using them. Great sound reproduction, especially when using it with my Yamaha P125. Can wait until I add the subs.

David J Holgate

from Bronx NY
Audio Experience:
25 years of VJ and Dj in mobile and club environment


The CP12 is a n excellent speaker, easy to setup and use the variable settings that are on available on the control panel. I use this with subs or without depending on size of room. The sound from these speaker is great beyond my expectations for a 12 inch. Thanks Sweetwater for the great deal on this speaker!

Glenn Calub

from Berkeley California
Audio Experience:
22 years mobile karaoke dj

CP12 dj and karaoke host review

For the price, the CP12's are great on the weight, much lighter and lower bass range. In my opinion the solid plastic body also minimizes the tinny metal cabinet sound that all the K series have. The bass is fuller and the clarity is close to the quality of the K series. I've had several compliments by my clients about how much better my sound is with QSC speakers.


from chicago
Audio Experience:
a plus all around

my cp 12 experiance

in my opinion after listening to many speakers before buying, qsc is the way to go and cp 12 is no exception it has great clarity and goes very high and great bass response don't wast your time with other brands.

Estivel Martinez

from Salem OR
Audio Experience:
Open Format DJ


I bought a CP 12 a few months ago and i ran into through its paces. I was so pleased with the speaker that i had to buy another one. The biggest selling point for me was the amount of sound it produces from such a compact package. I have a bad wrist and the lightweight design really helps with setting up.


from Hanover Park, IL.
Audio Experience:
mobile dj

Awesome Speakers.!!

Awesome speakers for a reasonable price, they sound really nice and clear. Performs really great for it's compact size which i didn't expect, good enough for a small to medium party's. I've been wanting to buy the K12's but i'm a little bit tight on a budget. good thing QSC made the CP series which solved my problem. Thanks QSC..! Practice and Enjoy.!!

Martie Echito

from Ontario & Cambria, California
Audio Experience:
QSC powered speakers are the absolute best. Touchmix30 and 16 are incredible as well. Love what you're doing!

CP12's are everything plus more than they are cracked up to be!

I'm using the TouchMix30 with two K12.2s plus two KS112s for the big gigs...and decided to try the CP12's for smaller events. I was not disappointed! They don't have the spread or hugeness of the K12.2s, but they still have the clarity, punch, and presence. I also use them as keyboard speakers.....incredible!! I'm actually still using the TouchMix 16 on occasion...still delivers!

Paul Noe

from Knoxville TN
Audio Experience:
Live sound, rock band

Surprising Power in a small package

I have been using the K12 speakers for a while, but needed a floor monitor or two and thought I'd give the new CP12 a shot. I was surprised at how loud and clear the CP12 was - not quite to the level of the K12, but still a great sound for such a small package.


from Murfreesboro Tn
Audio Experience:
Avid audiophile!


I'll say it again..... Wow! Talk about dynamite comming in small packages! This CP 12 delivered, and the some! Crisp highs, responsive lows.... love it! Main or wedge..... this one is versatile. Saving up for a second one....

Frank F

from Omaha NE
Audio Experience:
filled up a rather large room with no difficulty and no loss of clarity

CP12 can do them all!

Everything as advertised: light weight, small dimension, plenty of volume, great tone and clarity. Especially like the usage presets: monitor, house, connect to powered sub etc.

Todd Howard (DJ Toddy Tee)

from Compton CA
Audio Experience:
Light Weight Easy Setup, Crystal Clear Sound For Inside and Outside venues and with a QSC Bass Oh Boy- Many people compliment me for the great sound of the speakers. QSC definitely hit the mark with these speakers

CP12 simply The best for your buck.

There is no speaker in the world that sounds this good and bumps this hard for this price.

Jon Rodberg

from Laguna Niguel, CA
Audio Experience:
Live performance drummer for 40 years, with intermediate, working towards advanced on audio.

Lov’in my CP12’s

I’ve owned 2-CP12’s, 1-Cardioid Subwoofer and Touchmix 16 for only 6 months. As a drummer, I use them primarily for band rehearsals and jams in my home studio. I’ve had numerous guest artist who have been blown away by the sound, depth and range that is provided through the help of the Cardiod Sub & Touchmix. The CP12’s have not only proven versatile for vocals, but you can also achieve fantastic results when running Bass & Keys straight through them. Even listening to tracks via iPhone / Pandora delivers a whole new level of depth and clarity in sound. You can better hear each instrument, and gain appreciation for how the music was meant to be heard. The entire system just delivers everything I could have ever wanted. And it takes minimal effort to dial in the exact sound you are seeking. Comparing to a friends Pro Bose system, my CP12 system sounds better at far less cost, you simply can’t beat the sound, quality, or most importantly, QSC’s after sales support. If you need greater flexibility, the K12’s will offer more options for live performances....but the CP series offers an exceptional choice. Either way, you’ll invest in a quality system that delivers as promised.


from Lees Summit, Missouri
Audio Experience:
Have played cello for 54 years, bass guitar for 47 years, sound engineer for 40 years, and recording studio owner for 10 years.

Great Speakers

Set up the CP12’s as tops with JBL PRX818XLF bottoms. Used the “Default w/sub” setting. After carefully setting balance between the CP12’s and the subs, used “I.G.Y.” by Fagen to tune the system in. They sound very, very good, especially for the cost ratio. Build seems very good. Have done a few gigs with them, and they worked very well. Definitely a recommended buy.

Gary Lytle

from 3400 Red Maple Dr., Modesto, CA 95355
Audio Experience:
I have over 40 years experience as a DJ as well as live performance.

Top Notch Speakers

I have had Yamaha and JBL speakers and the CP12 speakers are the best. Not only are they light and easy to transport, their clarity and flexibility is exceptional.

Nate Pugh

from Joplin, MO
Audio Experience:
I have worked in the AV industry for 12 years and have been a designer and project manager for the last 9.


The CP12 has quickly become our go to portable PA main or installed powered monitor. Our customers, which include churches and schools, have been happy to use these speakers. For their needs, they are affordable, sound great, and have plenty of headroom.


from FL
Audio Experience:
Sound tech, keyboardist

You won’t be disappointed.

Purchased my CP12s for an airport gig. Had my K12.2 already set up elsewhere and the CP speakers filled up the room. People loved the sound. These will get you thru most gigs.


from Massachusetts
Audio Experience:
I have been running sound for bands since the late 70's . Also an audiophile since the early 80's and have been in bands running sound at the same time since the mid 90's

These are very good Speakers

I have heard the K12's and the 12.2's and these much less expensive speakers are not all that far off from the more expensive models. They may not be as refined sounding but with live sound that seldom matters. They are very good and so far dependable.


from Rock City, USA
Audio Experience:


These speakers are the lightest 12s on the market and pack a punch! Plenty of power for a band, small duo or trio or solo! Pick up a pair of CP8s for monitors and you’ll have quite the rig. Thanks QSC for introducing this affordable option into the speaker lineup!

Jacob R.

from San Diego, CA
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician for 8 years.

Pumped on the new CP Series!

I have been using my new CP Series CP12's as monitors and they are everything you would expect from QSC Audio! Great clear tones and epic sound. Paired with the QSC Touchmix these speakers are everything you need for great live sound!


from California
Audio Experience:
10 years event production.

Amazing BANG for your BUCK!

QSC did it again! Not to be compared to the K series, however the CP12 delivers on all things QSC. Crisp, clear and amazing range w/ EZ EQ settings to switch between gigs / musical formats. For this price, the CP12 is a beautiful sounding, clean designed, lightweight and durable loudspeaker for the everyday consumer. Good work QSC!!

Kevin R.

from San Diego, CA
Audio Experience:
Gigging musician

Solid QSC Speakers

These speakers are awesome for their price. I have used them as mains, although I mostly use them as monitors. Since I have a pair of K12.2s, They work great as monitors and are compact, light , clear and loud. Also great on the wallet if on a tighter budget unable to go with the K Series but still want the QSC quality.

Austin Waynick

from Greensboro NC
Audio Experience:
Senior Account Manager, Guitar Center Professional

CP12=sweet love

At this can say all the other 3 letter acronym companies compete...but then again maggots love dog $h!+ so theres that. QSC has done it again while my first impression was this is a re-release of Gen1 K series these boxes are legit. for less than a grand you get fidelity, power, and reliability. Job well done Quilter Clan!