KS112 Reviews

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Johnathan S.

from Lebanon, PA
Audio Experience:
Sound Design/Tech/Op for Regional Theatre since 2013... Worship Leader for Contemporary Services since 2003... Assistant Director for High School Musicals since 2011... Gigging Husband & Wife Music Duo since 2003.

KS112 Sub = Perfect Portable Punch

We just purchased a QSC KS112 subwoofer to replace my 95 lbs EV sub. WOW... What an upgrade across the board!! Weight... check! Bass punch and performance... check! My wife and I perform as a music duo in the local community. We sing, play the keyboard and play backing tracks we create in our studio. Mid summer of 2018, we just got a pair of QSC K8.2 speakers to use as monitors for bigger gigs. We use Yamaha DXR10 speakers as our mains but overall to me, we were lacking some low end. My EV was way too heavy and too large to go into most of our performance locations. The KS112 trims off 30 plus pounds and is a smaller footprint. It also has the option of sitting on its side. The KS112 Sub is the perfect compliment to a pair of K8.2 speakers. A fantastic 2.1 audio system for the 30-130 people we perform for in our area! Thank you QSC!!!


from Providence Rhode Island
Audio Experience:
DJ AV professional


I have been a proud owner of many of the K series along with my business partner..I have been hoping that QSC would develop a sub that sonically goes a bit further then the Ksub. Well they did and I could not be more pleased with the new KS112. Now only is it quite a sexy The sound quality is well..simply put amazing!!! I will soon purchase a second KS112. What I appreciate most is the portability without sacrificing any sound capability!!! Now all of my prayers would be answered if QSC would make a 15 inch version? Hint, Hint!!!

F. Lyon

from Hinckley MN
Audio Experience:
Have been a musician for many years.

Amazing sound!

A bought these subs as soon as they were available. Couldn’t be happier. We have used K12’s for a couple of years and love the combination of ease of use, weight and especially the sound. We added the subs based on the QSC product engineering. The first time we used the KS112’s, we couldn’t believe how it absolutely filled the room! The size and weight are very manageable for live shows. We used this sound system for an outdoor show and everyone was amazed at level of great sound with small system. Have even had a DJ lament the he wished he had bought QSC instead of what he had. These subs provide the best thump for your buck and also look great. If you compare subs, you will buy these!

Billy Panagiotopoulos

from Canada
Audio Experience:
Over 15 years of experience in Live and DJ entertainment.


Purchased two of these to go with my K12 loudspeakers and it has really enhanced my sound for when I DJ as well as play with my band. These bad boys are just what was needed to push our tops a bit more, and get some nice lower end into the mix.


from California
Audio Experience:
I am a performer/violinist known as Tropo. I am also live front of house audio engineer for Alan Parsons.

So good it’s hard to believe

I bought one of these as a compact monitoring option for my car touring setup (electronic music). I was skeptical because I had used the ksub and didn’t like it. On to the KS112. This thing is a beast! Not only does it faithfully reproduce my music at levels I need but it’s exceeded my expectations to the point that I can play parties and extra shows along my route using the KS112 and 2 CP8’s as mains! Blown away.

Marcelo Caramuta

from Orlando, FL
Audio Experience:
Full time Professional Audio Technician and Musician

Fantastic Punchy Bass

I own and regularly deploy these subs for crowds of up to 700 people. For very large shows I work with arrays, but for smaller shows of 700 or less, I use (4) KS112 subs with 2 mains, and a couple stage fills. The bass response is truly ear pleasing. The band pass design with 12” cones delivers tight punchy bass which is ideal for live bands. It lets the true sound of the kick drum and bass shine through clearly and musically. And overall bass volume is quite loud with these subs even in large convention spaces. I never run out of bass headroom indoors. And even outdoors, these subs still fill the area. I’ve been using them for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier.

Chad Byers aka DJ Chad

from Ft. Lauderdale / Pembroke Pines
Audio Experience:
30 Plus in South Fl. Mobil Entertainment. Pro Audio Product Specialist for 15 Years.

Big Sound from KS112

I used (4) KS112 with my (2) K12.2 and, I loved the sound that the KS112 gave off. The low end was awesome. I walked around the room and did not here any delays. I can't wait to get my KS112.s This Powered Sub woofer is the best compact EVER.

Dennison DeNatalie

from Bay Shore, New York
Audio Experience:
7 years in the audio industry, DJ/MC for 4 years.

A true modern piece of gear.

I've been a QSC product fan for years, since the initial QSC K Series was released. When they came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when the E series came out, I bought a bunch of them, and when K.2 came out, I bought a bunch of them. After seeing how QSC has performed through the rigors of the road for me, I couldn't help but to stock all of the things I needed with QSC products. The warranty is also unmatched. One of my first ever sound systems that I purchased was a pair of K10's and a single Ksub. It was one of my favorite systems, super compact and sounded very good, and quite loud for its size. So when I sold that system to make room for K.2 (which I regret, I should have kept it all!) - I knew I also had to get the updated small subwoofer. The KS112 (I believe) was supposed to replace the Ksub. And they really did a good job with it. More output from a smaller footprint, lighter in weight, and the digital convenience. The pole mount on the side is one of my top features.

Richard B.

from Franklin, TN
Audio Experience:
Just a musician and hack engineer.

Great Sub for a Smaller Space

I love this sub! It's relatively compact size works in my smaller performance/recording space. It blends really well with my K8s. The onboard mixing helps to maximize the overall sound. I get all of the oomph without the heft. Great product.

Thomas Galgano

from United States
Audio Experience:
In addition to being an electronics engineer I have been a keyboard player for over 50 years.

Great Sounds Sometimes Come In Small Packages

I have been using the KS 112 sub-woofer in combination with a pair of K 12.2's as my main keyboard sound system ever since the KS 112 was first available. The main selling point to me was the compact size & portability and of course its amazing ability to produce tight, accurate low end. The combination of this sub along with the K 12.2's gives me the ability to perform with my Jazz Trio at venues from small intimate club settings all the way to the Grand Ballroom events where I get to really flex the 6000 watt muscle of my all QSC system. The complex sonic demands of today's state of the art electronic keyboards (I use a Montage 7 & an MX49 as well as our group's upright bass, our electronic drums and of course vocals ) are faithfully & effortlessly handled. I strongly recommend using the KS 112 as part of any keyboard and/or band's sound reinforcement system.

Dean E.

from Haverhill, MA
Audio Experience:

Boom! These subs rock!

I play guitar (and by default, do sound) in a general business/cover/bar band that plays weekends in bars, clubs, benefits, weddings, etc. This past summer we replaced our aging PA system (power amps and passive speakers... HEAVY!) with two QSC K12.2s for our mains, three K10.2s for monitors and two KS112 subwoofers. Wow! We couldn't be happier! Not only are these speakers much lighter, better looking and more portable, the sound is crystal clear. We'd been using the old system so long, that we got used to muddy mixes, lackluster vocals and subs (despite the mix) that weren't punchy enough. The first time we used this system, everyone (the band, our loyal fans, club owner) noticed the clarity change right way. We didn't change the mixer (preamps, etc.) at all, so we knew what the cause of the upgrades was. Our old subs were heavy, boomy and not always great for some of the smaller bars we played. We were reluctant to try the K112s ("only" a 12" speaker), but the price and features were just right. When we set these boxes up, we knew right away that they'd be perfect for us. They work in a small club (they perform even at low volumes) and work at outside venues for us, too. We pump the bass guitar through there and it really spreads the mix around the room. And the kick drum... THUMP! Really gets people dancing. These subs far exceeded our expectations. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The learning curve for all of this was nearly instantaneous, and set-up is a breeze. Everything works together great and is simple to configure. These loudspeakers have made a huge difference in our band's sound and I am sure it's going to result in new gigs (after people hear us through this). I'd give six stars if I could!

DJ Rick S.

from New York
Audio Experience:
Mobile DJ for over 35 years

Great sounding and powerful subwoofer!

The KS112 subwoofer is a great addition to any soundsystem. It is lightweight but packs a tremendous bass "punch" ! I bought one to add to my K12's and will be purchasing another one in the near future.