PLX2502 Reviews

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from Allentown, PA
Audio Experience:
Long-time audiophile.

Best clean power for the dollar

I suppose I'm not QSC's typical customer, but I've been a loyal one for over 10 years. I use a single PLX2502 to power a pair of Klipsch RF-7's (the original ones) in my home listening setup. I've demo'd countless other amps, and nothing else had the raw power and damping factor to run the RF-7's at anything more than low volume with authority. The PLX2 lineup is just plain no-fuss clean clean power all day long. My only wish was that QSC offered variable speed fans, or the ability to switch the speed manually. I have no doubt the fan needs to spin at the spec'd speed driving hard in a sweaty box at 2 ohms out in the sun, but in my air conditioned listening room at 8 ohms, it could probably spin a bit slower :) Amp barely ever gets warm.